The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 24 Ultimate Sacrifice!

Chapter 24 Ultimate Sacrifice!

"Not really. If Hank told me a babe like you was arriving... I would have protected him from his crazy battle droids," Kiba said.

Hank, whose limbless body was lying on the floor, almost died out of anger after hearing Kiba’s words.

"You used me as a human shield but now you are blaming battle droids?!" Hank bitterly thought. He was barely hanging on to his life due to the strength-enhancement experiments he has undergone.

Carole has regained enough strength to stand, but she almost fell when she heard Kiba’s words. She gave a sigh of relief seeing Hank was still alive.

Carole has no romantic feelings for Hank, nor they have any sexual relationship. She wanted him to live as Hank’s death would make White Angel Corporation fall in extreme crisis. Carole has earned influence and power in the company by years of struggle.

If an organization lacks a capable leader, then it would make the organization vulnerable. For good or bad, Hank was the only capable person to handle the organization. If Jack took over the role, then she was afraid that the company wouldn’t be able to survive for long.

"Sighs. I need to find another job just in case. Kiba disagreed for a raid on Sky Fiend Group. He definitely found something alarming in the mission seeing how stubborn he was in his refusal. And knowing Hank’s personality, he wouldn’t give up on the technology even though Kiba has declined. There is a good chance the company might be destroyed... I need to plan for worst case scenario," Carole thought.

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The woman in white ignored Kiba’s words and moved towards Hank who was lying on a floor mixed with his own blood and gore.

"Hank, it seems I overestimated you," the woman said as she crouched downward. Hank didn’t say anything in return. He knew he has ruined the impression he has on this woman.

One of the men in black gave the woman a syringe and a small bottle containing gray liquid. She filled the syringe with the gray liquid and injected it in Hank’s chest.

Within seconds, the bleeding from Hank’s body stopped. His stomach had a hole but now that part was being regenerated with new tissues and veins. Even the missing limbs started regenerating.

"So you are a cockroach specialist?" Kiba asked. The woman in white ignored his words, and turned her face towards Carole.

"When are you going to call the medical unit?" The woman impatiently asked Carole.

"Lady Lisa, the medical unit is coming," Carole said. She has sent the emergency signal earlier.

Just as she finished her words, a medical unit comprised of ten doctors stepped inside the ruined conference room. There were a hundred guards as well who have their guns aimed at Kiba. Some of them were mutants who had summoned their powers for attacking Kiba.

"Earlier the battle droids wanted to kill Hank. Now you human guards. Does no one here like Hank?" Kiba asked.

"Step down!" Hank loudly shouted. He didn’t want to suffer the pain of losing his limbs again. Hank knew for sure that Kiba would use him as a human shield if the guards attacked.

The guards were confused by the order, but they followed it.

A moment later, more people arrived. Jack, Eva, Richard, Angela, and other high ranking members arrived. They were shocked to see the condition of Hank and the destroyed battle droids.

"Kiba, what have you done?" Jack angrily said. How could he not be angry to see his father in such a state?

"Want me to demonstrate what I have done?" Kiba asked with a smile.

"Son of--"

"Jack, shut up!" Hank ordered. He didn’t Jack to suffer what he has suffered.

Even in his worst nightmares, he never expected someone to trample him like an ant.

"Kiba, you have trampled me as I was alone. But if I had brought the hidden weapons... you will be dead!" Hank thought. Still, he felt bitter in his heart at the gap of power between him and Kiba.

"I need to re-evaluate the data I have on Kiba. He is most likely in top 3 of the strongest mutants in Delta City!" He was regretting his earlier actions. If he hadn’t said those words, then perhaps he would still be on good terms with Kiba.

Alas, there is no medicine for regret.


Kiba turned his face towards Hank as if he could feel Hank’s hostility.

"Hank, you need to dismantle your battle droids. What will the world think if a weapon manufacturer like you is selling such flawed weapons?" Kiba smiled as he continued, "’Battle droids attacking their master’ would be a great headline for newspapers."

"YOU!" Hank stopped in between. He didn’t want to say anything as he was afraid he might provoke Kiba again.


"You were going to do me a favor by hosting a meeting between me and Kiba. But now it seems I did you the greatest favor of your worthless life," the woman in white said as the doctors put Hank on a stretcher.

"Lisa Rey, thank you," Hank said in a bitter voice. He thought she will owe him a favor if he helped her in meeting Kiba. Instead, he owes her a great favor.

"I don’t need a thank you," Lisa Rey said before walking towards Kiba.

"Well~ You seemed to be interested in meeting me?" Kiba asked.

"I have something I need to discuss with you," Lisa plainly said.

