The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 23 Battle Droids Hate Hank!

Chapter 23 Battle Droids Hate Hank!

Hank’s leg bones have fractured making him fall back on floor in kneeling position. The pressure of hundred mountains continued didn’t stop even now.

"I have strong dislike towards those who call me a bastard," Kiba’s cold voice ringed inside Hank’s mind.

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Blood started flowing from all orifice of Hank’s body. His mouth was full of blood, sweat, and snort. Even his mutant abilities were fully suppressed by the horrifying pressure. The armor jacket he was wearing inside turned into dust thanks to the pressure.

Carole was shocked by the turn of events. She never expected Kiba to attack Hank, and certainly didn’t expect Hank to be this weak.

Carole has witnessed Kiba’s powers before when he defeated Jack - son of Hank- in a second. But Hank was totally different. He might seem old and fat, but he has the best resources in Delta City. He has undergone multiple experiments for enhancing his strength but now it seemed all the money went to waste. In front of Kiba, he was like an ant.

Carole knew she has to stop Kiba otherwise Hank would die soon.

"Sir Kiba, stop!" Carole said as she used her super speed to arrive next to Hank. She regretted her actions the next moment.

The pressure which was faced by Hank now started falling on her as well as the surrounding area. She too fell on her knees.

"Who do you think you are for ordering me around?" Kiba coldly asked as he arrived in front of Carole. The conference table dissipated into nothingness from the pressure Kiba was releasing.

"I-I didn’t mean to order you," Carole said with great difficulty but Kiba’s expression was still cold. She never expected a womanizer like Kiba to have such a side. He has always been full of smiles when he conversed with her but now his expression was ice-cold.

"You think you can speak in such tone just because I want to get in your pants?" Kiba coldly said. Carole felt her inner organs facing unbearable pressure. She coughed up a mouthful of blood.


The conference room door was blasted by the battle droids. The electromagnetic sensors inside has dissipated due to the pressure released by Kiba, and the loss of signal activated the fighting droids. They were in the form of humanoid robots carrying powerful laser guns capable of killing mutants.

Five battle droids aimed laser attacks on Kiba. Just before the five lasers could strike Kiba; he caught Hank by his collar, and made Hank stand in front of the coming laser attack.

"Aahhhhh!" Hank released a terrible scream. The four laser attacks had severed off his arms and legs. And the final laser attack had made a large hole in his stomach.

The floor was filled with gore and blood mixed with sweat. Hank’s body fell on the same gore. He continued to release terrible shrieks as the pain invaded his senses.

"Your battle droids are really powerful," Kiba said in a mocking tone.

The battle droids didn’t dare use laser attacks any longer. They wanted to physically handle but thought he might take Hank as a hostage.

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"Sir... sir Kiba. Please stop," Carole’s faint voice came from behind. The pressure has wiped off her clothes from existence making her stark naked. She was a breathtaking beauty but currently her body was filled with blood stains.

Kiba turned his head towards her but there was no sign of lust on his face seeing Carole naked.

"I- I apologize for Sir Hank’s words... please stop. You should know the position he holds in the city. If you kill him..." Carole spoke with her voice getting faint by every word.

"You are trying to scare me?" Kiba asked.

"N-no sir. I have... no grudge against you. Please sto.." Carole used up all her energy before she could conclude her words. She has a hard time breathing much less speak now. If this continued she will die in no time.

Kiba saw her condition and retracted the pressure. He was finally able to control his anger.

Carole was able to properly breathe now.

"T-thank you sir," Carole said while kneeling on floor as she was powerless to stand.

"I guess I went overboard in my anger," Kiba said with a sigh. The word ’bastard’ triggered the memories of how he was abandoned by birth. It reminded him of a person who used to always call him as an ’unwanted bastard’.

Battle droids saw Kiba getting distracted, so they once again launched laser attack on him while running towards him.

"You guys truly hate Hank," Kiba said as he disappeared from his place. In the same place, the limbless body of Hank arrived.

"Noooo!" Hank cried. If the laser attacks land on him again, he was sure he was dead.


A large shield made of energy appeared in front of Hank’s body. It stopped the laser attack and saved Hank’s life. Hank’s limbless body fell on floor as he screamed in pain, but he was alive. The shield then moved towards the incoming droids and destroyed them! Everything occurred in the blink of an eye!

"Oh?" Kiba has a surprised expression on his face as he turned his face towards the destroyed conference gate.

A woman in white was standing with a cold expression. She was wearing glasses, and next to her were two man in black.

"Well~ Who might you be?" Kiba asked playfully as he checked out the woman’s body.

"Hank didn’t tell you about me? I was supposed to have a meeting with you," The woman coldly said.

"Not really. If he told me a babe like you was arriving... I would have protected him from his crazy battle droids."

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