The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 5 No One Told Me I Was Going To Become A Father!

Chapter 5 No One Told Me I Was Going To Become A Father!

The eighty-third floor was so structured that it can provide helicopters landing. The terrace of White Angel Corporation was a restricted zone for flights due to safety issues.

A part of the floor was free of the electromagnetic field which made it possible for a mutant to teleport from outside.

Around a hundred guards and dozens of fighting droids were in standby for any worst-case scenario.

Eva and Richard greeted five high ranking officials of White Angel Corporate when they reached the eighty-two floor. One of them was Eva’s brother Jack who was standing next to a woman in red.

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"Carole, any signs of Kiba?" Richard asked the woman in red. Carole is the chief secretary of Eva’s father.

"No. We have been waiting for half an hour. He hasn’t responded to our messages," Carole answered. She showed the messages she sent to Kiba on her tablet.

"Kiba is really arrogant. He has no respect for our time," Eva angrily said.

"Lady Eva, you can’t say such things. Sir Kiba is a powerful mutant, so he has the strength to back his arrogance," Carole reminded.

"Eva, Carole is right. I know you hate Kiba for the killings he does, but we need him. Restrain yourself when he arrives. Learn from your brother," Richard spoke.

Richard, Jake, and Carole were aware of the hate Eva has for Kiba. He has once groped her at a party, and ever since their relationship was bad. Plus she hated how he killed innocents without any remorse.

It was due to this attitude, Jack thought her sister would have no chance against him for the throne of White Angel Corporation. Plus their father was old-fashioned and hated the idea of a woman ruling the company he founded.

Their father’s attitude and weak will of Eva made Jack confident. How can a weak will woman like Eva hinder him?

She might be beautiful and good in business but that was useless when it comes to the throne of the corporation. The world was full of beauties and smart people, but they were used as a stepping stone for people at the top.

To reach the top you need not only brains but also firm will. You need to be cruel but also kind on the surface. Even if someone punches you, you have to act magnanimously.

’My sister, just you wait as I acquire the throne. I will teach you your true status,’ Jack thought.


There was a white column of the light converging on the helipad which was not covered by the electromagnetic field.

It took a minute before the white light fully converged together out of which Kiba arrived.

Carole couldn’t help but marvel at the physical features of Kiba. She admired his 6 ft height and the golden hairs, but the thing she admired the most was Kiba’s eye pupils. His eye pupils color was a strange combination of blue and gold. She felt his eyes were hypnotic to every woman out there.

"Sir Kiba, welcome to White Angel Corporation," Carole stepped forward to welcome Kiba. She sighed with relief when she saw the suitcase in Kiba’s hands.

"Carole? You are looking even more beautiful than the last time," Kiba said with a smile as he hugged her, "Your tits have developed as well,"

Carole freed herself from Kiba’s grasp. It seemed as if she has plenty of experience in escaping from Kiba’s advances.

"Sir Kiba, Chairman Hank is waiting for you in the lounge. We should hurry," Carole respectfully said. She wasn’t offended by his conduct.

"Come on. I can meet that old man later. Let my body meet yours first."

Carole remained silent.

"You are no fun," Kiba turned away from Carole as he meets the other members of welcoming team.

"Jack? Why are you here? You should have sent your beautiful wife instead," Kiba said.

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Jack gritted his teeth but didn’t let the anger show. He knew just how important Kiba was to the company and his father. His father might even pass the company to Eva if he screwed up.

"Agatha is pregnant, so I apologize for her inability to welcome you," Jack said.

"Ah! No one told me I was going to become a father!" Kiba has a surprised expression on his face.

"YOU!" Jack was no longer able to control himself. Kiba has stepped on his weak spot by saying these words.

During a party a few months ago, Kiba has seduced Jack’s wife Agatha. The worst part was Kiba made love with Agatha in the party itself.

This affair was not able to remain a secret for long even though Jack’s father tried to cover it up. He didn’t dare to think of revenge as his father warned him of dire consequences.

Jack has tried his best to forget the incident and move on. But now Kiba spoke such words without any regards to his feelings!

Jack enveloped his body into magma as he launched a punch on Kiba.


The guards knew the worst has happened. Even before they could move and stop Jack, the attack has landed on Kiba. The entire area was covered in smoke.

The guards were praying for Kiba otherwise they would lose their job.

No matter how powerful Kiba is, surely he can’t come unscathed from a sudden head-on attack!

"Gods, please let that bastard live!" the guards prayed.


The smoke was scattered the very next moment as if a strong wind has arrived. The guards were staring with their eyes wide as though they have fallen into a dream.


"No way!"

The magma covered fist of Jack was stopped by a single finger!

There was not a sign of single scratch on Kiba!

"This is no way to thank me for impregnating your wife," Kiba laughed. His other hand made a slapping motion towards Jack.

The slap didn’t physically land on Jack but yet he flew a few meters away as if a giant has slapped him. He vomited a mouthful of blood mixed with white foam.

"Wh... What?"

Everyone on the floor had their mouth open wide in shock. Richard was horrified by the might Kiba showed.

"What... what is going on?"

"We are dreaming, right?"

"Yeah. It is a dream."

"No! It is a nightmare!"

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