The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 27 Battle In Wasteland

Chapter 27 Battle In Wasteland

"Seems like we have a lot to discuss on our date," Carole smiled and said.

Kiba smiled in return. He has felt bad for harming her earlier when she wasn’t at fault. While he was no saint, he didn’t want to harm innocents unless it was necessary. He felt no happiness from abusing his powers on those who haven’t offended him.

"How about 7’o clock on 14th December at Close Horizon?" Carole asked.

"As the lady commands," Kiba bowed down and said.

Today was 14th November so the date was after a month. Kiba didn’t mind the wait.

"Farewell, my lady," Kiba said as he left the floor.

"I hope I don’t fall in love with that rascal," Carole thought with a smile on her face.

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Kiba reached the 83rd floor of White Angel Corporation as a section of the floor is free from electromagnetic field barrier. The barrier prevents all types of teleportation or spying activities inside the building.

In reality, Kiba can teleport without any hindrance as if the barrier doesn’t exist for him. This was how he could have affairs with Eva without letting anyone knows. Only Eva knew no place was restricted for Kiba as long as he wishes it.

But obviously, Kiba couldn’t let the world know how great his teleportation powers were. To avoid suspicion, he uses his teleportation powers where there was no electromagnetic field.

Kiba went to the region where teleportation was allowed. Soon, a white light surrounded him as he teleported away from White Angel Corporation.

He failed to notice that blue ripples of energy were directed towards him the moment he teleported away.



Kiba appeared in midair above a wasteland. As far as he could see there was nothing but ruined mountains with no sign of vegetation or habitation at all.

"What the hell?"

Before he could think further, he was under the onslaught of a dozen rockets. Kiba’s eyes turned cold but he did nothing to dodge them.


There was a gigantic explosion covering miles filled with nothing but smoke and debris.

Far away, a man and a woman were standing carrying rocket launchers in their hands.

"Is he dead?"The man asked.

"It wouldn’t be that easy," The female answered, "Otherwise we wouldn’t be making so many preparations. But at least this attack will wear him down."


The next second the mushroom cloud disappeared as if there was no explosion at all. Kiba was floating in midair without any injury

"A monster! Even his clothes are fine!" The man cried in disbelief.

"He can fly!" The woman was terrified.

From what they knew, he has a high physical strength and teleportation ability. They were aware he could also convert his physical strength into an invisible armor, but there was no mention of his flight ability.

The very next second of mushroom cloud disappearing, a man with tiger claws jumped towards Kiba. His claws were aimed at Kiba’s neck.

From another direction, a man aimed a spear made of lightning at the head of Kiba. Then there was a woman spewing a poison arrow from her mouth, aimed at Kiba’s face.

In total, there were eight people attacking Kiba’s vulnerable parts. They were in perfect sync as if they had experience in team cooperation.

Kiba has a nonchalant expression as the eight attackers launched their best attacks on him. He floated in the same place, waiting for the attack to land on him.

"Let’s see how powerful your attacks are," Kiba said with a smile.

"Still cocky?" The man with the tiger claw has a smirk on his face.

The next moment, the tiger-claw man’s smirk disappeared and his eyes were wide open with terror.

Kiba has disappeared from the location, but they, on the other hand, were in the place where Kiba was. The worst part was they were facing the attacks they have launched earlier.

The woman with poison ability released a heart wrenching as the tiger claws of her team-mate landed on her throat.

"Anita!" The man with tiger claw cried in horror.

How could he stop the attack he launched with so much power at the last moment? Before he could think of what to do, a lightning spear landed on his head.

The man with lightning ability released a similar heart-wrenching shriek as his forehead was pierced with the poison arrow. Similarly, the other mutants suffered attacks of their teammates.

All eight attackers were dead, but they died by the abilities of each other!

"Wow. Your teammates’ abilities are deadly," Kiba remarked as he teleported in the middle of the man-woman duo who were carrying rocket launchers.

The duo was trembling in fear unable to believe the turn of events. How was he able to teleport their teammates from far away?

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No! How can he use his teleportation ability, to begin with!? The entire region is locked with electromagnetic field aimed at stopping teleportation.

"Why are you sweating so much?" Kiba asked them with a smile.

