The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 12 Refreshments!

Chapter 12 Refreshments!

"I don’t discriminate among beauties regardless of which ethnicity they belong to. It doesn’t matter to me whether the beauty is married or single. I don’t even care whether the beauty is a virgin or not. For me, a beauty is a beauty who has to be appreciated and loved," Kiba said with a heavy face. The world couldn’t understand the burden he was holding.

Carole: "...."

Jack and Richard couldn’t speak. They didn’t know how to counter such a shameless guy who was so thick-skinned that even a bullet couldn’t penetrate his skin.

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Even Eva who knew Kiba the best was speechless. If she didn’t know him better she would have actually thought Kiba actually meant what he said.

"You can say I am a universal acceptor of beauties," Kiba concluded his remarks.


You call your womanizing habits as a sign of universal acceptor?!?

How can the gods allow such a shameless guy to even exist in this world!?

"Carole, let’s go and meet that old man," Kiba said.

"Ah, yes," Carole replied.

She was now regretting accepting the invitation of the date. Surely he wouldn’t act like this, right?

From what she knows he never speaks like this. He is always open about his sexual desires.

Carole stopped thinking about Kiba and started leading him to the elevator. They were currently on the 83rd floor of White Angel Corporation. The corporation was set up in a hundred floor building.


Chairman Hank was waiting for them on the 90th floor reserved for VIP guests. The floor has a luxury lounge.

Kiba, Carole, Eva, Richard, Jake, and others arrived at the 90th floor where Chairman Hank was waiting for them. As the owner of the company, he has his pride, so he couldn’t go out to personally welcome Kiba at his entry. But he also knew he has to please Kiba which is why he welcomed him on 90th floor personally.

Hank Webley looked like a man in his early fifties. He was fully bald and one can judge he didn’t indulge in sports from the fat all over his body. He was wearing a dark grey suit.

"Kiba, welcome to my poor abode," Hank Webley said he went ahead to hug Kiba.

"Poor indeed. You are so poor that I want to become poor myself," Kiba said. He quickly removed himself from the hug. He only liked to hug beauties and not an old man.

"I am sure you can surpass me given time," Hank Webley said.

"Time will tell. Tell me one thing though," Kiba said.

"Ask me anything, my friend," Hank Webley said.

"Is Eva really your daughter?" Kiba asked as if lost in his thoughts.

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"Of course she is mine daughter," Hank Webley replied.

"I can’t understand how an ugly fish like you breed a beauty like Eva," Kiba said.

Carole, Eva, Jack, and Richard’s mouths were twitching. They couldn’t believe how Kiba insulted one of the strongest men in Delta City.

"Haha, Eva’s mother was a beauty, so she luckily inherited her genes," Hank Webley replied with a laugh. He has plenty of experience dealing with Kiba, so he knew he has to indulge his eccentric personality.

It might seem like trash talk, but Hank knew Kiba was trying to anger him and make him commit some wrong moves. While Hank has excessive pride he knew he couldn’t be angered by such petty attacks.

People at the high position have to develop thick-skin otherwise if they were offended pretty (easily) than their enemies could easily take advantage of them.

Hank Webley sighed in his heart thinking about the conduct of his son. He knew about the incident which took place a few minutes ago thanks to his sources. He couldn’t help but feel disappointed at his son’s performance.

Hank Webley wondered if his son is really fit for the throne, but he has no choice. Eva is a woman so how can he give his throne to a woman? He believed women are only fit for sex and breeding. He was already generous enough by giving her a top position in the corporate.

"I see. Makes sense," Kiba said.

Richard was clutching his fist tightly. Eva was his fiancee but yet Kiba was making remarks about her in front of him.

"Kiba, let’s go. You must be exhausted from your battle with mutants from Sky Fiend Group," Hank Webley said as he guided Kiba to the lounge.

"You have no idea how tough my battles were," Kiba said thinking about three rounds of ’battles’ with Eva.

"I have prepared some refreshments for you," Hank Webley said with a smile only a man could understand.

"Oh?" Kiba was amused. He could guess what type of refreshments Hank has prepared for him.

Hank ordered others to leave as he and Kiba entered the lounge. Carole gave a sigh thinking Kiba can never really change.


The lounge was luxurious with a mini bar inside. There were two women inside the lounge preparing three glasses of wine.

They both were wearing identical wine red velvet maxi dress showcasing their long and sexy legs.

"Kiba, l am sure you already know them from the movies but just in case let me introduce them to you." Hank Webley said.

He introduced the woman in left as Olivia and one on right as Katey. They both were Caucasian beauties popular in mainstream movies.

Olivia was a brunette with beautiful blue eyes, a big ass, and even bigger titties. Katey was a blond with hypnotizing black eyes, natural breasts, and round booty. They lived up to the hype they have in the movie industry.

"Kiba, I shall leave you now in the ladies care. I am sure they are ready to serve you nice refreshments," Hank said as he left the lounge.

"I am sure they are."

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