The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 13 Two Is Better Than One!

Chapter 13 Two Is Better Than One!

Kiba has seen Olivia and Katey in a few popular movies with both having a leading role.

According to the popular gossip magazine, ’The Insider!’ , Olivia and Katey hate each other’s presence but it seemed one can never trust gossip magazines.

Kiba thought they seemed rather close, or at the very least are going to be very close in next few minutes.

Olivia was a brunette with beautiful blue eyes, a big ass, and even bigger titties. Katey was a blond with hypnotizing black eyes, natural breasts, and round booty.

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Kiba made himself comfortable on a sofa as he appreciated their beauty in his heart. Olivia and Katey arrived in front of Kiba. They placed the wine glasses on the table and sat on the sofa with Kiba in between.

"We finally get to meet the legendary Kiba," Olivia said in a sweet voice as she placed one of her hands on his pants.

"Or should we say legendary Kiba get to meet us?" Katey whispered in Kiba’s ears. She moved her body forward and gave a kiss to Kiba.

Olivia could feel his hard-on through the pants. She has never felt such a big and hard dick before.

"Seems like the other Kiba below is really happy to meet us," Olivia teased as she opened Kiba’s pants.

Katey stopped kissing and diverted attention to the ’other’ Kiba below while Olivia removed his pants and shoes.

"WOW!" Katey couldn’t help but blurt out. She also felt it was the biggest dick she has ever seen. Her hands moved on to his dick as she felt the hardness.

"Seems like we are going to have the best of time," Olivia said with a wink. She also joined Katey in the handjob to Kiba’s dick.

"I thought you were going to serve me refreshments," Kiba said while his hands moved to Olivia’s maxi. He tore off her maxi in two and started unhooking her bra. Olivia wasn’t surprised by the beastly behavior and rather enjoyed it to see a man being so horny for her body.

"We are going to give you the best refreshment you ever had," Katey said as she brought a wine glass from the adjacent table. She moved towards Olivia while taking a sip from the glass.

Olivia freed her tits from Kiba’s clutches and stood up anticipating Katey. Katey arrived in front of her and kissed her while transferring the wine from her mouth to Olivia’s.

Olivia gulped down the wine and the kissing between two beauties intensified.

Her hands moved to Katey’s back as she started undressing her while their tongues wrapped around each other. Soon, both the beauties were fully naked with their bodies as if fused into one during their intense kissing.

They moved to a coach where Katey lied down with Olivia on her top. They started fingering each other while giving light moans of pleasure.

Kiba could feel his dick throbbing hard at the sight of the hot lesbian action. He removed his shirt and left the sofa. His hands started fondling Olivia’s ass cheeks while he kissed her neck.

"Legendary Kiba is getting impatient," Katey said as she stood up from the coach. She could feel Olivia was enjoying the fondling Kiba was giving her.

Olivia turned her body towards Kiba and started stroking his cock while she brought her lips close to his lips. They started kissing and their tongues mingled while his hands continued to fondle her ass.

Katey bent down and took charge of Kiba’s dick from Olivia. She started licking the head of Kiba’s and followed it with licking the entire shaft. She stroked his dick hard as her tongue moved to his balls.

Katey took the balls in her mouth while her hands continued to give the hand job to Kiba’s dick.

Olivia could feel Kiba releasing low moans as her lips parted with his.

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"I need you below as well," Kiba ordered her.

She keeled down to join her friend. She took his dick in her mouth while her friend continued to pleasure his balls.

Kiba clutched Olivia’s head as he rammed his dick into her mouth all the while Katey licking his balls. The intensity of his ramming increased while Olivia gasped for breaths. She has to flee away from his grasps when she could no longer handle the intense ramming.

"You almost killed me," Olivia complained though her face has a satisfied expression. Her pussy was getting wet with the intense blowjob.

Kiba ordered them both of them to lie one above the other on the coach in 69 position. Katey was below with Olivia’s pussy on her face.

"AHH!!" Katey started releasing moans of pleasure as she felt Kiba’s tongue inside her pussy while Olivia licking her clits. Katey enjoyed the pleasure while she also started licking Olivia’s pussy. Both girls were in bliss and same could be said for Kiba as he licked Katey’s pussy. As his tongue moved towards her clit he could feel Olivia’s tongue besides him licking Katey’s clit. Their tongues mingled with each in a deep kiss, and they could feel the taste of Katey’s pussy from each other’s tongue.

Kiba could no longer handle the throbbing of his dick. Olivia understood her man’s need and gave him a fellatio while still getting her pussy licked by Katey. The girls continued to be in 69 position.

Kiba rubbed his dick against Katey’s pussy while Olivia licked her clit. Katey loudly moaned when Kiba’s dick entered her wet pussy all the while Olivia licking her pussy.

He rammed deep inside Katey, and she could feel places she has never felt before. The double combination of Kiba’s dick and Olivia’s tongue soon made her reach her climax.

She released a deep loud moan at the end of her climax with Kiba showing no sign of stopping.

Her pussy was more sensitive than ever after getting the orgasm, and she knew she has to return the favor to both her lovers. Kiba removed his dick from Katey’s pussy, and then rammed it into the waiting mouth of Olivia.

Katey slid down from the coach and arrived next to Kiba. She kissed him deeply showing her thanks for the orgasm she had while he continued to push his dick in Olivia’s mouth.

"You should never keep a lady waiting," Katey whispered. As if understanding her words, Kiba removed his dick from Olivia’s mouth.

He lied down on the couch with Olivia mounted on him. He slipped his dick inside her while his hands pressed her soft boobs. Katey joined them by licking Olivia’s nipples.

Kiba also joined the licking of Olivia’s nipples all the while Olivia on his top. He rammed deep inside her while he and Katey sucked on her nipples.

"Yes! Don’t stop!" Olivia said as her pussy continued to enjoy Kiba’s dick while having her nipples sucked.

Kiba and Olivia were in perfect sync with each other and controlling their bodies the best they could to climax together.

His dick melted inside hers with Olivia reaching the orgasm.


The three lovers lied down exhausted on the coach.

"We should do this often," Katey said while giving a light kiss to Kiba.

"I thought the refreshments were only for today seeing how busy you two must be as actresses," Kiba said with a playful smile.

"I am sure we can always find some time for you from our busy schedule," Olivia said.

"How about finding some time now for the second round?" Kiba asked.

Soon, there were moans of pleasure in the room again...

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