The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 92 - The Warmth Of Kinship. Are You Going, Big Brother?

Chapter 92 - The Warmth Of Kinship. Are You Going, Big Brother?

"Yun Yi’s sis, let’s go too!" Xu Haozhe popped his head over to Yun Jian and told her with a beam.

Yun Yi gazed at his younger sister as well.

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When Yun Jian shot that sniper the other day, it frightened him, creating an unforgettable scene for him too.

"Are you going, big brother?" Yun Jian asked Yun Yi instead.

Xu Haozhe suddenly wrapped his arm around Yun Yi’s shoulders and answered for him, "Of course Yi will be going!"

"I’ll go," Yun Jian said without hesitation.

Xu Haozhe grinned from ear to ear. He had suggested going for the shooting game because of Yun Jian. When she killed the sniper that day, she looked just like a sharpshooter!

Otherwise, he would not be going to the arcade for some simulated game-gun. He was someone with a real gun, after all. The simulated pistol in the arcade was scoff-worthy.

Other than those tagging along, some of Yun Yi’s classmates decided to head home, especially Wu Bing. After Yun Jian defeated him, he had wanted to leave since then. Now that dinner was over, he had slipped away a long time ago.

Snake.Lizard was not planning to go to some children’s playground, so Yun Jian tossed her the car key to Si Yi’s Lamborghini and had her drive the car back. She would take it back the next day.

Snake.Lizard hummed her agreement and turned to leave with the key.

Minus those who left, there were about a dozen of them. A few girls had stayed to spend more time with either Yun Yi or Xu Haozhe.

Both the latter were considered immensely good looking in their school. The girls usually did not have much opportunity to come in contact with them.

"Let’s walk there following the street. It’s not very far, it’s at the turn two streets down!" Xu Haozhe pointed ahead and said.

"Sure," Yun Jian said with a nod.

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"We’ll take it as a stroll!" Xu Haozhe chuckled.

The group of teenagers then sauntered along the city’s street.

The city night was beautiful. The sky that Yun Jian could see was illuminated by the city’s neon lights while passersby brushed past them.

When the breeze blew with the chill of an autumn night, the refreshing wind was somehow frosty as Yun Jian was wearing short sleeves.

Yun Yi took off his jacket and dr.a.p.ed it on Yun Jian, saying with a smile, "Put it on, Xiao Jian. Don’t catch a cold."

He was always loving towards his younger sister. It was like that since they were kids.

Yun Jian took a slight pause. She was not actually cold. Enduring all sorts of hardship in her previous life, this breezy wind now was really insignificant.

In spite of it, a warmth spread in the bottom of her heart. She could not help thinking about her baby brother from her past life.

If he were still here, would he be this nice to her?

"Thank you." Yun Jian pressed her lips together. She did not return the jacket to Yun Yi. Instead, she wrapped it around herself.

Yun Yi beamed and ruffled Yun Jian’s hair.

The group soon arrived at the arcade that was located on the second floor of a tower.

Tall towers were scarce in 1998’s Longmen City. Such structures were only beginning to pick up the trend. This also signified the current status of Longmen City’s central.

When Yun Jian and the other teenagers entered the arcade on the second level, they saw the simulation shooting game which had a huge screen. The biggest crowd was gathered in front of said machine, mostly made up of youths.

"I’ll go get the tokens. Hold on!" Xu Haozhe left with his words.

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