The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 11 Beauty Not Appreciated Is A Sin!

Chapter 11 Beauty Not Appreciated Is A Sin!

"Are you sure it is not mine?" Kiba continued with a thoughtful expression," I remember Agatha telling me that I have reached a spot no man has ever reached."

"You son of a bitch!"

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The guards interfered and stopped Jack who was on the brink of insanity. More than ten guards have to apply force before Jack was able to regain his composure.

"Sir Kiba, stop it. Don’t talk about the incident with Lady Agatha," Carole said in a cold manner.

Jack was already thrashed once. She couldn’t see it happening again.

"I am innocent! It was Jack who brought my reputation. I was just trying to say how can people malign my reputation when all I tried was to help," Kiba said.

"I will appreciate if you won’t bring Lady Agatha in your conversations," Carole said.

Jack took a deep breath. He knew he couldn’t afford to lose composure. He has to ruin the image of Kiba so that Carole drops the idea of a date.

Jack gave a signal to Richard who understood the meaning. Richard also can’t let Kiba get a woman like Carole! He has tried to ask her out before but she never agreed!

Sure he might have Eva, but for a man like him, it was more the merrier. Of course, he couldn’t allow his woman to sleep with others even if she is not technically his!

"Carole, you can’t go on a date with Kiba," Richard suddenly said.

"Sir Richard, I didn’t know I have to ask for someone’s permission for my personal life," Carole said. She has enough of the brawls between man today.

"Carole, you are misunderstanding. I am just saying Kiba is not a dating material. He has a reputation of sleeping with others’ wives and participating in an orgy," Richard explained, "Who knows he might have slept with someone’s wife just before he came here."

Eva, who was behind Richard, has a smile on her face when Richard spoke the last sentence.

"Idiot fiance, you have no idea how right you are," Eva thought in her heart.

She quickly wiped her smile and went on with the image she has created of ’shy and reserved’ ideal woman.

"Not to mention his affairs, from what I know he has a habit of dating multiple single women at a time," Richard tried to be more convincing by bringing his enemy’s history, "How can you go on a date with such a guy who has doesn’t know the meaning of faithfulness?"


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"He is a textbook example of a womanizer."

Carole didn’t say anything. She already knows about the scandals Kiba has created. She has said what she has said after considering everything in mind.

It was just a date and not some marriage. She was mature enough to know the man she was going out with.

"Hey! Richard, are you forgetting my presence?" Kiba asked with a smiling expression.

He didn’t really care about what Jack and Richard have said. He has tried to take advantage of Carole multiple times, so it hardly made a difference for him if they spoke anything negative about him. She already knew about his affairs and the womanizer image he has.

That didn’t mean he will forgive Richard and Jake though. He wouldn’t mind the words of a woman but a man is totally different.

"Tell me what wrong I have done by helping the needy women?" Kiba asked Jack and Richard.

"Needy woman?" Everyone was surprised about the extent of Kiba’s shameless behavior.

Do you call having affair with someone wife as helping the needy woman?

Do you call dating multiple girls at the same time as helping the needy women?

How can someone be so thick-skinned?

You are nothing but a womanizer!

"Every woman has a desire to be appreciated for her beauty. I show my appreciation for the beauty in the form of making love."

Carole: "...."

"Tell me is there any better way to show one’s admiration other than love?"

Carole: "....."

Kiba gave a sigh. He has a profound expression on his face as if the world couldn’t understand his burden.

"Beauty not appreciated is a sin! The greatest of all sins!"

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