The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 62 Welcome To Special Coverage!

Chapter 62 Welcome To Special Coverage!

Agatha has a dejected expression after she entered the restaurant. As far as she could see the restaurant was filled with familiar faces. They were either her relatives or friends. She thought they might as well rename themselves as enemies.

She didn’t want to come here but how was she supposed to refuse the polite invitation she received? The invitation was from her friend saying it was a gathering celebrating love and friendship.

"Love," Agatha pressed her hand on her belly and felt the only true love she has in her life. She hoped her unborn child will have a bright future, but the recent circumstances were anything bright after the news of Kiba being the father were released.

Everyone started ’preaching’ her about modesty and the values of marriage, etc. The conservative circle in her family were, even more, louder demanding she needs to undergo a cleansing.

Of course with days passing, the news channel has to retract the story after White Angel Corporation provided the DNA report of the checkup she has undergone a few months ago. The report clarified that the father of her unborn child was Jack.

Alas, it did her no good. The damage was already done. She has become a whore for she has slept with someone who was not her husband.

No one bothered to check the problems her marriage was facing. Everyone supported Jack like he was a victim without caring about his infidelities or anything.

The only thing everyone did was judge her and then guide her so that she doesn’t bring them more shame.

"I guess more judgment is going to come today," Agatha bitterly thought as she took a seat around. Her attention passed on the walls, which were embedded with the TV screen, where currently the news was being played.

Sometimes she would think life would be so much better if she wasn’t born in the upper society. Back then her marriage was arranged by her family and Jack’s family as a compromise for business arrangements.

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As a kid, she has fancied love marriage but as she grew up she realized she has become far too addicted to the life of richness. She didn’t dare to resist the arranged marriage for she was afraid of losing the lifestyle she had. An action she has regretted forever...

She couldn’t help but think what Kiba told her at the balcony. He promised to help her leave this prison if she wanted. All she has to do was ask.

"Kiba," Agatha gave a deep sigh as she remembered his charming face and the hypnotic eyes. She agreed that he has a way with words and knew how to please a woman. When the news came out everyone at White Angel Corporation blamed Kiba but not her.

The affair was her choice just as much as Kiba’s. Perhaps he was responsible for the affair becoming a news due to his later a actions, but Agatha has already forgiven him much before. How could she blame him later?

When Kiba called her to apologize, she could see the guilt in his eyes. She tried to put a brave front and smiled as if everything was right.

Agatha thought there were enough sufferers in this world and she didn’t want Kiba to suffer for her sake. She wasn’t a holy lady with a pure heart but if she forgave someone once, she will never bring that matter again. That was her nature.

"Agatha, how have you been?" A greeting from a table behind waked Agatha from her thoughts. She turned around and saw the speaker was a middle-aged lady.

"Mrs. Gilbert, I am good," Agatha stood up from her chair to offer her respect but the lady told her to avoid the formalities.

"That is nice. You must have met my daughters, right?" Mrs. Gilbert introduced her two young daughters Wenna and Keoni.

"It is a pleasure meeting you," Agatha politely greeted them but the two of them looked at her with disdain.

"You must forgive them but they are maidens so..." Mrs. Gilbert stopped in between as if she has spoken wrongly.

Agatha forced a smile and turned her face around. More acquaintances ’greeted’ her such as Zena Nicholls and her husband Mike Nicholls, Rawiz Beattie and his family, Dr. Shawn and his wife and so on...

Then came Agatha’s family members: Her mother Wren, her father Arlo, her brother Josef (along with his wife Audrey), her cousin Regina (along with her husband Harley), her aunt Estelle and family, etc. Even Eva and her fiance Richard came around.

Agatha thought there was a faint playful smile on Eva’s face but then she thought she misunderstood it.

"Zena, thank you for inviting me," Agatha politely thanked Zena.

"What do you mean? Isn’t it Regina who we should thank?" Zena soon went away for having a conversation with another acquaintance.

Agatha was having a hard time understanding who was the host here. She now went to thank Regina but the latter said it was Rawiz who was hosting the dinner here.

"What is going on here? No one even notices this strange matter for they are all busy acquainting around," Agatha mumbled to herself. Then she thought only a pariah like herself has time to think over such matters. It was a gathering so she thought she should hang around but almost everyone avoided her.

At Eva’s suggestion, she ordered some light food around and started eating alone while her acquaintances were busy meeting each other. Some minutes later, all of them took a seat and looked at Agatha in a strange manner.

