The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 63 Glory!

Chapter 63 Glory!

Agatha and the others have a look of disbelief on their faces. Didn’t Dr. Shawn, Josef and others went to rescue Rafiz from electrocuted?

Now they were electrocuted as well due to the waster on the floor. Their skin was turning black like charcoal and the screams were no less horrifying then a pig being slaughtered.

Those who were planning to help quickly took back their seats. They thanked their lucky stars for delaying them otherwise... Just the thought of it made them feel a chill down the spines.

"Everything is due to the poor education system," the masked man on the screen said, "Schools take too many donations but fail to impart common sense."

FUCKER! You are responsible for everything! So don’t blame our education!

They wanted to curse the masked man but didn’t dare afraid of the consequences.

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"Our channel staff has contacted the electricity department so don’t worry," the masked man tried to motivate those who were being electrocuted.


The next second, there was no more power from the power source but the screen remained active.

Rafiz and others fell on the floor still wriggling in pain. The electrocution has stopped but the injuries they have sustained were serious.

"Poor gentleman and lovely ladies, the ambulance has been called so relax," the masked man continued in a cheerful voice,"So far we have seen a maiden offering her mouth to the service of a poor cock, and a dutiful daughter-in-law giving her ass to her father-in-law all for etiquette. Sit back and enjoy for more lovely scenes are coming."


Arlo and Dr. Shawn looked at the screen with a vision full of hatred. Like releasing their embarrassing secrets wasn’t enough he was even being sarcastic.

"This style of talking and the familiar voice...could it be?" Agatha’s eyes opened wide with shock as she guessed the identity of the masked man.

Then she thought of how Eva suggested her to eat first and later ’lectured’ her in front of everyone. She remembered the smile on Eva’s face before this began, and everything happened after that.

Agatha turned her face towards Eva but the latter has an innocent expression. It was like she was as clueless as the others.

"She is definitely not the shy and innocent woman everyone thinks," Agatha thought but she didn’t judge her.

The screen now showed Richard lying naked on a bed as a black haired woman unclothed herself.

Richard’s face was filled with sweat. Inwardly he was complaining why he appeared on the screen when he hasn’t passed any judgemental comment.

Eva stared at the screen in disbelief and quickly she fell on the floor.

"R-Richard, is that true? Are you really on the screen?" Eva’s eyes were filled with tears as she asked. Many people around quickly went to help and console her.

"Eva, be strong," Glenn put her hands on Eva’s shoulders and said, "The lecherous nature of men is hard to change."

"B-but we were engaged," Eva tearfully continued, "I thought we will share those moments after marriage but he...he was cheating?"

Eva quickly fell in Glen’s arms.

"Apologies," the masked man on the screen made a polite bowed and said,"My assistant ran the video by mistake. We will be right back with the correct footage."


Richard wanted to strangle the masked man. He has been trying to have sex with Eva for more than a year but she has always resisted his advances by saying everything after marriage.

Now when the marriage was just a month away, this fucker revealed his secrets! Not only was Eva beautiful but she was extremely talented in finances! If she ended the engagement...Richard quickly dashed towards Eva.

"Eva, there is a misunderstanding," Richard tried to pacify Eva.

"It was me who misunderstood you," Eva threw the engagement ring on his face.

The screen once changed. This time the setting was a bedroom.

Rafiz felt his throat during dry.

Surely it can’t be my house, right? Does he have the footage of mine and her?

But then Rafiz got a shock of his life. Contrary to his expectations, the video showed his wife-Sameera- lying naked in the arms of a muscular man. The two of them were having a conversation which everyone could hear.

"You slept with the trainer?!" Rafiz looked at his wife with disgust. If he wasn’t wriggling in pain due to electrocution then he would have slapped Sameera.

The video on the screen suddenly paused and the masked man reappeared, "Sir Rafiz, don’t you worry we have your video as well. Just be patient."

Rafiz coughed up a mouthful of blood. Sameera, on the other hand, has her eyes wide open with shock!

She has few flings in her married life but never with the trainer!

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The video resumed and everyone in the restaurant could hear the details.

"How is my son?" The trainer asked.

"He is good," Sameera kissed him on the lips before continuing, "He is just as handsome as you."

