The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 94 - A Threat. An Unnerving Tone

Chapter 94 - A Threat. An Unnerving Tone

Brother Lei’s elder brother was a militant with an assigned pistol. Therefore, he felt very supercilious, having held a real gun before.

He felt even more prominent when he played the shooting game, like he was standing on top of the world, overlooking a group of kids who had never even seen a real pistol. It was as if he had an elevated status.

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In addition, the shooting simulation game had just been released. It was already impressive that he could strike thirty-two moving targets on screen within one minute!

It was the highest record on the machine!

In spite of it, Yun Jian had butted in and criticized his assumed superiority as well as belittled him when he was proudly blowing his own trumpet.

How could Brother Lei stay quiet about it?

He did not care that Yun Jian was a girl. He growled back at her, "Where did you kids f*cking come from? Do you know who I am? How dare you try to snatch this game? Tsk, are you bored of being alive?"

He then pointed at Yun Jian viciously. "F*ck you, does my shooting skill require a rascal’s comments? Give it a go if you’re so smart!"

Brother Lei was a frequent patron of the arcade and a thug on the streets. He was good in games, thus he was respectfully referred to as the "King of Games" in the clique.

He had subconsciously thought that he was the king of the arcade too. Any arcade games that he had played, he would be the one to renew the highest score!

This was why he had overbearingly challenged Yun Jian.

He was not ready to believe that a young little girl could defeat him.

The boys from Yun Yi’s class who had tagged along were now worried. They did not expect Xu Haozhe and Yun Jian to be at loggerheads with someone the moment they came to the arcade.

In addition, Brother Lei looked menacing, like you would be doomed if you provoked him. What should they do?

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Yun Jian cracked a smile, unintimidated by Brother Lei’s daunting character. Instead, her smile was amused as she sneered, "Okay, I’ll have a go. Move."

Seeing that Yun Jian was not scared and was going against his challenge, Brother Lei’s gang was stunned.

Brother Lei himself was startled too and took a double take at the girl.

Yun Jian wore clean clothes, although it was apparent that her garments came from roadside vendors. Her gaze and demeanor, however, exuded a distinct aura.

Was this an illusion? Brother Lei shook his head. This was just a little girl who liked to outshine others!

"Alright, c’mon, have a go you punk! Just for what you said, if you didn’t hit as many targets as I did this round, you have to take off your clothes and kneel down before my brothers! Hmph!" Brother Lei glowered in his threat.

"Xiao Jian, don’t..." Yun Yi was anxious, panicking when he saw his baby sister going up against people like Brother Lei and his gang who were obvious thugs.

These people could do anything!

Before Yun Yi said anything louder, Xu Haozhe pulled him back.

"Yi, trust your sister! Don’t you want to see her limit?" Xu Haozhe said softly to Yun Yi looking at the aforementioned girl.

The shooting game could test a person’s shooting skills. This was the ulterior reason for Xu Haozhe to trick Yun Jian here.

He wanted to know the marksmanship level of Yun Jian who could counter-strike a sniper!

Yun Jian wore a grin that raised goosebumps. She told Brother Lei flatly, "After I win, you’ll have one arm broken!"

She would not let those who s.e.xully harassed her off the hook so lightly.

What an unnerving tone! The crowd was nonplussed by Yun Jian’s words.

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