"Agatha, you should have waited for us," Eva has a sincere expression on her face as she politely stated her thoughts. Her expression denoted how disappointed she was by Agatha’s act.

"I..." Agatha couldn’t believe even Eva’s words.

Wasn’t this her suggestion but now she was calling out to her to torment her? As far as she could remember, Eva has always been supportive of her but today...

"She lacks basic etiquette," Agatha’s father Arlo said in a loud voice. His expression was full of disappointment.

"I wasn’t strict enough otherwise she won’t be ruining our reputation everywhere," Agatha’s mother Wren said.

"Mom, it is not your fault. Sis was always different," Josef said while his wife Audrey supported him by continuing, "Agatha, are you not satisfied by the humiliation you have brought on us? Having an affair..."

Audrey stopped in between as if she has spoken without thinking.

"I apologize," Audrey offered her apologies.

"Audrey, why are you apologizing? It should be Agatha who should apologize," Wren looked at Audrey with love for she was the perfect daughter-in-law.

"Agatha, in society we need manners otherwise how will be different from barbarians?" Mrs. Gilbert also stepped in to offer advice, "I hope I don’t sound boisterous but look at my daughters. They are also young but they know their manners. They have never eyed a man in their life but what about you even though you are married? You could learn a few things from them."

Her daughters have a haughty expression on their faces. The way they looked at Agatha was like a noble lady eyeing a lowly whore.

"Mrs. Gilbert is right," Dr. Shawn also offered his advice, "A woman without manners is no different from a prostitute on street. Look at Mrs. Gilbert’s daughters or my wife who have never overstepped their boundaries."

Dr. Shawn’s wife -Glen- bowed down and said, "A woman has to maintain her dignity."

"Agatha, you might think we are overreaching but who will guide you if not us?" Ramiz said with a sigh, "There is a child in your belly which means soon you will become a mother. What type of mother would you be if you lack a moral sense? "

Ramiz’s wife- Sameera- joined her husband after pointing, "See my five-year-old kid here? I have guided him with moral convictions so that he can become a perfect man. You can have moral convictions only when you respect your relationships."

Agatha felt her eyes turning moist. She could handle almost every insult but not the ones implying she will be a bad mother.

"Ladies and gentlemen," a loud voice came from the TV screen, "I hope you are having a good time."

Everyone looked at the television screen in surprise. How come the volume became so loud suddenly?

The screen showed a man wearing a black & white theater mask.

"Which news channel is that?" Dr. Shawn asked looking at the logo: H News!

It was as if the masked man could hear the question so he answered, "Welcome to H News! Hypocrite News!"

"Never heard of it," the people at the restaurant muttered.

Agatha, on the other hand, felt the voice was somewhat familiar though she couldn’t pinpoint out the speaker.

There was a faint smile on Eva’s face but she quickly covered it with a confused expression just like the others.

"The channel is broadcasted in only special areas," the masked man on the screen continued, "Whenever we feel an area has too much hypocrisy, our channel staff will make sure we broadcast our news there."

"What the hell?" Ramiz asked a restaurant waiter to change the channel but it proved futile.

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"On behalf of my channel, I will like to congratulate you all on being chosen for our special broadcast," the masked man made a polite gesture as he continued, "Please sit back and enjoy for you are going to have a lovely evening like never before."

The screen now showed Mrs. Gilbert’s daughter-Wenna-in a pink bikini. The pure maiden opened her mouth to suck in a cock in front of her.

"Look at the maiden offering her mouth to help a poor cock," the masked man appeared on a side of the screen as he pointed at the images of a man and Wenna enjoying oral sex, "Maiden Wenna is a perfect example of a female who has never eyed a man."

Mrs. Gilbert’s face turned white and same went for her daughters. Just a few minutes ago they were teaching Agatha on chastity.

"It is fake!" Wenna loudly shouted.

"Indeed! It is fake!"Dr. Shawn supported her but inwardly he was trembling.

The footage then pointed towards the identity of the man who was with Wenna. It was none other than Dr. Shawn.

"What?!" Glen was horrified. She thought of her husband’s reaction before his identity was shown and now the image on the screen.

It was true?!

"Glen, believe me, it is false," Dr. Shawn’s entire face was filled with sweat. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at him and Mrs. Gilbert while remembering the words they spoke.

"How could you do this to me?" Glen angrily asked him.

