The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 28 Cosmic Manipulation

Chapter 28 Cosmic Manipulation

In the year 1900, the era of mutants began with the arrival of Evolution Comet. It was followed by thousands of giant meteorites falling on Earth. According to secret records of World Government and few hidden heritages, the meteorites contained more than just Divine Particles.

While the Divine Particles inside those meteorites reacted with Earth’s atmosphere to create a large-scale mutation; the meteorites after reaching ground created a miracle of their own.

Like in Bermuda Triangle, the meteorites which fell in the region created spatial cracks and opened Paradox Dimension. In Amazon Rainforest, the meteorites mutated the rainforest to such an extent that it has become an impenetrable wilderness. The powerful and technologically-advanced World Government and mysterious heritages don’t easily dare send their forces on Paradox Dimension or Amazon Rainforest even though they are filled with rich resources.

Similarly, other meteorites created various phenomenon on Earth making many forbidden regions on Earth. These forbidden regions have made it possible for non-human species to live peacefully as their other habitation was destroyed by the greed of humans.

Not every meteorite created a miracle land though. Some places were turned into a wasteland where millions of people died due to the shockwave created by meteorites. The current Earth is filled with advanced cities but still, no habitation exist in the wastelands. Humans have tried to make these wastelands into habitation areas but failed. It is as if there exists a curse in the wasteland which forbids both habitation and vegetation.


One such wasteland exists near Delta City. This wasteland has an area of more than 3000

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Currently, at the center of this wasteland, there was a giant but invisible barrier. The barrier was surrounding an area of some 100 It not only restricted communication with outside, but it also created illusions making it impossible for others to notice the happenings inside the barrier.

It seemed the region inside the barrier has turned into a battlefield. There were mutilated corpses of eight people lying surrounded by shells of rockets.

Some distance away, dozens of satellite dish-like objects were creating energy waves aimed at a single person.

Nearby, a man and woman duo were carrying rocket launchers in their hands. Adjacent to them were two men in black whose skin seemed like as if it was made of steel. And finally, there was a woman in white clothes wearing glasses carrying an energy shield in her hands.

She was a raven-haired beauty but currently, her face was filled with an expression of disbelief as she gazed at the person. Her body was trembling when she noticed the man has a smiling face even though his powers were nullified, and he was no longer ’Kiba’.

"How could he smile in such a situation!?" Lisa mumbled.

Her subordinates didn’t know how to answer. They were equally shocked by the transformation of Kiba into a new man.

The multiple energy waves from the satellite dish-like devices continued to nullify his mutant powers giving him no chance to use his powers.

The new person has normal length jet-black hairs with sky-blue iris and a handsome face. He was carrying a smile on his lips as he gazed at the woman and her team.

"You continue to surprise me," The new person said with no signs of panic on his face.

"Kiba, just what on Earth are you?" Lisa asked in a voice full of disbelief.

"Please don’t call me Kiba," The man shook his head," I like to keep my personal and professional identities separate."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I use the name ’Kiba’ when I am in my previous form," The man explained with a smile on his face," My current form has a different name."

"Kiba, stop with the nonsense," Lisa pointed at him and said," Just surrender and you can save yourself some pain. You no longer have a chance to escape now that your powers are nullified."

"Firstly, call me ’Zed’. That’s the name I have lived with most of my life," The man was still relaxed as he continued," And lastly, the fun has just begun."

"You think your shapeshifting abilities change who you are? Kiba or Zed? It doesn’t matter! You will become my experiment specimen!"

"Shapeshifting? I don’t have such ability so you are mistaken," Zed looked at her like she was no threat at all," Let me enlighten you before I send you all to the underworld."

"You..." Lisa was incensed by his attitude. He was giving her no importance at all.

"Zed is what I was born as," Zed nonchalantly continued, "Kiba is what I become when I use my true powers. I feel rather offended when you call my true powers’ form as shapeshifting."

"You can use those overpowered abilities in your other form? Haha, you must have suffered some mental damage than," Lisa now felt at ease after hearing his explanation," You have lost your Kiba form but yet you are smiling and talking nonsense instead of begging?"

"We will see who will beg," Zed said still smiling.

