The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 65 Unexpected Twis

Chapter 65 Unexpected Twis

Section I of Underground Lab, Dream Rise House.

Rays of white light converged into Kiba at the center of section I.

[[Should I run the usual tests?]] Claudia asked. It was almost a routine for him to undergo a test.

"Not now," Kiba sat on a chair near to a stasis pod. His expression was anything but light.

[[Understood. If I may ask, what was Lady Agatha’s reactions?]]

"She was pleased," Kiba tried to calm himself as he continued, "The credit goes to you. Your plan was truly ingenious."

[[Actually, the credit goes to you as well.]]

"Me?" Kiba was surprised. The only support he provided was to be an anchor and using his powers to make sure the ’audience’ doesn’t create any trouble. He didn’t think that deserved credit given everything was planned and implemented by Claudia.

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[[Yes. I used you as my inspiration while forming this plan.]]

"..." Kiba was having a feeling he wouldn’t like Claudia’s upcoming words.

[[Specifically speaking, I learned from your dedication to getting in a bed with a woman. You don’t care if you have to use a taboo or an evil method as long as it gets you an entry in the holy cave.]]


[[Sir, please don’t hesitate in taking credit for Hypocrite News. I am sure Lady Eva will agree with me on this for she knows you best.]]

Kiba gave a light cough. No matter how thick skinned he was, even he felt his cheeks twitching.


"Give me a drink," Kiba said after a minute as he thought of his meeting with Agatha. A droid in the lab offered him a glass of whiskey.

Kiba took a sip while thinking of the feeling he felt when he touched Agatha’s belly. A feeling he has only felt twice before in his entire life.


He has felt the same feeling from the golden lightning in the sky. First was four years ago when he first fused with Cosmic Spark and the other was during the incident at the wasteland.

Both times he has felt that he shared a common origin with the golden lightning. For the world, the golden lightning was a source of danger but for him, it was like the embrace of a mother.

"What I felt from the life budding inside Agatha was same as the golden lightning but slightly different. I always feel I am an extension of golden lightning, but the life inside Agatha felt like she was an extension of me."

"I and Agatha used contraceptives while making love, but contraceptives are not really effective in the era of evolution."

" Jack and White Angel Corporation did say that they had a DNA check of the child in Agatha’s womb... But reports can be manipulated when benefits are involved especially since the marriage between Jack and Agatha means stability between two factions. Most likely the report was manipulated by Hank."

"The most important point is that it should be almost impossible for my Kiba form to have an offspring with normal mutants or ordinary humans. But that feeling cannot be false."

Kiba didn’t dare believe his guess. It was something he was always afraid of. Back when the news was released, he has almost died out of shock.

"Becoming a father..." Kiba rubbed his forehead.

[[Sir, are you all right?]] Claudia asked.

"I don’t know," Kiba took a deep breath before continuing, "We have already hacked White Angel Corporation so bring me medical reports on Agatha."


Five minutes later, a virtual screen appeared in front of Kiba. There were two panels on the screen: one with gene structure and the other with the full body scan.

Not only the genes store hereditary information but they are also the main key to evolution. Kiba carefully studied Agatha’s gene report and minutes later, he was shocked.

"The gene report is manipulated," Kiba faintly muttered. It was almost impossible to notice the minor manipulation unless one has a true understanding of the workings of the body.


"Claudia, what do you think?" Kiba asked.

[[I can’t answer.]]

"What do you mean?" Kiba was surprised.

[[Your current command is going against a previous order]] Claudia answered.

"Previous order?" Kiba was puzzled by Claudia’s words.

[[....]] Claudia remained silent.

Kiba was having a bad premonition but he calmed himself and said,"Overwrite whatever that order is and answer me."

[[I have made modifications on every report related to Agatha. This is why you are seeing a manipulated report.]]

"Why did you do that?" Kiba couldn’t understand Claudia’s words at all.

[[I don’t know why will you ask me as such. I only followed the orders you gave me.]]

"I ordered you?" Kiba was horrified. He was sure he has never brought the topic of Agatha’s reports before so why will he order Claudia to change them?

