The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 6 Let Me Prove My Humanity

Chapter 6 Let Me Prove My Humanity

White Angel Corporation is one of the most powerful organization not only in Delta City but on the entire planet. Given the fame and prestige the company had in the city, even powerful mutants wouldn’t dare offend an ordinary office-bearer of the company. One has to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to offend even an ordinary office bearer.

In the current age of mutants and technology, the power is mainly distributed between the World Government, mafia, and corporate.

The power of a single person is useless in the face of a powerful organization. If a person without any background or influence offends any of the three main powers, then death would be an easy escape.

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This is the reason why people try to join the government or corporate no matter whether they are ordinary humans or mutants. In the worst case, people don’t hesitate to join the mafia. Being alone makes one vulnerable to the top powers.

But now a mutant without any background or influence has humiliated the heir apparent of White Angel Corporation! Not only the heir apparent was humiliated, he was beaten to a state where even his mother would have a hard time recognizing him.

In the blink of an eye, Jack who represented the mighty White Angel Corporation had been slapped so hard that he has fallen to the ground few meters away.

The guards and members of the welcoming team had a time coming back to their senses after seeing the unbelievable scene. They didn’t dare show any fury on their face.

Attack Kiba for humiliating their future boss?

Laughable. He defeated a powerful mutant like Jack without even trying! Jack is just not some random powerful mutant! He is someone who has access to entire resources of White Angel Corporation.

Even Jack could do nothing so what can the guards so? Besides, their duty was to make sure no problem arises during Kiba’s stay in the corporation.

"Are you really...human?" Richard asked with a voice filled with disbelief.

He knew Kiba was strong otherwise Chairman Hank wouldn’t give him such special attention.

Everyone in Delta City was aware of Kiba being strong.

Stopping a head-on powerful fist attack with a single finger! Slapping a mutant like Jack as if slapping a kid!

But this is not strong!

It is way overpowered!


How can a person without any powerful background have such power?

"Sir Kiba, please give me face and forgive Sir Jack for his mistakes," Carole stepped in between Kiba and Jack.

The guards finally came to their senses and started giving first aid to Jack. They felt it was laughable that they were worried about Kiba a minute ago.

"Anything for a fine lady like you," Kiba said.

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He ignored Jack who was lying on the floor few meters away. He instead moved towards Richard and Eva.

"I can prove my human nature if you want," Kiba said with a smile.

"What?" Richard was startled.

"Didn’t you asked a moment ago if I am a human?"

Richard was shocked. It was just a rhetorical question he asked in disbelief at Kiba’s power.

"Eva, I hope for the sake of your fiancee’s curiosity you would agree with me," Kiba said to Eva.

Everyone knew the hatred Eva has for Kiba. For a shy and reserved girl like Eva, Kiba is the worst type of monster.

Like a knight in shining armor, Richard stood in front of Eva.

"What are you saying?" Richard asked with a frown. He has a feeling that whatever Kiba was going to say it would be something insulting.

It has hardly been ten minutes since Kiba arrived, but he flirted with Carole while trying to take advantage of her. Afterward, he mocked Jack with the affair Kiba and his wife had.

So how can Richard be optimistic about Kiba’s words? This bastard really get on the nerve of people at the top! It seemed as if Kiba gets a kick by humiliating people from high society.

"Don’t stare me like that! You are making me scared!" Kiba has a smile on his face as he continued,"I might attack you by reflex if you scare me!"

"You!" Richard was angered, but he has learned from Jack’s mistake. He didn’t dare confront Kiba.

"Honey, it is fine," Eva stepped in to save her fiance dignity. Richard thanked her in his heart for having such a lovely girl as his fiancee.

"What is it you want me to agree with?" Eva asked with a frown. Her face showed how angry she was on Kiba for humiliating her brother and fiance.

"Nothing much. Your fiance wants to know whether I am a human. Is there any better way to prove humanity rather than by showing love?"

"WHAT?" Richard was incensed. Eva was gritting her teeth.

"What do you mean by ’What’? Oh, you didn’t understand? Allow me to elaborate for your small brain. I and Eva can make love. Nothing better than testing love for checking my human nature." Kiba patiently explained with a kind smile. His expression said he wanted to make love with Eva for helping Richard.

Eva and Richard were speechless when they heard his words and saw his sincere explanation.

"Richard, you don’t have to thank me. I consider it as my duty to help you understand my humanity," Kiba continued when there was no response from Richard and Jake.

"Y-you!" Richard vomited a mouthful of blood due to anger. He has never seen such a shameless fellow in his entire life.

You want to fuck my girl but want me to be grateful instead?

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