Lisa has enough of his attitude. She looked at her watch to make sure the nullifying devices were functioning properly.

"Amir, knock him out," Lisa said to one of the men in black.

Amir was wearing an electronic bracelet on his right which can prevent him from the energy nullifying waves.

"Yes!" Amir dashed toward Zed.

"You want to die first?" Zed asked Amir when the latter was just a step away from him.

"Shut y--- WHAT?" Amir was suddenly terrified.

Zed’s iris has started turning into golden!

"H-how? The energy waves are nullifying his how?" Amir didn’t even get time to think further as he heard a heaven-shaking rumbling from above.

He turned his face toward the sky with an expression of horror.

"Just what in the world is going on?" Amir fell on the ground in full disbelief.

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It was nighttime with the full moon but now as far as he can see, the entire sky was filled with dark black clouds.

The clouds were full of golden lightning trying to free from the sky. It was as if the golden lightning wanted to arrive at the ground but something was stopping them.

But the very presence of the lightning was creating earth-shattering pressure. The stones and the ruined mountains started dissipating into nothingness as if they couldn’t stand to be in the presence of golden lightning.

Lisa and others were terrified as well. With a fright, they realized that their abilities were dissipating. It was not nullifying but erasing the powers from their very existence!

"W-what has he done?"

"How could he summon such power even though he is facing ability nullifying device?"

Zed’s iris was now a combination of blue and gold. His hairs have turned into golden and were growing every second along with his height. Zed’s face was changing as well!

Kiba has arrived!

"H-he has turned into Kiba again?!"

It didn’t stop here. The half- blue in his iris was now being replaced with gold. His iris were fully golden just like the lightning in the sky.


The ability nullifying satellite dish-like devices started malfunctioning. The energy waves they created were repelled back on them.

"There is only one possibility! There is a limit to the amount of power those devices can nullify... earlier Kiba’s powers were within the capacity of those devices! But now!"

"It is impossible!"

"Fuck! We are seeing the impossible now! So stop saying impossible!"

"You mean Kiba was hiding his real power within when he faced those energy waves?! If he wanted he could have countered those devices at the start?"

"Th-that won’t make sense! Why would he allow his powers to be nullified in the first place?"

"Weren’t his earlier powers already overpowered enough?! How could such a monster even exist with more overpowered abilities than before?"

Lisa didn’t know the answers to that question. She was coughing up blood with every passing second due to the golden lightning in the sky.


The debris and stones in the wasteland were floating and then turning into dust. Same was happening with the machines Lisa and her team brought.

Kiba’s new transformation was complete. He aimed a finger at the sky, which reduced the pressure created by golden lightning.

He then arrived in front of Amir with an amused expression.

"You wanted to die first, right?" Kiba asked.

"P-please don’t. I will become your subordinate---"

Kiba ignored Amir’s words and placed his right hand on Amir’s head. The next second, entire body of Amir started glowing with a golden color.

He felt a tremendous amount of energy inside his body. He felt as if he was a glass trying to contain an ocean.

"Aaahhhh! Stop! I beg you to stop!" Amir’s eyes were blood-soaked as he tried to control the energy inside him.

"Stop?" Kiba has a playful smile on his face as he said, "I am giving you so much power for free so why will you want me to stop?"

Amir’s body cells were expanding at a crazy rate to control the growing energy but it didn’t help him.

The cells were undergoing transmutation at a rate which his body couldn’t support. Every cell inside him felt like a bomb on brink of explosion.

"Ahhhh! Nooooo!" Amir shouted as his body expanded like a balloon.


Amir exploded into gore and blood.

"Amir!" The remaining man in black cried in terror. He felt shiver all over his body seeing the way his companion died.

Dying was terrifying enough but to not even have a corpse intact was even more terrible.

Not a single drop of blood touched Kiba. His smiling expression didn’t change the least bit as he turned his face towards Lisa and her team.

"It can’t be! You have the ability of Cosmic Manipulation!" Lisa cried in shock.

Cosmic Manipulation! The power to manipulate all cosmic forces!

Theoretically speaking, the user can create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of matter across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and vortices, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness! Everything was possible!

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