"Shall we discuss it somewhere else? The room is filled with a terrible smell," Kiba said.



Kiba and Lisa moved towards an adjacent room. The guards or the members of Hank’s family didn’t say anything.

Two men in black closed the door of the room after Lisa and Kiba went inside.

The room had few sofas and chairs along with a mini bar. It also had a large 3D projector for watching TV.

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Kiba and Lisa sat in two opposite sofas.

"Very rarely I have ever seen a mutant turning his powers of physical enhancement into a domain. You turned your physical strength into a pressure and applied it on Hank... I must say that was interesting," Lisa said.

"Oh? You have arrived much earlier before your entry?" Kiba asked.

"I arrived when Carole tried to stop you," Lisa said.

"I see," Kiba continued with a smile on his face," You could have saved Hank from terrible pain but you didn’t. What a vicious woman you are."

"If I had helped him before, then he wouldn’t be that grateful for my help," Lisa explained with a slight smirk," But saving him on brink of death is a different matter."

"Smart woman," Kiba nodded his head in understanding.

"I am only doing what could help me help the world in long run," Lisa concluded.

"Is that so?" Kiba asked.


A moment later, Kiba asked, "So what is it you want to discuss?"

"Let me introduce myself first," Lisa took out a card from her purse and showed it to Kiba," I am a Level III scientist from World Government."

She was surprised to see Kiba having a nonchalant expression even after hearing her status as a representative from the government.

"What can I do for you?" Kiba asked casually.

"Not for me but for the world," Lisa corrected.

"For world?" Kiba was intrigued.

"Yes. I want to research your DNA and genes for helping the world," Lisa looked at him with a sweet smile on her face," You are so young but yet one of the strongest mutants in Delta City. So imagine how powerful and different you are on a DNA level from ordinary mutants."

"I don’t understand what you are trying to say by bringing my strength in the discussion?" Kiba said.

"Mutants like you have strong resistance to the diseases which age of evolution created," Lisa’s voice was now sweet like a nightingale as she continued,"Think how many deaths we can prevent from epidemics. Not only diseases, but we can also help those poor normal humans whom nature hasn’t blessed with the evolution!"

"Help?" Kiba was totally focused on her words as if her voice was hypnotic.

"Yes!," Lisa nodded with her eyes on Kiba," The betterment of the world depends on you! Your name would be forever recorded in the annals of our history as long as you agree for a few experiments!"

Kiba’s expression of excitement as he heard her words. Lisa couldn’t help but smirk seeing Kiba’s expression.

"No one can escape from my hypnotic voice. Not even the great Kiba," Lisa was laughing inside for the process being much easier then she thought, "It’s good anyways otherwise there would be a lot of damage for me in Plan B."

Deep in most people’s heart there is a desire to be known by the world. To become a hero revered by the people.

Lisa was confident she could awaken this desire even in the most villainous person through her hypnotic voice.

"For the betterment of the world," Kiba murmured in a passionate voice,"For the research purpose..."

"Do you agree?" Lisa asked in a soft and pleasant voice.

"Yes!" Kiba nodded his head," If it means helping the world then I don’t have any choice but to sacrifice myself."

Kiba’s voice and expression were of a man who has found his calling in life.

Lisa couldn’t help but smile knowing he has fallen in her trap.

Kiba stood from the couch and slowly he opened up his shirt.

The smile on Lisa’s face faded and now it was replaced with shock.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Lisa asked.

"I am getting ready for helping the world," Kiba stated as a matter of factly," You should undress as well so that we can start."

"Undress?" Lisa couldn’t understand his words.

"I can’t transfer my DNA inside you if you are wearing clothes," Kiba answered.

"What do you mean?" Lisa was having a hard time making sense of his actions.

"For the betterment of the world, you need my DNA," Kiba looked at her as he continued to unbutton his shirt," Isn’t impregnating you and other women the best way for the world to benefit most from my DNA and genes?"

"Impregnating?" Lisa muttered in disbelief.

"Yes, by the process of impregnating my DNA can spread around the world and more people could benefit," Kiba explained as he threw away the shirt and showcased his well-built muscles. ," Our children can also spread my DNA and help the world."

"YOU!" Lisa was incensed. She never expected her words to have such an affect.

Did my hypnosis fail? Or this guy truly believe ’sharing’ DNA in such a way is the best way to help the world?

"You don’t have to feel guilty of my sacrifice," Kiba said in a heavy but passionate voice, "For the betterment of the world I don’t mind sleeping with you."

His expression was that of a man on a holy mission! He was ready for the ultimate sacrifice as long as it benefitted the world!

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