The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 26 Memorable Relationship

Chapter 26 Memorable Relationship

Kiba has fallen asleep on the sofa with his head lying on Lisa’s lap. He has spent too much of his energy in the span of 7-8 hours for the happiness of women. Eva, Olivia, Katey, and now Lisa.

Lisa stood up from the sofa while making sure Kiba doesn’t wake up. She started wearing her clothes which were lying on floor. Thankfully none of them were torn.

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"This bastard is really good in bed. Nevertheless, I can’t forget my goal. I will have to go with Plan B for capturing him," Lisa thought.

She was confused whether Kiba was hypnotized or not. Regardless, she would have to proceed with her backup plan.

Lisa was aware her hypnosis ability is not a sure kill ability. There are people who are immune to her ability if they have strong mental will or have psychic powers.

In fact, there are even devices used by people from high society to resist psychic abilities. Which is why Lisa has a Plan B for worst case scenario.

She lightly knocked on the door, and the two men in black opened the door. The men in black were surprised when they saw Kiba sleeping naked inside the room. They didn’t dare say anything but inwardly they were shocked thinking what the scene implied.

"Tell the team to be ready for capturing Kiba. A lot of blood is going to be spilled tonight," Lisa said to the two men.


"Kiba would be going to the 83rd building when he teleports out so activate Teleportation Interference device the moment he reaches there. As per as the plans, we will change his teleportation destination to the wasteland outside the city," Lisa’s voice was heavy as she continued,"Tell the teams to strike him the moment he reaches there. If we give him time to recover from teleportation backlash, we will suffer casualties even though we will win."



An hour later, Kiba woke up. He stretched his body and complained of exhaustion.

"I really went over my limit today," Kiba mumbled as he wore his clothes back. He wasn’t surprised when he saw no traces of Lisa.

"She is a good as a bitch in bed but her heart is black," Kiba thought with a smile.

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Outside, Carole was waiting for him. She was now in a white dress as earlier her clothes were shredded into nothingness under the pressure domain created by Kiba.

"Oh? What brings you here?" Kiba asked with a surprise. He didn’t expect to see her soon after the recent incident. He has almost killed her in his anger without much fault of hers.

"Sir Kiba, I am here to apologize to you on behalf of Sir Hank. He is sorry for what he said before and hopes today’s little incident wouldn’t affect your relationship with White Angel Corporation," Carole said. Hank has sent her to do the damage control.

"I got my hopes high for nothing," Kiba said with a sigh.


"I thought you were going to tell me that our date isn’t canceled. I don’t really care about the words of Hank."

Carole was surprised to see Kiba’s attitude. She has a hard time believing he was the same man who almost killed her and Hank.

"It would be awkward to go on a date," Carole said. She wasn’t the type of woman who would sell her body for a benefit.

Carole wanted to go on a date with Kiba because she liked his personality. He didn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t to get in her pants. The other men she knew would say flattering words in front of her but behind her back, they would make derogatory remarks.

"It is your choice, and I will not force you. But I believe the best relationships are formed after conflicts. Life is only interesting if there are awkward moments in it." Kiba said with a smile.

"Well..." Carole didn’t know how to reply.

"When we turn old and remember these awkward moments, they bring a smile on our face. A relationship formed on conflicts is the most memorable relationship. And I will be honest here, I want to have a memorable relationship with you. Something which I will remember till the end of my days," Kiba said in a sincere voice.

Carole thought of his words and knew he wasn’t saying them just for having a relationship with her. She could feel his sincerity and thought his philosophy was interesting.

"Seems like we have a lot to discuss on our date," Carole smiled and said.

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