The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 96 - Breaking Your Arm. I Keep My Word

Chapter 96 - Breaking Your Arm. I Keep My Word

Anyone knew how to hold the simulated gun and to pull the trigger to shoot, especially with an arcade game like this. Players could usually still strike the targets with a constant pull of trigger at the screen, despite their lack of aim.

Simply put, a fool knew how to work such a simple mechanism too! Unless someone was so stupid that they did not know where the trigger was.

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Whether the bullets could hit the moving targets on the screen, however, was another story of its own.

When Yun Jian pulled the trigger of the gun controller, she looked just like any other person who kept firing at the huge screen.

It did not seem unusual, until everyone noticed that the constant stream of "bang" meaning that each shot struck a moving target!

The speedily moving targets that people usually could not catch in time to aim, were being shot by Yun Jian’s controller without missing a beat!

If an average person were to shoot the targets that popped out continuously, the influx of targets from the opposite side would have already disappeared by the time they aligned their aim. That would be considered a failure as they would miss the opportunity to shoot other targets.

Yet each shot fired by Yun Jian was as if she had already known the positions of each target that appeared in multiples.

Each pull of the trigger shot a target accurately. She managed to not miss a single target!

"Thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three! She got thirty-three targets!" Someone could not help but shout, feeling fervent as they watched.

It had only been less than ten seconds into the one-minute shoot-out.

In less than ten seconds, Yun Jian had shot thirty-three shooting targets and overtaken Brother Lei!

She was still firing shots!

Oh gosh!

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Since she had begun shooting, the spectators went from disdain, to shock, and now to stupor.

There were even people at the back who had started to cheer and whistle.

Brother Lei blanched. When he was pompous and condescending to Yun Jian a few seconds ago, he now looked like he was just beaten up violently.

Yun Yi felt like his emotions had just gone on a rollercoaster ride. Meanwhile, Xu Haozhe was currently suppressing the tremor that was threatening to rack through him. He shakily counted the moving targets on the screen that he could barely follow with his eyes, yet they were respectively shot down by Yun Jian.

No matter how exaggerated the feelings of those around her were, the girl, who had a knee propped up in front of the shooting video game in the cliche shooting stance, remained unaffected.

Her finger pulled the trigger swiftly as she raked the shooting targets on screen.

When the game ended, the huge words appearing on the screen, and a string of digits pushed everyone’s emotion to the climax.

The red words that popped up on the monitor read "Highest record" with white digits below them that displayed "203".

Yun Jian had shot two hundred and three targets in one minute!

"Oh my god! My eyes aren’t deceiving me right! You could do that with a gun! This girl is so cool! Did you see her shooting stance just now? She’s awesome!" Some guys who loved firearms were nearly jumping in ecstasy from the scene he had just witnessed.

Brother Lei who had shot thirty-two targets in a minute was already amazing, but Yun Jian shot two hundred and three targets in the same amount of time!

Was there a need to compare their results?

"Godly sharpshooter! She’s divine! Did you guys see? Not one of her bullets went astray! This girl is a godly sharpshooter!" The crowd was rowdy and it attracted the other people from other arcade games.

Yun Jian who had gently put down the simulated gun, stood up, and went to Brother Lei beaming.

It was a beam but there was a piercing gleam hidden. When she walked over to him, she used an incredibly usual tone in saying the terrifying words. "I won. I’m breaking your arm, I keep my word!"

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