The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 102 Epilogue End of Vol. 1

Chapter 102 Epilogue End of Vol. 1

Delta Air Base, Delta City.


A military aircraft landed on the runway. Some distance away, Senator Patrick Weisz, Sylvan, and Morgan were standing with bouquets in their hands.

A few minutes later, the cargo door at the end of aircraft opened. Patrick and others looked at each other and then walked towards the back of aircraft.

"Welcome to Delta City," Patrick said as a group of twenty arrived from the aircraft.

The head of the group was a blond-haired man with a spiky haircut. He was wearing a black coat along with dark specs.

"Glad to be finally here," The man shook his hands with Patrick.

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"Sir, welcome to the city," Morgan said as the man came in front of him for a handshake.

"Morgan, don’t be so formal," The man placed a hand on Morgan’s shoulder and said.

"Liam, if you say so," Morgan said with a smirk, "I’m glad you finally brought your lazy ass here."

"Haha, now that’s the spirit," Liam looked at Morgan’s worn out face and said, "Seemed like you didn’t get any rest."

"Yeah," Morgan said with a sigh, "The last three weeks have been crazy."

"Rest assured you would get enough rest now," Liam then turned towards his team who were bringing out the cargo, "All arrangements are done so let us start."


In a residential apartment on the outskirts of Delta City.

"Thanks for the information," Rufus said on the phone, "We truly appreciate it."

"The chief dogs of government have arrived?" A man asked Rufus after the latter has put down the phone.

"Yes," Rufus glanced over a table where multiple maps of the city were placed, "We would take our time with the arrangements just like Count Viper told us."

"Not if we take the help from the sleeper cells," A woman argued, "Besides we have help from the son of---"

The woman stopped in between when she felt Rufus’ glare on him.

"I was just suggesting," The woman said in a low voice, "Prolonging it for months would be disadvantageous for us."

Rufus thought for a minute and then nodded his head.

"We will go with your suggestion," Rufus said, "All government dogs would be occupied so now is a good chance."

"We should select a good day then," the woman said.

"Yes," Rufus agreed, "But we shouldn’t be hasty as well otherwise we would fail."

The others agreed after a few more security arrangements were discussed to avoid complications.

A few minutes later, Rufus walked to another room where a red suitcase was lying on a bed. A fingerprint scanner was visible on the surface of the suitcase.

Rufus placed his right hand on the scanner and a moment later, a thorn was visible on the lock of the suitcase. He then pressed his index finger on the thorn, and a drop of blood was sucked by the lock.

[[Fingerprint, Heat signature, and DNA verified]] The suitcase opened up.

Rufus took out the cylindrical glass pod filled with blue liquid.

"For liberating the world from oppressors," Rufus’ eyes were filled with conviction, "For the glory of the Old World."


Somewhere in the state of Avalon.

Kurtis was standing outside the entrance of a monastery. The gate was in the shape of a golden wheel, or to be precise, in the form of a ’Dharma Chakra’ with eight spokes.

Located in a hilly area, the monastery was simple and seemed one with nature as long as one doesn’t notice the presence of dozens of antennas at the backdrop.

The monastery spanned for an area of 150 sq. miles with separate buildings for residence and praying rooms.

A group of children was playing in the courtyard while older monks looked over them with happy smiles. All over the mood was joyous in the monastery.

"Rebecca, you would get no chance to find that bastard of yours," Kurtis thought with an evil grin on his face, "Shortly he would die."

Kurtis took out a gold coin from his pocket. The coin has an inscription of a Dharma Chakra just like the gate.

"No! It would be even better to let that bastard live after turning his brain into a vegetable" Kurtis further thought with malice in his eyes, "Her reactions would be priceless after she finds him."

He threw the gold coin on the middle of the gate and suddenly a golden light radiated around along with the chimes of a bell.

Within a span of two minutes, a team of five monks arrived at the gate to welcome Kurtis in.

