The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 18 Invitation

Chapter 18 Invitation

"We can verify the details if you want," The blonde model said while giving a card to Kiba with her contact number.

Kiba took the contact card from the blonde model’s hand. He could smell her rich perfume from the card.

The card read her name as ’Meghan Adley’. There was her mobile number along with her e-mail address.

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"I would love to verify the details later," Kiba said while placing the card in his wallet, "Can’t let a fine lady like you have some misunderstanding about me."

Meghan Adley gave a smile. She was indeed charmed by his looks but her main reason was career advancement.

She was sure she could save herself from the old codgers if she has Kiba’s protection.

Kiba could understand her reasons very well. He was no saint who would rescue every needy person out there.

He only believed in helping himself. If he has the power to spare and there was no danger for him, he didn’t mind helping others as long as it benefited him or made him happy.

Meghan was confident she could make Kiba very happy, and this confidence improved her image in Kiba’s mind. No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy.

The other models on the table cast envious gazes on Meghan Adley. They regretted not striking the conversation with Kiba before Meghan.

They were proud and arrogant on their beauties and thought it would not suit them to strike a conversation first with a man. Meghan Adley was also arrogant, but she knew she has to take charge. Not all men like overly arrogant and pampered woman.

Meghan and Kiba talked about everything and nothing. The waiters knew the influence Kiba carries, so they brought the best dishes and wines for everyone on the table.


"Kiba, you are a hard man to find," An old voice came from behind Kiba’s table. The speaker was an old man who looked in his late seventies.

"You are?" Kiba turned his face and asked. Meanwhile, the models stood up after seeing the old man. Their posture denoted they either feared or respected the old man or perhaps both.

"Ahh. You hurt the sentiments of this old man. We have met a few months ago here," The old man said. He was accompanied by a few other corporate officers.

"We have? I apologize. I only remember my meetings with beauties and not men," Kiba nonchalantly said.

"Never mind. My name is Lager Kestone," the old man introduced himself further, "I’m the owner of Kestone Fashion Company."

Kestone Fashion Company was one of the powerful corporates in Delta City. In the present era of mutants and technology, the role of fashion hasn’t dwindled. The desire for vanity was always strong in every era and it was the same in the present era.

Kestone Fashion Company was also the main sponsor of the yearly Beauty Pageant in Delta City. The beauty pageant titled as ’Miss Delta’.

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Kiba now understood why Meghan and other models showed respectful behavior in front of this old man.

"Could I know for what I deserve this pleasure?" Kiba asked with some curiosity in his voice.

"The annual Miss Delta pageant would be held two months later," Lager explained, "I want to invite you as a judge for the competition."

"Oh?" Kiba was rather surprised.

"I believe you are an expert when it comes to judging beauties, so I am sure you will be a perfect judge acting without any bias," Lager Kestone said with a laugh.

"If you put it that way, then it would be rude to decline," Kiba continued with a smile, "Besides, I consider it as my duty to select the perfect candidate who can represent our city in Miss World."

He was sure Lager Kestone has hidden intention for inviting him to judge, but he didn’t mind. Perhaps he wanted to earn his favor or maybe there was a conspiracy.

Kiba didn’t care in both cases. He looked forward to seeing the top beauties of the city in their full glory.

"You make this old man relive by accepting the offer. Though I must say, you are very hard to contact," Lager said in a deep voice, "It is as if you disappear from the surface of this planet when you are not active."

It was evident he wanted to know more about Kiba, especially how he could hide his presence in the current era of technology and mutants. He knew Kiba was a rare mutant with two abilities: teleportation and physical enhancement. But even teleportation couldn’t hide one’s existence so perfectly in this digital era.

"You are not looking hard if you couldn’t find me," Kiba said.

"What do you mean?" Lager asked.

He was sure the corporate have done their best to search for Kiba’s background but with no result. The corporate could never track his whereabouts nor find what he does when he wasn’t carrying out official business or seducing women in high society parties.

"Have you searched for me at your house?" Kiba asked.

"What?" Lager was startled by the question.

"The darkest place is always under the candle’s flame," Kiba slowly said, "How can you and your corporate friend find me outside when all along I am in your home?" Kiba said.

"What do you mean?" Lager couldn’t understand his words.

"I am always in your house making love with your woman and your daughters... while you look for me outside," Kiba explained in simple words.

"You!" Lager was angered. He now realized that Kiba never truly planned to answer him.

"Don’t get so emotional. You leave your woman and daughters alone in the house while you go out for pursuing wealth and power," Kiba said with a pained expression, "I just couldn’t stand to see those poor ladies in solitude so I share my warmth with them."


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