The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 97 - He Pointed At Me With His Left Hand

Chapter 97 - He Pointed At Me With His Left Hand

Brother Lei thought Yun Jian was just joking. It never occurred to him that she was really intended to break his arm!

She must be kidding, right?

Regardless, Brother Lei and his group were gangsters. Crimes such as brawls and violence were part of their daily lives.

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Brother Lei had intended to let this episode end right here, he was at a loss after all, but Yun Jian was brash.

Out of patriarchal ego, Brother Lei’s face fell at once as he looked at Yun Jian and cussed, "F*ck off, whose arm are you breaking? You stick figure kids? Do you want to fight?"

Was this raising the curtains for a brawl?

Afraid of getting involved when they saw Brother Lei exploding in anger, the spectators hurriedly retreated a few steps.

The little girl had won, but Brother Lei and the gang were never ones to keep their words.

Furthermore, they had yet to lose in any fight they had gotten into.

Brother Lei had support to back him up too!

Rumors had it that Brother Lei and his gang had assaulted someone to the extent they were incapacitated for life. While they were taken into custody by the police, they were released without charges half a day later.

How was that possible if not for a higher-ranking, influential alley covering up for them?

Someone reminded Yun Jian kindly, "Little girl, leave quick! Don’t push it!"

Brother Lei heard the whispers around them as well and felt his esteem boost. His malicious gaze locked on Yun Jian’s face with a crude smirk. "Hmm... little girl, as long as you apologize to this big brother and be my company tonight, I will forgive you!"

Addressing himself as "big brother" served only to disgust Yun Jian further.

"I only want your arm." Yun Jian wore a smile but it did not reach her eyes.

"What!" It was like Brother Lei did not hear her clearly. He was baffled again at the teenage girl’s audacity. He had given her an out but she was not taking it. Instead, she was going up against him face on?

Xu Haozhe watched from the side quietly without the intention to step up and help Yun Jian.

He was the son of Longmen City’s mafia boss. If he were to disclose his identity, Brother Lei and his gang would cry begging for mercy. However, he watched on, squinting while wondering how Yun Jian would resolve the matter.

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Being held back by Xu Haozhe, Yun Yi was unable to stand guard before Yun Jian. Though, he knew that his best friend, Zhe, would definitely help out if Xiao Jian was unable to take the guys down. The thought provided him a slight sense of comfort.

"Oh my gosh, this girl can shoot but calling out Brother Lei like that, is she voluntarily taking herself to hell?" The crowd could not help muttering.

"She’s a pretty little girl, it’s a pity that she’ll be ruined anyway after facing Brother Lei!" Someone in the crowd sighed whilst avoiding being heard by said man.

So what if Yun Jian was a sharpshooter? To the spectators, Yun Jian was doomed meeting a hooligan like Brother Lei.

"Left hand." Yun Jian scanned Brother Lei, unfazed by the latter’s intimidating aura.

"What?" Brother Lei was confused.

He was not the only one. The others stunned on the spot, perplexed by her words as well.

What left hand?

Yun Jian already took two steps closer to Brother Lei.

Her next course of action was simple yet extremely swift.

Before Brother Lei and the gang could react, Yun Jian’s hand wrapped around Brother Lei’s left wrist lithe like a snake.


A crisp crack of the bone rang.

Before Brother Lei responded to the fact that Yun Jian was in front of him, his left arm was already broken by her.

A sharp pain shot up and spread through his body as his m.o.a.n broke out immediately.

"Ah! Ah! My arm! ..."

It took a mere three seconds.

The spectators were stupefied. Their gaze swept toward the beaming devil who had just broken someone’s arm, yet was wearing a grin.

The young girl widened her smile innocently. "He pointed at me with his left hand just now."

So? Was that why Brother Lei’s left arm was broken?!

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