The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 29 Cosmic Spark

Chapter 29 Cosmic Spark

"It can’t be! You have the ability of Cosmic Manipulation!" Lisa cried with horror in her voice.

Cosmic Manipulation! The power to manipulate all cosmic forces!

From her superior, she has heard about this ability. It was a single ability which gives user almost unrivaled power in existence.

After seeing him trans-mutating Amir’s body she thought of this guess!

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Cosmic Manipulation can allow its user to create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire! Only this could explain why his teleportation ability wasn’t restricted even after the use of an electromagnetic field and other devices!

He could simply create inter-dimensional portals during teleportation! For someone with this great ability, teleporting others from a long distance was as easy as breathing’!

How could ability nullifying energy waves work on someone who has the ultimate control on the very source of this world? All forms of energy ultimately are derivatives of cosmic energy! It is the energy on which the whole world runs.

This could explain why the presence of golden lightning can erase their very power! Their power derived from divine particles but his powers were cosmic in nature!

Kiba was startled by her words but then once again he started smiling

"You surprise me once again," Kiba looked at her and said," Then again you are from World Government, so I am not much surprised."

Lisa was trembling with disbelief at Kiba’s confession. She wasn’t sure of her earlier guess but now his words confirmed her suspicions!

"H-how could you have Cosmic powers? The mutation caused by Divine Particles can’t grant one power of Cosmic! No one can be born with such ability! Just how can you have such power!? Answer me!" Lisa has a frenzy expression.

For a scientist, knowledge was everything, and in the current era, the one with knowledge can reach the top! Lisa has pursued the secrets of eternal life ever since she began her research carrier!

Now, someone with the greatest form of energy was in front of her. How could she control herself? The power Kiba possessed carried knowledge to all the secrets of the world! She was sure Kiba was the closest to eternal life than anyone else!

Even World Government has the only hypothesis on Cosmic Manipulation but no real result she knew of!

"I already told you so many things," Kiba looked at her with a playful smile," Don’t you think there should be some questions for you to think of in afterlife?"

Lisa was trying to think of everything she knew about the powers in this world. She thought of the meteorites which gave rise to the evolution on Earth along with Paradox Dimension and other life forbidden zones.

She then tried to remember the knowledge she has gained from her superiors back in the government. A knowledge was which was classified for a low-level officer like her.

Thanks to an affair with a Level VIII officer, she has heard that the possible origin of those meteorites. It is said that they are pieces of a superior world which have long ceased to exist.

The same officer has explained to her about the possible Cosmic Manipulation ability, which the scientists have hypothesized, after studying a small shard containing Cosmic power.

World Government believed the shard was a small part of true Cosmic Spark! The true power source of the superior world!

When she thought of this, she sucked in a breath of cold air.

"You found... Cosmic Spark?" Lisa asked trying to control the emotions in her voice.

Kiba was shocked by her question. He didn’t think much of her earlier words but this time it was different.

"Are you really a Level III scientist?" Kiba asked with a frown.

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Kiba’s words were enough for Lisa to believe her guess was once again correct!

She started laughing crazily. She has multiple expressions on her face consisting of disbelief, anger, greed, and envy!

"You are a selfish bastard!" Lisa said.

Kiba’s eye became cold, but he didn’t attack.

"Selfish bastard? Funny hearing from someone like you," Kiba’s voice was cold as he said," You want to use me for your experiments against my will and now you are calling me selfish?"

"You are selfish for not sharing the Cosmic Spark with the world! The world would have changed if the World Government had the spark in their hands! All types of diseases could have been cured. Ordinary humans could have gained mutant abilities!" Lisa answered in a frantic tone as she explained the possibilities," The terrorist nation who call themselves revolutionaries could have been wiped out! The entire world could be changed! Our planet can have peace and prosperity! But you kept the Cosmic Spark for yourself. Isn’t this being selfish?"

"You used those words earlier as well. Betterment of the world and its people?" Kiba started laughing as if he has heard the greatest joke in the world.

"It is not something to laugh about!" Lisa angrily rebuked him.

"You and the government sacrificed millions of people in genetic experiments," Kiba looked at her and asked," But now you have got the nerves to call me selfish and preach me about the betterment of the world?"

"Sacrifices are needed. The world has gained from those sacrifices!"

"Gained? Only people at the top have gained. Go to the slums of Delta City or any city. Tell me what they have gained?"


"I was once a part of the slum, so let me tell you what they have gained. They have only gained scorns and abuses from rich and powerful like you."

"The gover---"

"Shut up. Now, let me tell you what they have lost. They have lost their right to live with dignity. People have to kill for a piece of bread! Men sell their daughters and wife for food! Children die due to cold and hunger! This is what you have given the people! "

Kiba’s voice was filled with anger when he said those words. He could still remember the things he saw on the balcony at White Angel Corporation before Agatha arrived. Even if not for that, his memory was still fresh with the life he has lived before the incident in mining expedition.

"Th-this doesn’t change the fact you are selfish! You could have helped the world," Lisa tried to come up with an argument.

"Selfish? Yes, I am. I risked my life to gain this power," Kiba answered with a scorn," So why would I give this power to others? Help the world by becoming a lab rat? I am not a saint who will sacrifice myself for others... though there might be an exception..."

Kiba suddenly stopped in between. It seemed as if he has a change of heart.

"What exception?" Lisa thought there was still hope to live if she could manipulate Kiba.

Earlier he was so adamant about not sacrificing but now he stopped in between. There is hope!

"I plan to sacrifice my body and my sleep for the ’Holy Mission’!" Kiba said.

Lisa coughed up blood after hearing his words. She couldn’t believe he would bring up the ’holy mission’ matter again.

Lisa already knew he has scammed her into sex earlier when she tried to hypnotize him. He has called having sex with every beauty as his Holy Mission!

Now, in the middle of such a heated discussion, how could he bring a topic like Holy Mission?

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