The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 3 Making Out In Shower

Chapter 3 Making Out In Shower

[[Lady Eva, your fiance is waiting for you outside. He wants to accompany you to the meeting room now that Sir Kiba is going to arrive in the building any minute.]] AI system prompt said.

Shit! I forgot!

The main purpose of Kiba’s arrival in the inner zone was for meeting the top officers of White Angel Corporation. He wanted to sell the minerals he got from killing the mutants of Sky Fiend Group. In fact, the details about the minerals and mutants were provided by the White Angel Corporation to Kiba.

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The people from White Angel Corporation were unaware he was fucking the daughter of their owner in the meantime!

It was not surprising as they believed no one can infiltrate the building with the electromagnetic field making a barrier around the building. Eva’s father boasted that no one can infiltrate the building without destroying it. He believed that even S level mutant with teleportation abilities can’t teleport inside!

Alas, they didn’t know about Kiba’s overpowered abilities. If Eva’s father came to know that Kiba has been infiltrating the building from a year and fucking his daughter, he would surely die of heart attack! Just an hour ago, Eva even joked about this when Kiba teleported beside her.

He has arrived in the penthouse at 5 pm but now it was already 6 pm. Kiba has told the officers he would arrive after 6 pm! I wasted too much time in killing those idiots! I only got one hour with Eva! Next time I should give them a five-hour interval!

Damn! I am still rock hard and Eva is also wet!

Can’t this fiance come later?

Kiba stood up. He never liked it when someone interferes with his love sessions! He feels like slaughtering Eva’s fiance.

"Don’t sweat over it. Who said we will stop if my fiance has arrived?" Eva gave him a wink.

"You mean..."

"Yeap. Didn’t you say we need a shower?"

Kiba understood her meaning. He teleported away from their clothes along with the suitcase.

"AI. Open the door after 5 seconds. Tell Richard I am taking a shower." Eva said as she kissed Kiba. A white light surrounded them, and they disappeared from the living room.

The door to penthouse opened and a man in a gray suit entered. He was in his early thirties with a well-built body.

[[Sir Richard, welcome to Lady Eva’s home. She is in the shower and would like to request you to wait.]] AI said.

"I see," Richard replied.

Richard moved towards the bathroom section of the penthouse. The bathroom walls were made of glass, but they were curtailed. The curtains were specially made so that they can stop all forms of surveillance including abilities of mutants.

Richard wanted to see her naked, but he was disappointed to see the curtains. He knew she was extremely shy. She only had sex after a year of dating.

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Richard liked her shy and reserved nature.

He thought she would make a fine part of his collection. She was sexy but shy. The best part was that she has an influential father. Not to mention she was good in business.

He wouldn’t mind having Eva as a wife while fucking his mistresses. He has complete confidence that Eva would never find out!

"Eva, how much longer?" Richard asked. He was able to hear the voice of the shower.

"S--Soon honey. Soon!" Eva’s reply came out. Her voice sounded hoarse.

Is she sick? Even mutants can get sick.

Meanwhile, inside the bathroom, Eva was standing in the shower while Kiba licked her pussy! Kiba was crouching as he licked her. Her hands were clutching Kiba’s hairs as she tried to control her moans.

Eva was getting more turned on than she initially thought. She found she actually enjoyed the thrill! The excitement of fucking her lover with her fiance few steps away!

Kiba could feel the taste of both the shower water and Eva’s pussy juice!

Kiba stood up and pulled Eva. Soon they were in standing 69 position! Kiba was standing by himself while his shoulders supported Eva’s legs.

Kiba continued to lick the insides of Eva’s pussy while Eva gave him the best fellatio of his life! Her techniques were totally unrivaled.

She took his cock to the end of her throat for almost a minute. She only let it go when she was about to choke.

"Eva, how much longer? We need to hurry up otherwise we will make Kiba wait," Richard’s said from outside the shower room.

"H-honey, wait ten minutes. I don’t think that bastard Kiba would come this soon," Eva said while her fiance having no idea about the subtle sexual meaning of her words.

Eva knew they have to start the main course soon otherwise her fiance would get impatient.

Kiba pushed Eva on the glass walls as his cock entered from behind. He kissed her neck as his cock rammed into her wet pussy.

Eva turned her face slightly and kissed Kiba’s lips as his strokes got stronger. They kissed and fucked as if there was no tomorrow! She stepped in doggy position as Kiba’s cock continued to ram inside her.

"Yes! Ahh!" Eva controlled her moans as Kiba’s cock reached depth no one ever has! They were about to cum

"Honey! I’m cumming!!!" Eva loudly shouted as Kiba’s cock melted inside her and released his hot sperm.

"No need to shout. I can wait." Outside, Richard was rather startled by Eva’s sudden shouting. Still, he felt glad to see her being so excited. She seemed really excited to come out with me!

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