The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 64 Hope

Chapter 64 Hope

SON OF A BITCH! We don’t want any glory!

Seeing their ugly expressions, the masked man seemed to have a change of heart.

"Fine. We will stop here for today."

Most of them sighed in relief while the ’leads’ from previous segments have unsightly expressions. Their secrets were out and in no time they will spread around. But the others are going scot free!

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They truly felt it was unfair! Many of the ’leads’ even wanted to shout at the masked man to continue!

"Please have a gathering again and continue being hypocrites. Our channel looks forward to your support," the masked man gave a final bow and the screen turned blank.

Almost within a second, everyone in the restaurant, including waiters, dashed out towards the exit.

It was as if they were afraid the masked man will change his mind.

Rafiz was also carried out by Sameera even though she knew the hatred he has against her.

Only two women remained in the restaurant: Agatha and Eva.

Eva wiped out her eyes with a tissue paper and started moving towards the exit slowly.

"Thank you," Eva heard Agatha’s words from behind. Eva turned her face back and saw Agatha’s eyes filled with tears.

"You don’t have to thank me," Eva slowly said, "I did what I did because I owe him a big favor. Besides I also benefitted from this so there is no need to thank."

"I know," Agatha nodded her head for she was able to understand a few things, "I am thanking you for not judging me before."

"We all judge others," Eva has a smile on her face as she continued," Some judge in their hearts and some judge outside. But there is no person in this world who isn’t judgemental."

Agatha obviously understood what Eva wanted to tell her. Every person was a hypocrite in one way or the other. Most times people don’t even realize it themselves for they believe their thoughts are correct.

"Where is he?" Agatha asked.

"Nearby I assume," Eva gave her a goodbye and left the restaurant.


Agatha slowly stood up from her chair. She took two glasses: one filled with juice and another filled with wine.

The gathering was hosted on the first floor of the restaurant and Agatha moved towards the balcony where few chairs were placed. She took a seat and placed the glass filled with wine in front of her.

"Here I thought you were a gentleman who never keeps a lady waiting," Agatha faintly muttered.


White rays of light started converging on a chair beside Agatha.

"Apologies my lady," Kiba took the glass filled with wine.

"I thought I wasn’t the type to take pleasure in misfortunes of others but I truly enjoyed what you did today," Agatha said in a low voice.

"I am relieved," Kiba took in a sip from the glass before continuing,"If you have taken pity on them then I will think you are not a human."

"I am getting a divorce soon," Agatha took in a deep breath and said, "Neither I am happy nor Jack. This marriage was never meant to be. It is truly a prison like you once said."

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Kiba didn’t make a comment.

"I planned to divorce before our affair but then I was pregnant so I didn’t mostly due to the pressure of family," Agatha looked at her belly before continuing, "Now I no longer care about whether I can have this rich lifestyle or how the family will react. I have a treasure more precious then what others can give me."

"What I said before still remains true," Kiba said in a sincere voice.

"I know," Agatha nodded her head, "And I plan to use the two promises you gave me."

"Anything you want as long as it within the scope of my power," Kiba never planned to go back on his words.

"I want you to protect Hope," Agatha slowly expressed her wish.

"Hope?" Kiba was surprised.

"I am going to have a daughter and after what has happened recently, I have realized she is my only hope," Agatha faintly rubbed her hands on the belly,"So I named her such."

"I see," Kiba knew it better than anyone the importance of hope.

"So I am using the promises you gave me before and asking you to protect Hope whenever she is a danger," Agatha looked at him in his eyes and said.

"I will," Kiba promised.

"Thank you," Agatha has a relieved look on her face. She was afraid her unborn daughter will be involved in danger due to the struggles in the family so she used the promises Kiba gave her.

Agatha didn’t know the extent of his powers but she knew he was at least in the top three strongest mutants of the city.

"Give me your hand," Agatha requested Kiba. He gave her his hand and much to his surprise she placed his hand on her belly, "Can you feel her?"

Kiba absentmindedly nodded his head but then his hand jolted as he felt a familiar feeling from Agatha. He has only felt this feeling twice in his entire life and he didn’t dare believe what it implied.

"What happened?" Agatha was surprised by the serious expression on Kiba’s face.

"Nothing much," Kiba regained his composure and said, "I just thought of something important."

"Important?" Agatha asked.

"I have read that a child can’t develop properly unless..." Kiba’s expression was serious.

"Unless what?" Agatha hurriedly asked. She was going to become a mother for the first time so she was extremely nervous.

"Unless the child is joined by siblings," Kiba’s expression was heavy as he continued, "Hope will need siblings so we have to do our best after she is born."

"Y-you are truly shameless!" Agatha’s cheeks were red in embarrassment. How could she not understand what he meant?

"I am being serious," Kiba took in her hands in his and said, "I promise to do my best and you promise me as well."

"Cheeky rascal---" Before Agatha could finish her words, she found her lips sealed by his. Their lips only parted after a minute.

Agatha’s face was red but Kiba acted as if nothing has happened.

"See you soon~" Kiba teleported away.

Agatha has a faint smile on her face as she saw him teleporting. She looked at the stars in the sky and then felt the life budding inside her.

"Hope, you are my dream of everything."

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