The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 99 - A New Company. New Cruise

Chapter 99 - A New Company. New Cruise

Yun Jian was taken aback. Frozen for a brief second, she caught the jacket that Si Yi chucked her and slowly dr.a.p.ed it on after a moment of hesitation. Then, she spoke dazedly, "Your car is with my friend. I’ll return it to you tomorrow."

"Mm." Si Yi nodded and took a glance at Yun Jian with his deep eyes before turning around. Without a goodbye, his tall form disappeared from Yun Jian’s view.

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Yun Jian was bemused once more. She pressed her dry lips together with a jerk on the corners of her lips.


The next morning, Yun Jian asked Snake.Lizard to drive Si Yi’s Lamborghini over and returned both the car and the car keys to him.

Then, she headed out with Snake.Lizard.

She had just settled down in Longmen City, however, the decision to start a company in the city was made a long time ago.

Yun Jian was a person of determination and always kept her word. Since she had said so, she would definitely fulfill it without delay.

Zhang Zhifan and his men were already transferred to Longmen City long before Yun Jian herself moved here. The group was currently staying at a rented house in Longmen City.

Yun Jian had arranged this secretly, keeping it from the knowledge of Qin Yirou and Yun Yi.

The current Country Z was only starting to develop its economy. The people’s life was slowly progressing from poverty to moderate prosperity.

In the past, people walked as a mode of transportation. It was gradually being replaced with bicycles and motorcycles during this era. To own a car as the means of transport, however, was only affordable by wealthy families.

Nonetheless, as times changed, cars would be introduced sooner or later, thereby becoming the people’s most convenient mode of transportation.

This meant that one day, eventually, each household would be able to afford a car.

Of course, Yun Jian had deduced this from the present circ.u.mstances and the future business trend, as well as completing a fact check.

Some parts in the European and American regions, which were thriving economically and had a better standard of living, were already growing toward this direction.

The reality proved that Yun Jian’s deduction was accurate too, but this was of course, a revelation of the future.

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What Yun Jian had in mind to set up was a car dealership.

The idea seemed outrageous. How could a girl who was not even eighteen open a shop that sold cars?

Starting a company required capital. It was undeniable that Yun Jian had the money.

She also had both local and overseas channels to import and export cars.

In spite of it, Zhang Zhifan and the rest of his men jolted when Yun Jian pitched her business idea. They nearly passed out from the shock.

"What? You want to start a car – car – car... car dealership?" When Zhang Zhifan stuttered the bombshell, his gaze at Yun Jian was incredulous.

If one owned a motorcycle during this time, they could already flaunt it. Cars were the symbol of riches!

Furthermore, to open a car dealership, they had to purchase the cars in bulk.

Secondly, they needed working capital. Then, they had to submit relevant applications and possess a showroom.

These were the necessary procedures.

Yun Jian nodded and leaned against the corner of the table showing her long legs. She wore a natural smile when she told Zhang Zhifan, "I told you, you don’t have to worry about the capital. What you need to do is to fully operate this business for me."

It was impossible for Yun Jian to not seize the opportunity to make money when there was one.

With investment comes return. Yun Jian would never set up a business that was bound to lose money.

"Me?" Zhang Zhifan pointed at himself in a trance.

"You." Yun Jian grinned. "And the company will be registered under your name."

After a pause, Yun Jian was glowing with confidence, causing Zhang Zhifan and his men to look at her with a renewed perspective.

"The new company will be named..." Yun Jian looked up slightly to set her sight afar. Smiling, she said, "New Cruise."

A new life, a new voyage. – New Cruise.

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