The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 89 - Mafia Boss Xu Zetian

Chapter 89 - Mafia Boss Xu Zetian

Yun Yi’s lips moved with the intention to say something, but he swallowed his words ultimately.

Consequently, Xu Haozhe arranged for the group to go upstairs to the steamboat table in a huge VIP hall.

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There were more than ten steamboat tables in the VIP hall and each table could fit more than ten people too.

Clearly, Xu Haozhe had booked the entire hall.

When everyone was seated, the teenagers had only taken up two to three tables. This meant that the rest of the tables served another purpose.

Yun Jian was currently seated between her brother Yun Yi and Snake.Lizard.

Xu Haozhe sat on the right of Yun Yi. Four of them were lined along the same table.

"The dishes are already ordered. I told the servers to serve us first. My dad’s business partners will come later as well. Don’t fret, we’ll just chat among ourselves!" Xu Haozhe told his chattering classmates after he seated himself down.

To the others, Xu Haozhe’s family was powerful and rich as his father was a businessman.

In spite of it, Yun Jian knew that Xu Haozhe was the son of Longmen City’s top mafia boss.

When he said "my dad’s business partners", he probably meant people also involved with gangsters.

By inviting his son’s classmates, Xu Haozhe’s father was obviously leveraging his son’s birthday party to strengthen his connections with his peers who could be resourceful to him.

After all, a gang depended not only on itself, should it wish to survive and develop in the long term.

Yun Yi similarly knew about his best friend’s identity, opting to remain silent.

From the moment he became best friends with Xu Haozhe, the pair never picked on each other’s identities!

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After a while, the dishes were served.

The servers delivered the dishes one after another while the teenagers enjoyed themselves.

To have a meal in the Glittery Gold Hotel, after all, was a costly experience. Even though most of them were wealthy, it was impossible for them to dine here often. Otherwise, they would have gone beggarly soon.

Yun Jian sat in her spot and specifically picked large chunks of meat to feed herself.

Her physical strength was lacking, so she had to consume high energy foods.

Training by purely running was no longer adequate.

"Xiao Jian, eat slowly. Nobody’s fighting with you!" Yun Yi cracked a smile and wiped away the crumbs on the corner of his sister’s lips.

"Hahaha, Mayor Gu, here please!" A loud tenor male voice rang from the door.

A group of middle-aged men between their thirties to forties entered the VIP hall. The two standing in the front were well-dressed men, while behind them the rest were greeting each other courteously, appearing powerful and authoritative.

They had obviously taken today as a gathering to network and extend their forces.

Those who filed in later looked gentlemanly and lofty like they were chiefs in their field.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes and turned to look at Snake.Lizard, seeing that she was also discreetly pressing her lips together when she saw the first man who entered among the group.

The middle-aged man was none other than the man who was conversing with Snake.Lizard, when Yun Jian encountered her downstairs.

More surprisingly, Xu Haozhe walked to the man and called him, "Dad!"

The middle-aged man was Xu Haozhe’s father, the top mafia boss of Longmen City, Xu Zetian!

Xu Zetian was distinctly the most respected person standing in the group, however not too long ago, he was asking for help from Snake.Lizard pleadingly!

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