[[You issued me an order on 7th August. The order stated I have to look out on Agatha’s condition and change her every report in the way you told me. Furthermore, you ordered me to edit the paternity report if she undergoes a test, and makes it seem that Jack is the father instead of you.]]

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"WHAT?!" Kiba fell on the floor. His eyes were wide open after realizing the gravity of her words.

He has believed it was Hank or someone from Agatha’s family who manipulated the report but now she is saying he is responsible?

"I knew Agatha was pregnant with my child!?"


"Claudia, I am not in the mood for jokes," Kiba’s voice was solemn.

[[Sir, it is me who is having a hard time understanding your behavior. You must know I can never lie to you or make a joke when you ask me something.]] Claudia was perplexed by her master’s behavior.

Kiba’s back was drenched with cold sweat. He has created her so he obviously knows she could never lie to him.

Even when she makes those sarcastic remarks it was not a ’lie’ but an ’observation’ or a ’fact’. The only time she would lie would be in front of others such as Felicity, but that was deliberate. She could hide information from him but if he asked, she has to answer him honestly.

"Claudia, believe me, I don’t remember issuing you such an order," Kiba gulped down the entire glass of whiskey before saying, "Show me the security footage of the time when that order was given."


A large screen appeared upon which the events of that day were played:


Kiba teleported in the lab around 2 am.

[[Sir, you seem very pleased.]] Claudia remarked.

"Haha, indeed," Kiba has a bashful smile on his face as he continued,"I made love with Agatha."

[[Of course. Nothing can be more pleasing than having sex with a married woman.]]

Kiba has his lips twitching after hearing Claudia’s remarks.

"Claudia, you wouldn’t understand the importance of work I do," Kiba has an appearance of a man carrying the pressure of the entire world, "Everyone wants to become police officers, politicians, soldiers, scientists, etc. But is there anyone who is ready to take care of lonely ladies?"

[[I am sure those lovely ladies have boyfriends or husbands.]]

"Claudia, you are far too naive," Kiba sighed and said, "Men are always hungry for wealth and power but not love. The ladies are lonely and waiting to be loved.]]

[[ Of course, sir. You couldn’t stand it so you decided to share the warmth of your body with them.]]

" the usual tests," Kiba looked helpless as the equipment scanned his body.

After a few minutes, Claudia reported everything as normal.

[[Would you like to have your other form checked?]] Claudia asked.

"I had a check yesterday for the other form so it is not necessary," Kiba took a seat nearby. He has a devilish smile on his face as he said, "Anyways, I want you to look out at any news on Agatha’s pregnancy. Let the world think Jack is the father."

[[Are you saying she is going to be pregnant with your child? Sir, the chances of such a thing happening is almost impossible.]]

"Almost is the keyword," Kiba waved his hand and a virtual screen appeared on which he opened the medical reports of Agatha. He made some modifications on the reports and then said,"I am further ordering you to replace all her reports with the ones I am giving you. They should be fine for her upcoming tests as well."

[[Sir, why would you do such a thing?]] Claudia seemed surprised by her master’s behavior.

"Don’t you know my philosophy?" Kiba continued without waiting for her answer, "I am not the type to care about profit. I believe in doing the hard work and allowing others to enjoy the fruits of my labor."

[[Of course. The world would never know the extent of your sacrifices.]]

"...Anyways, never bring this topic again."

[[I understand. A charity is not a charity if you speak about it.]]



The video ended.

Kiba’s mouth was wide open in disbelief. Before he could say anything, Claudia showed him the security scans from that day, which left no doubt that the person in the footage was him.

"I..." Kiba didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t want to admit but the person on the video truly resembled him in both appearance and personality.

[[You don’t remember?]] Claudia asked.

"I have no memory of this," Kiba wiped the sweat on his face and said, "If I remember it right, I directly teleported to my room after the party."

[[As per the security logs, you teleported to your room after the events at the lab.]]

"No! I was tired so I directly went to my room instead of the lab! I am sure of it!]]

[[A woman made you so tired that you didn’t follow the routine? Sounds like someone I truly know. ]]

"Claudia, I am not kidding!"

[[Neither am I.]]


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