The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 98 - A Devil. What About The Car?

Chapter 98 - A Devil. What About The Car?

The spectators who still believed that Yun Jian was a pretty and delicate young girl were currently staring at her in disbelief. Their eyes were wide like saucers.

What made this girl so delicate again?

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Just because Brother Lei pointed a finger at her, she broke his entire arm!

The tyrannical action shocked the crowd tremendously.

She was a devil dozens of times scarier than Brother Lei!

Yun Jian narrowed her sight and side-eyed Brother Lei’s members who were gawking at her. She challenged with a smirk, "Still here? Do you guys want to roll on the floor like him too?"

As she spoke, she pointed at Brother Lei who was thrashing on the floor in agony, while she beamed like a blossoming flower.

With Brother Lei as the precedence, the hooligans felt chills coursing through their spines upon meeting Yun Jian’s grinning face as they heard what she said.

How dare they stay here any longer?

The gang carried Brother Lei who was still rolling around on the floor and vanished from the arcade in a flash.

The two people who carried Brother Lei while they fled were nearly tripped by the door due to their haste. They managed to avoid falling and ran off even faster.

Those who watched them laughed heartily.

Who could have thought that Brother Lei and the gang were the ones fleeing in the end?

Yun Jian’s eyes shone as she turned to face Yun Yi and friends, asking, "Do you guys still wanna play?"

The teenagers shook their heads like a rattle drum.

Hah, with the divine sharpshooter Yun Jian here, they would just be embarrassing themselves if they were to play!

It was just that they were still surprised that Yun Yi’s younger sister was so charismatic while beating up Brother Lei and his gang, in addition to being a sharpshooter!

When Yun Jian broke Brother Lei’s arm, no one had actually captured how she did it!


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Parting with Xu Haozhe and the rest of their classmates, Yun Yi and Yun Jian walked back to the mansion.

It was around seven or eight o’clock at night, a constant breeze was sweeping past them. Yun Yi who wore short sleeves, was shaking in the cold since he had given his jacket to Yun Jian.

"Yun Yi, I was just moving around just now. I’m still all warmed up. You can have back your jacket!" Yun Jian took off the jacket and returned it to Yun Yi when she saw the boy shivering, not giving a chance for the boy to oppose.

Yun Yi opened his mouth with the intention to retort, instead it split into a smile.

His baby sister was concerned about him! How could he reject her kindness?

Yun Yi quickly put on his jacket.

Returning to the mansion, the house was brightly lit but the a.d.u.l.ts were not home yet.

Dong Ruan was a government official and was usually home late. Sometimes, she would not even return home if work occupied her the entire night.

Her son was fully entrusted to the private school’s teachers, so he was rarely home as well.

Qin Yirou had gotten a job as a restaurant waitress. Her wage was relatively higher than as a textile factory worker. In addition, she only had to serve and clean up the tables. It was just that she would finish work late, around ten o’clock at night.

Qin Yirou didn’t have any qualifications, thus Dong Ruan could only allocate her a job at places like the restaurant.

Now that Yun Jian, Yun Yi, and Qin Yirou were staying in Dong Ruan’s house, it made the house feel livelier.

"Xiao Jian, I’m gonna rest up in my room. I’m going back to school early in the morning tomorrow. We’re having a monthly test in a few days. I can only fully concentrate on my revision if I’m in school." Serious about studying, Yun Yi told Yun Jian once they arrived home and went upstairs to retire for the night.

Not too long after Yun Yi left, a tall figure walked down. It was Si Yi.

Yun Jian was about to explain when Si Yi’s good looking lips parted to speak first. His first question surprisingly did not enquire about his car. "You just got home?"

Si Yi wore a slight frown when she saw Yun Jian’s exposed arms. The short sleeves could hardly deter the cold.

He took off his jacket and tossed it toward Yun Jian, saying aloofly, "Layer up when it’s cold at night. My aunt will blame me if you catch a cold!"

His sculpted face tilted away as he spoke. His last words were obviously a lie he made up.

He was confused as well. He was here to ask her for the car keys, was he not?

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