The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 88 - An Incredible Face Slap. Keep It

Chapter 88 - An Incredible Face Slap. Keep It

Three thick stacks of one-hundred Chinese yuan bills – that would make it thirty thousand Chinese yuan!

Moreover, the money was retrieved from Snake.Lizard’s purse. That meant her purse was filled with cash!

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The commodity price during this time was very low. It was considerably impressive for a student like Wu Bing to even be able to present one hundred Chinese yuan.

At the very least, the parents of these students were high-ranking officials or tycoons. They could produce one hundred Chinese yuan but one thousand Chinese yuan was not a small figure.

One thousand Chinese yuan could cover an average person’s cost of living for a very long time!

That was why everyone was flabbergasted as they witnessed what happened. Their eyes were close to falling from how wide they were stretched.

Yun Yi was poor, so his younger sister must be poor too.

Yet how did the friend of his baby sister have so much money in her purse?

More importantly, why did the woman listen to the girl so obediently?

"Xiao Jian, you..." Yun Yi’s eyes were widened in disbelief as he stared at Yun Jian, and Snake.Lizard who was behind her.

His baby sister was becoming more mysterious.

She had unexplainable skills and an enigmatic friend...

Why did it feel like he understood her less and less?

They were biological siblings who had grown up together, yet Yun Yi felt like it was the first time he had gotten to know Yun Jian as he stood dazed on the spot.

Yun Jian shot him a reassuring gaze but did not explain further.

Simultaneously, Wu Bing felt like running away.

His hand that gripped the three one-hundred Chinese yuan bills, with the assumption that he could humiliate Yun Yi, were sweating. When his eyes fell on the three slabs of cash in Snake.Lizard’s hand, he felt defeated.

In retrospect, he must have been laughable now.

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A male voice then sounded just in time to lift the tense atmosphere. "Yi, all of you, you guys are here. Come on up. We’ve been waiting for you!"

Right at the top of the spiral staircase stood Xu Haozhe dressed in a dandy suit. He descended down with his tall muscular build and a charming face that paralleled Yun Yi’s good looks.

When he saw Yun Jian, Xu Haozhe was taken aback. He then ran to her despite everyone’s surprise and looked at her in adulation. "Yun Yi’s sis, you’re here too! Come, come. C’mon, let’s go up and have a seat. I’m so happy that you could grace my birthday party with your presence!"

Xu Haozhe’s reaction perplexed everyone.

Why was the girl regarded so highly of by Xu Haozhe?

In addition to what happened just now, it seemed the story behind this girl was not as simple as she looked like!

Yun Yi’s younger sister was extraordinary!

"Mm." Yun Jian flashed Xu Haozhe a smile and recovered to her usual state.

She then pointed at the three stacks of banknotes in Snake.Lizard’s hand and told Xu Haozhe. "This is from everyone to you."

She was really gifting it to him? That was thirty thousand Chinese yuan!

The teenagers had only known that Yun Jian took out the thirty thousand Chinese yuan to vent for her elder brother, but they did not expect her to really give it away.

Thirty thousand Chinese yuan was no joke!

"Uh..." Xu Haozhe glanced at the present and was shocked.

"Keep it," Yun Jian told him with a wink.

Xu Haozhe who was still astonished thought that it was really a gift from his classmates and felt that they were really generous. Therefore, he accepted the gift money without hesitation.

Wu Bing looked like he ate a frog.

After all, he was the one who had suggested this gift idea. They had the money. Even if they really wanted to chip in one thousand Chinese yuan per person, it was a little much, but it would give them good face.

In spite of it, Yun Jian’s action was like a big invisible slap that mortified him.

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