The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 87 - One Thousand Each, No Need To Return It

Chapter 87 - One Thousand Each, No Need To Return It

As expected, as soon as Wu Bing uttered those words, not only could Yun Yi sense the hostility directed toward him, even their surrounding classmates sensed it, causing them to fidget awkwardly.

Wu Bing did not stop there. He smirked viciously, without any guilt from saying something so harsh, and continued exaggeratedly as if he was being a charitable person. "Never mind, forget it. I think I’ll just pay on behalf of you guys for the gift money too!"

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He then fished out a wallet made of genuine leather from his pants pocket and pulled out three one-hundred Chinese yuan bills.

When he did so, he kept an eye out for everyone’s gaze. He made sure to put on a show as if he was actually superior to everyone else.

"Wow, Wu Bing, your wallet is made of authentic leather, right? That’s so cool! This design hasn’t even come to market yet!" One of the boys with thick-framed glasses exclaimed.

His words made Wu Bing more boastful.

Holding the hundred yuan bills in his hand, Wu Bing was not in a hurry to humiliate Yun Yi. Instead, he was full of himself from flaunting his possessions that his gaze towards the others changed.

"This wallet was my birthday present this year from my uncle. It’s imported from France." Wu Bing lifted his head up proudly when he boasted.

He then turned to look at Yun Yi to thrust the three yuan bills in front of him, it was like he treated his gesture as charitable. "Take them, you don’t have to return it!" His tone was supercilious.

It was like three one-hundred Chinese yuan was nothing in his eyes, highlighting the fact that his family was wealthy.

Yun Yi clenched his fists. He was so close to hurling a punch, aggravated from how Wu Bing humiliated him. However, he held himself back.

"Keep your money. We don’t need it!" Yun Yi spat through gritted teeth.

They were poor but even then, they had dignity!

"Oh ho, Yun Yi, I’m kind enough to help you out of your predicament. Why won’t you accept it?" Wu Bing instead accused Yun Yi of burning bridges.

There was a hint of glowering from Yun Yi’s expression.

Watching her elder brother being bullied, Yun Jian would definitely not sit around.

Snake.Lizard who stood behind Yun Jian finally understood the whole story. She kept quiet as well, waiting for the girl’s instruction.

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"We have to chip in gift money if we’re staying for dinner, is that so?" Yun Jian blinked, talking on Yun Yi’s behalf.

"Everyone’s chipping in some money. You guys won’t actually sponge off the dinner, yeah? Little girl, your big brother isn’t accepting my good deed. Why don’t you take this money on behalf of him?" Wu Bing told Yun Jian in a condescending tone while waving the three hundred Chinese yuan bills in his hand.

To Wu Bing, he only had one goal, that was to humiliate Yun Yi.

The means to do so were not important!

Obviously, he had also assumed Yun Jian to be a peasant girl who would perk up when offered money.

"Of course we’ll chip in the red packet too!" Yun Jian smiled at Wu Bing showing her pearly teeth.

Thinking that Yun Jian accepted his bait, Wu Bing quickly shoved the bills, used to shame Yun Yi, toward Yun Jian and looked at the boy disdainfully. "Then take it quickly!"

In his subconscious, he believed Yun Yi’s family was in no financial condition to put three hundred Chinese yuan on the table in a flash!

Yun Jian suddenly reeled in her bright smile, which was replaced with an icy shadow. She turned slightly without looking at the expression of the teenagers, glimpsing at Snake.Lizard’s purse before turning back to face them.

"One hundred Chinese yuan per person isn’t good enough, is it? We got to make it one thousand each at least?"

Yun Jian called Snake.Lizard after that. "Liz."

Having worked with Yun Jian for so long, Snake.Lizard knew exactly what she meant.

She opened her purse and took out three stacks of hundred Chinese yuan bills!

She had the habit of bringing cash with her and Yun Jian knew it.

Watching the group anticipatingly watching the drama unfold, and then being in a state of bafflement; she then recalled how her elder brother was being bullied. Yun Jian did not restrain herself.

Even if she could not tell Qin Yirou the truth, she must let her elder brother imply a few certainties.

Yun Jian looked at the astounded Wu Bing who held the three lone notes and chuckled coldly. "One thousand each, no need to return it!"

The same words were repeated right back at Wu Bing.

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