The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 95 - A Shoot-Out. The Game Has Begun

Chapter 95 - A Shoot-Out. The Game Has Begun

Brother Lei smirked l.e.w.dly as his gaze roamed over Yun Jian like he was certain that she would definitely lose. In fact, he was already fantasizing about her nude state.

"You’ll have to win first!" He looked at Yun Jian condescendingly with a scoff.

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How could he take her threat just now seriously? Even his gang of brothers wouldn’t give a second thought for the girl’s words.

What a joke! How could Brother Lei lose to an underage girl?

Consequently, he was impatient to see Yun Jian lose and cry begging for mercy, but would still be undressed by them.

It was not like his gang was unfamiliar with crude deeds like this.

They were thugs. They had committed a lot of nasty deeds. They would usually just grab whichever woman they set their eyes on. If they failed, they would drug her and force themselves on her. It would always work out.

Yun Jian was pretty, it was a visible fact. Actually, when she had first locked horns with Brother Lei, the rest of his gang had been checking her out.

It was also the reason Yun Yi was fretful. How could he remain oblivious when his baby sister was being undressed by the eyes of a gang?

"Come on, little girl. Why are you still standing there? You wouldn’t be afraid now, would you?" One of the guys from Brother Lei’s gang could not help urging when he saw that Yun Jian was not in front of the arcade machine yet.

Yun Jian scoffed. She threw the handful of tokens in her palm into the air and caught them charismatically before she took one out and passed the remaining tokens to Yun Yi.

"Big bro, hold these for me," she told him.

"Xiao Jian, don’t force yourself!" Yun Yi bit his lips and finally said worriedly.

Despite the fact that Yun Jian counter-killed the sniper that day, he was still worried for the girl as her elder brother.

"Mm." Yun Jian flashed him a smile feeling warmth spread within her.

It felt great to have someone supporting her.

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Before Yun Jian made her way to the shooting game, she turned to look at Xu Haozhe and smiled showing her teeth. "Watch carefully now."

Leaving the vague words, she went to her destination.

Xu Haozhe was flummoxed.

Yun Jian had discovered why he had brought her here? Xu Haozhe spoke to Yun Yi in a whisper just now. He did not expect the girl to have found out.

That was why she asked him to watch carefully.

Xu Haozhe felt his cheeks heating up immediately, embarrassed that Yun Jian had exposed him.

Musing, he consoled himself that it was fine. He just wanted to know how skilled she was. What was wrong about that?!

While Xu Haozhe was occupied with his thoughts, Yun Jian who was in front of the game machine was not in a hurry to insert the token. She picked up the gun controller and bounced it in her hand.

The spectators were bewildered by her action. What was she doing?

Yun Jian was checking the difference of the gaming console from the real gun.

She weighed it momentarily as she inserted the token.

A string of English words popped up on screen promptly. The Chinese subtitle reading "Shoot-out starts!"

The game has begun! Yun Jian narrowed her eyes while the spectators held their breath.

One after another shooting target moved from the side on the screen.

As the targets moved, a steady rhythm of shooting was heard from the machine’s speaker.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang..."

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