"P-please don’t kill me!" The man begged when Kiba placed his hand on his shoulder. He didn’t dare attack him.

"You are making me look like the bad guy here," Kiba said.

"We don’t dare, sir," the woman muttered.

Kiba ignored her words and instead, he turned his face towards the eastern direction of wasteland before saying, "Till when you plan to hide there?"

The next moment, there was a ripple in the air. Lisa and two men in black appeared as if out of nowhere.

"You are using such a low-level illusion even though you are from the government," Kiba said in disappointment.

Lisa’s expression was heavy. She couldn’t believe how her eight subordinates were killed without giving any damage to Kiba at all.

"I am thankful you have covered this region of wasteland with a barrier preventing communication from outside," Kiba’s voice was nonchalant, "It makes killing you all easy."

"You can even use your teleportation ability as a domain?" Lisa asked ignoring his threatful words. She knew very well that a head-on clash was now unavoidable.

"I am a man on a holy mission so god has blessed me with some abilities," Kiba answered.

"Y-you!" After seeing his display of powers, Lisa was sure her hypnosis never worked. She knew he has scammed her into sex!

"I must say, you caught me off guard when you made me teleport here," Kiba said as he moved towards her.

The man and woman duo behind sighed with relief. They were confident that they could survive now that Lisa has arrived.

"How can the electromagnetic field and teleportation interference devices don’t work on you?" Lisa asked as she summoned an energy shield. The two men, on the other hand, have their skin changed into steel.

"Why don’t you think of the answers in the underworld?" Kiba playfully asked in return.

"Don’t be so cocky!" Lisa loudly said," The battle has just started!"


The ground split open to show five satellite dish-like devices. They released greenish sonic-like waves on Kiba.

Before the waves could touch him, a circular barrier surrounded Kiba. The waves started attacking the barrier but there was no sign of crack on it.

"I couldn’t believe I have to use my trump card. The world government would imprison me if they realize I have brought ability nullifying device without permission," Lisa gritted her teeth and pressed a button on her watch screen," But it would be worth it as long as I get my hands on a specimen like Kiba! Not even Kiba would be able to survive against the strongest technology of world government!"

Suddenly, more satellite dish-like devices appeared from the ground. The energy waves they released were orange.

"It is over!" The man-woman duo from behind had a smile on their face.

Kiba, on the other hand, has his expression changed for the first time. The barrier protecting him started disappearing.

There were no cracks but instead, the barrier was disappearing as if the combination of green and orange waves carried the power to nullify all his abilities.

The barrier disappeared, and Kiba found himself under the onslaught of two different types of energy waves combined as one. The mutant abilities inside him were nullified.

"WHAT?!" The men in black were horrified from the effect the energy waves were creating on Kiba, "Just what is going on?"

The combined waves have the power to deactivate mutant powers, but on Kiba, the effect has brought unexpected changes.

His long golden hairs were getting shorter. Even the golden color from his hair was dissipating leaving behind jet-black hairs.

The most surprising change was his eyes. His both iris has an equal combination of blue and gold but now the golden color was fading. Soon, both his iris were blue with no hint of gold.

Next, his face started undergoing a transformation. The skin on his face was dissipating and was replaced with a new skin.

The new face was equally handsome as Kiba but it was young. Kiba looked like a man in his late twenties but the new face was of a man in his early twenties.

Even his height was changing. Earlier, his height was 6 ft but now he was 5’8".

It was like a new person has appeared instead of ’Kiba’. The new person was equally handsome with striking features, but he was not ’Kiba’! There were no physical similarities at all!

Even the aura released by this new person was very weak compared to Kiba.

"W-what is he?" A man in black asked in a voice filled with disbelief.

"Is he shape manipulator?"

"No! How can someone have so many abilities! Flight, teleportation, enhanced physical strength, energy manipulation for the barrier, and now shape manipulation!"

"He could even see through the illusion and resist psychic abilities! Could he have even more abilities?"

"It is impossible for a single person to have so many abilities! Not even the greatest scientists in the World Government can produce so many abilities inside a single mutant!"

Lisa’s body started trembling. Even though Kiba’s powers have nullified, and he has changed into a different person... she was feeling more uneasy after seeing the expression on his face.

"How could he still smile in such a situation!?"

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