"Excuse me, lady," the man on the screen pointed a finger at her and said, "I seem to recall you said that a woman has to maintain her dignity. If you continue like this then where will your dignity be?"

Glen gritted her teeth...

"I hope you gentleman enjoyed seeing Maiden Weena in a bikini," the man on the screen continued," I apologize to the lovely ladies for seeing a poor cock. He is a disgrace to all men."

Dr Shawn felt his blood boiling at the insult. He noticed people around making jokes on him which made him even more angrier.

The footage on the screen changed. Agatha’s sister-in-law-, Audrey, was being pounded from behind. The background seemed to be a kitchen.

Audrey felt her throat turning dry after seeing herself on the screen.

Quickly, the footage showed the identity of the man pounding her: Arlo!

"What a devoted daughter-in-law we have here," the masked man appeared on the screen again. His voice was filled with respect as he continued, "I am sure Lady Wren is extremely proud to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law."

"I-impossible!" Wren fell from her chair. She couldn’t believe her husband and daughter-in-law can do such a thing. Josef’s eyes were red with anger as he looked at the footage of his wife and father.

"The etiquettes of Sir Arlo are so inspiring," the man on the screen said with a voice filled with deep admiration, "Josef, you are a very lucky man to have such a well-mannered father and an amazing wife."


Josef threw a glass at the screen but at the last second, the glass stopped in mid-air. The glass disintegrated into dust and flew away.

"Screw off!" Arlo waved his hand and a large ball of blue light dashed at the screen. Just before touching the screen, the ball of light turned around and rushed towards Arlo.

"H-how can this be?" Arlo tried to dodge the ball of light but failed.


Arlo’s chest was filled with blood and gore as he fell on the wall behind.

"Now now," the masked man on the screen moved his index finger in disappointment, "There are more inspiring stories waiting to be aired but you want everyone to only remember your story? Sir Arlo, you can’t be too greedy. "

Greedy?! Motherfucker! Arlo cursed loudly.

The others who were enjoying the show were horrified. There were more footages?

Surely it won’t be their time to be on tv?

"Damn!" Ramiz transformed into a giant bear and rushed towards the power source with full force. He was afraid his secret will be leaked so he didn’t show the least hesitation in going all out.

Ramiz didn’t aim at the screen as he has learned from the mistakes of others so he aimed the power cords far away.

"I believe it is common knowledge to never touch electrical wires," the masked man said in a matter of factly voice, "At least one should never touch wires by bare hands or claws."

"AAHHHHHHHH! "Ramiz felt ten thousand volts invading his paws from the power cords.

It was as if the power cords has transformed into a power reactor with an unlimited amount of energy.

"Stop!" Ramiz begged as he suffered electrocution. In no time, the bear fur on his skin caught fire.

His paws were stuck to the power cors, and he could do nothing as his body suffered from the dual elements of fire and electricity.

"This is why one should never play with electricity," the masked man on tv said in a deep voice, "The advise applies to bears as well."

"URGH!" Tears were flowing from Ramiz’s eyes as his body scorched black with smoke coming out of his fur.


The fire sprinklers on the ceiling quickly activated a few seconds later.

*drip* *drip*

"Ah yes!" Ramiz sighed in relaxation as the resulting shower helped in ease the pain from the fire.

Alas, his relief was short lived. The electricity became more volatile than before and he suffered more pain than ever.

Everyone was shocked by the result. Just who is the man in the mask to do such terrifying things so easily?

"Help me!" Ramiz shouted. His voice was a mixture of blood-wrenching screams and plight.

"Let us rescue him!" Dr. Shawn told his friends.

He knew they couldn’t let Ramiz be knocked out otherwise the power of group would dwindle. If that happened, how would they face this masked man?

"Yes!" A few people around Dr. Shawn agreed.

Dr. Shawn and six others dashed towards Ramiz to free him.

"Water is a good source of electricity," the man on the TV stated the basic elementary knowledge, "Never step on a soaked floor during a short circuit otherwise it can be dangerous."

"Wh----AHHHHH!" Dr. Ramiz and the six others started screamed like pigs being slaughtered. The water on the floor was conducting electricity from Ramiz and they too suffered electrocution.

"What is going on?" The others behind were scared witless.

The water on the floor should be nowhere near enough to electrocute a team of seven and that too strong mutants!

"Seems like Sir Ramiz and others only developed moral sense but not common sense," the masked man on the screen gave a deep sigh and continued, "The education system has truly failed the society."

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