"Obviously," the trainer nodded his head and said, "Unlike your idiot husband I have got good genes."

"Don’t talk of that idiot," Sameera looked irritated by the mention of her husband as she said,"He is so stupid that he can’t even realize that the child he loves so dearly isn’t his."

"That’s a good thing," the trainer laughed before continuing, "Besides I have already manipulated the paternity report so there was no way he could know."

The video on the screen ended and the masked man reappeared. Everyone looked at Sammera and her five-year-old in shock.

"This child does not belong to Rafiz?"

"Poor Rafiz. He was guiding Agatha on being a mother but his wife..."

"What poor Rafiz? From his reactions before it is evident he also has a secret..."

"Yeah but still it sucks to be Rafiz. Poor guy has made a trust in the child’s name."

Sameera’s face was pale with horror.

"The video is fake!" Sameera loudly shouted. No one spoke but their eyes showed pretty much what they thought.

Still lying?

The reactions of the ’actors’ from previous videos clearly showed the masked man has never shown a fake video. So why will he show a fake?

"Ramiz, that video is fake! Sunni is your son as much he is mine!" Sameera honestly explained to her husband.

Ramiz’s eyes were bloodshot. The child he has cared for five years wasn’t his? The child’s facial features were similar to his mother so he never thought of such a thing.

"Bitch, stop lying," Ramiz wanted to strangle her but he was far too weak after the electrocution.

Sameera tried to explain but no one believed her. Even her child didn’t trust her words.

"A lovely lady who respect relationships," the masked man on the screen spoke in a tone which clearly denoted his admiration, "The lady respect relationship so much that she allowed her husband to feel the joy of being a father by bearing another man’s child. What good moral convictions she has."

Ramiz was barely retaining his consciousness due to the injuries but now the insults made him insane. He could imagine the reactions he would get when the news is spread. Everyone would look him at like a clown who was not only cuckold but also took another man’s child as his own.

Ramiz coughed up a mouthful of blood as he thought of the scenarios, and moments later lost his consciousness.

"That man is a liar!" Sameera shouted but no one believed her. She couldn’t believe how everyone was judging her with their eyes.

"Now now," the masked man sounded disappointed, "I have been showering you with praises but you are calling me names. That is not the behavior suiting a lady. Anyways, Sir Ramiz is sleep so it will be unfair if we show his adventures without his consent."

Consent!? Bastard, when have you cared about consent?

Wenna, Dr. Shawn, Arlo, and others cursed him nonstop.

"Our apologies for not being able to follow the set schedule," the masked man offered his apologies, "As a compensation, those who have yet to make an appearance on our special segment...can choose the ’lead’ for our next video."

Zena, Mike, Regina, Harley, Estelle, and others felt their backs drenched with cold sweat. The masked man was asking them to select the ’lead’ out of themselves?

"Rest assured we have at least one video from each family so don’t hesitate," the masked man continued in an excited voice, "Please don’t miss the chance to be recorded in the annals!"

Zena and her husband Mike looked at each other as if afraid the other has a terrible secret which will be leaked. Same went for the other couples whether married or not.

"Please stop, "Zena and others almost requested at the same time, "We will never judge another person so please forgive us."

Obviously, everyone realized the current crisis was due to their judgemental habit especially the remarks they made at Agatha.

"Forgive?" the masked man seemed surprised, "Our channel is grateful to moralistic people like you otherwise how will the channel run? Our source of income is great people like you!"

Everyone felt their lips twitching from the mockery. They were having a hard time controlling their anger.

If it was not due to the fear from what happened to Rafiz, Arlo and others, each one of them would have tried to dash out of the restaurant.

Few of them were so scared that they fell on their knees and begged for mercy. Everyone has few secrets they wish no one will ever know especially when they are related to their sexual activities. People have a tendency to enjoy judging others but dread when they are judged.

None of them wanted to be judged. Perhaps begging like this will make other suspicious but at least it is better than letting out the entire secret.

"Now you are making me feel bad," the masked man said with a sigh, "But if I don’t run your segments then will you not feel jealous? Are you fine with Maiden Wenna, Dr. Shawn, and other leads from previous segments taking all the glory?"

SON OF A BITCH! We don’t want any glory!

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