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"We are honored to have your presence here," One of the monks said, "Please allow us to guide you."

Kurtis nodded his head and he followed them from behind. They passed by many buildings and stopped when they arrived in front of a building with a large dome.

"We hope your stay is pleasant," The monk from before said, "We can’t accompany you further."

"I understand," Kurtis looked at the large stone door and said, "You can leave."

"Yes," the team of five monks left the area.

As Kurtis stepped forward to push the door, the door automatically opened up to reveal a large hall.

"You are finally here," A three-eyed monk said. He was sitting in a lotus position on a crystal platform.

"Akshobhya," Kurtis greeted by giving a slight bow, "I’m sure you know the reason for my visit."

Akshobhya looked at Kurtis with interest...


Central District, Delta City.

The headquarters of Sky Fiend Group was in the form of a business park. The park was full of multiple offices and labs for conducting various researches.

Unknown to the most, the facilities above were just smoke screen. The true core area of Sky Fiend Group was located below the ground in the form of seven storied underground facilities.

Floor: -7.

The lowest floor was a restricted zone even among the top echelons of Sky Fiend Group. The entire floor was occupied by a single instrument: a large stasis capsule.

Even large would be being modest for its length was no less than a ten-storied building. The capsule was filled with a crystalline red liquid.

"Just a few more months," The being inside the capsule muttered in deep sleep, "Just a few more."

If Rhea was here, then she would be shocked by the being inside the stasis capsule. This being was none other than the one she saw in her visions of the future.

The one Kiba swore to kill no matter what! The one who ran away for its life when the world turned gray!


Dear readers,

This chapter concludes the first volume: Pursuit of Dreams. I have written 156K+ words in the 102 chapters so far.

Now that I look back, I believe the starting 10-15 chapters could have been better. Alas, it is far too late to make changes on them.

Still, as an author they have taught me something valuable: Don’t write whatever comes in your mind. A lesson worth learning.

Honestly, I never thought I would focus much on this novel for it was an experiment just like ’Chronicles of The Great Chicken’.

I wanted to write about a shameless scoundrel who would do as he pleases unafraid of the moral convictions of the world. Basically, the story of a true devil as explained in Chapter 33. He would kill as he pleases or even helps other as long as it is his own will. Not because it is a good or bad thing to do.

Of course, for any story to develop perfectly, you need side characters and the world building. Eva, Felicity, Agatha, Rebecca, Ice Queen, Claudia, and two unintroduced women were the characters I had already created before I wrote the first chapter.

Other characters were created as the story progressed.

The one character which I personally love is Erone/the young guard. He was created when I was writing Chapter 7 (his debut chapter as well where he is the main focus). His unplanned introduction gave rise to many interesting events which finally resulted in the creation of Good Husband.

Ah well...he is a true devotee of Lord Kiba so can’t expect anything less from him. I really want to write more about him.

Was the journey as an author fun? The answer is a mix of yes and no. It was enjoyable to write about Kiba’s antics but it was both physically and mentally draining to write in a web novel format.

The greatest difficulty I faced was managing different elements: Kiba’s dreams, humor, and the main plot line. Sometimes I was afraid a joke would be too offensive so I held back. Slowly I’m learning to cope up with this fear.

World government, revolutionaries, Atlantis and the House of Hestia. So many storylines but only one common point: Kiba.

Then there is Hope...

These storylines would converge in the second volume and we will see a conclusion to some of the elements introduced in the first volume.

The volume 2 would start from tomorrow. The title would be revealed after 4-5 chapters since it is a spoiler for now.

From volume 2, the novel would be going premium as well. Only when a reader uses paid spirit stones can it actually support author ^^

Going premium would give me financial security.

It would also ensure that I can dedicate more time on the novel; both in writing and planning the future arcs.

This could be only possible if you continue to support Kiba in the holy journey!

To turn the world into a better place filled with only happiness... Kiba needs you! Please continue to support the Holy Mission!

Thank you.

-True Seeker

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