The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 93 - Too Garish, Time To Move

Chapter 93 - Too Garish, Time To Move

Yun Jian scanned the vicinity while he waited for Xu Haozhe to exchange some tokens.

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If Yun Yi had not come here too, she would have preferred not to be in such a place. To her, the shooting games and whatnot here were a little childish.

The storms of bullets and shells that she had been through in her past life did not lack in comparison to the scenes available in the simulation game machine.

"I’m back!" Xu Haozhe ran back from the counter holding a big pile of game tokens. He then distributed them to everyone.

There were a lot of people gathered in front of the simulation shooting machine as it was the venue’s newest addition. Even the gun controller was similar in weight to a real gun. Although the player would only shoot at the huge screen, the effect was quite like shooting a real gun.

Students of this era were eager to give it a try, thus there were masses of people both watching and playing the game.

"Hah, looks like we’ll have to wait for a bit. There are too many of them waiting to play!" Xu Haozhe said, stroking his head.

Guns and cars were always the boys’ preference, but girls were different. Other than Yun Jian, the other girls from their group had gone to play different arcade games together, those that appealed to young girls like claw machines.

Simultaneously, a band of youths exclaimed boisterously in front of the simulation shooting machine.

Standing at the front of the game was a young man in his twenties. He put down the pistol controller wearing a victorious smirk.

The shooting game was played by aiming and shooting the targets on screen with the gun controller.

Without a doubt, the controller had no bullets. It only provided a visual effect of hitting the target on the screen. Nonetheless, discounting the fact that it contained no ammunition, the gun controller’s feel and grip were akin to the real weapon.

Therefore, the launch of this machine instantly attracted the attention and welcoming of flocks of youths who liked guns.

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"Wow, Bro Lei is amazing. It does make a difference that you’ve held a real pistol before. You struck thirty-two targets in a minute!" A guy who stood not too far away sang praises to the guy holding the gun controller.

It was as if they were worried that other people wouldn’t know that this young man in his twenties had held a genuine gun!

As expected, the crowd exclaimed and gasped when they heard the revelation.

Bro Lei was incredibly flattered, thinking he was superior.

"It’s nothing. You guys have never held a real gun. The real deal is still different from this toy!" Brother Lei crowed, tipping his chin so high that his nose was going to point above his eye level.

"Are you guys done? Can you move if you are?" Xu Haozhe stepped forward and asked when he saw the group not moving away nor continuing to play after the round.

Brother Lei who was still bathing in the crowd’s adoration and applause glared at Xu Haozhe at once.

"Where the f*ck did you come from, you bastard child? How dare you fight for the game with me?" Brother Lei clenched his fists and bumped them together in a challenging manner. There was a swagger in his provocation, reflecting how conceited he felt.

It was as if he was saying "I’ll beat you up if you say another word".

Xu Haozhe opened his mouth to retort. He had just asked a question, yet the other party was beginning to shout at him angrily. However, Yun Jian spoke faster than him, while mercilessly stepping on the other party’s pride. "Hitting only thirty-two targets in one minute, your shooting stance is flashy but garish. You should move!"

The mass was astonished by Yun Jian’s harsh critique that hit every pretentious spot of Brother Lei.

The latter looked enraged.

What the f*ck, where did this group of people come from?

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