The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 90 - Happy Birthday. Thank You

Chapter 90 - Happy Birthday. Thank You

The man who stood beside Xu Zetian was Mayor Gu.

Mayor Gu was Longmen City’s mayor. His position was one of the highest ranks among Longmen City’s officials and his political stature in the city was remarkable as well.

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It was not at all strange for Xu Zetian to have contact with government officers as a mafia boss.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes while she watched the entourage of middle-aged men walk in.

Xu Zetian did not notice Snake.Lizard and Yun Jian here. He was nodding at his son, Xu Haozhe, with a smile before he stepped into the hall with Mayor Gu and sat themselves down on an empty steamboat table.

The others followed suit.

These people were either high-ranking officials, gang members, or tycoons. Their social statuses were not lowly. As expected, they blended in swiftly and found acquaintances who could bring them some sort of advantage. Familiarizing each other, they sought win-win cooperations.

This was the purpose of their presence at the gathering. It was not for the birthday of Xu Zetian’s son.

Xu Haozhe was somewhat disheartened. His father did not even wish him a happy birthday. Even his birthday party was a guise for the man to expand his influence.

Although it was the same every year, it still felt like his favorite toy being cruelly crushed right in front of himself, yet he could only watch helplessly when every piece of anticipation of his ended up in disappointment each time.

Xu Haozhe could only push his emotions deeper into himself lest others noticed his low spirits.

"Zhe, happy birthday!" It was as if Yun Yi had discovered Xu Haozhe’s forlorn gaze as he placed his hand on the latter’s broad shoulders, a sense of comfort at this juncture of time.

"Happy birthday!"

With Yun Yi leading, the rest of their classmates wished Xu Haozhe respectively.

The boy pressed his lips together. He was genuinely touched as the emotion in his eyes could not be feigned. His voice got a little raspy. "Thank you guys..."

"It’s alright, we’re all old friends. What are you thanking us for? It’s what we should do!" Someone grumbled.

Yet it only served to move Xu Haozhe even deeper.

Following the rest, Yun Jian wished the boy a happy birthday as well, but her attention was actually on Xu Zetian.

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Snake.Lizard had told her about the latter’s identity, including why she had met with him.

What Yun Jian did not expect was that Xu Zetian was actually a member of the Gu Sha Mercenaries.

It was just that his influence within Gu Sha Mercenaries was immensely limited.

To explain with an example, members of Gu Sha Mercenaries were scattered across the globe. There were at least a few hundred thousand of them. Among these people, they were divided into groups like intel, assassination, investigation, and so on.

Xu Zetian was only a tiny force that Gu Sha Mercenaries had distributed in Longmen City.

As the boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries in her past life and having left everything to Tiger.Leopard and Snake.Lizard to manage, it was not unusual for Yun Jian to have no idea of Xu Zetian’s presence.

While Xu Zetian was a member of the organization, it would be like an ordinary person wanting to meet the president if he intended to see Yun Jian.

Such was life, however, who would know that Yun Jian was actually here in Longmen City and in her current rebirthed state?

There was a sudden crash when Xu Zetian, who was seated not too far from them, dropped the wine glass in his hand, causing it to shatter.

He had been conversing with Mayor Gu but his composure dissolved in an instant.

It was because he saw Snake.Lizard when he looked up. In a panic, he abandoned Mayor Gu while disregarding what everyone else would make of that and walked toward her.

The men were flummoxed indeed. Xu Zetian had left the influential mayor to go over to a woman? What was he going to do?

They then heard Xu Zetian carefully asking Snake.Lizard, "You’re here too? Why didn’t you say so? Do you want to sit over there?"

Who was the woman? Why was she prioritized over the mayor?

Mayor Gu himself was as surprised as the rest.

Snake.Lizard turned to look at Yun Jian, waiting for her opinion.

As she did so, everyone shifted their gaze to Yun Jian.

The woman whom Xu Zetian was reverent of was taking orders from Yun Jian?

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