The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 67 Natalie

Chapter 67 Natalie

A woman, in her late twenties, with ash-blonde hairs, is sitting in a chair looking at a file. She is wearing a pink sheath dress and her jade-like ears are complemented by diamond earrings.

"I deserve a bonus for such a hectic job," the woman left her chair and walked towards a virtual board nearby.

On the board, there were many pictures of Sarah at various locations. There were details of her regular schedules, her hobbies, favorite locations, colors, and such. Even details about her favorite novels, movies and drama were placed.

The mood of a person can be subtly influenced by the right choice of location, color, clothes, food, etc. This is why politicians and businessman would spend thousands to make sure they are wearing something that can generate a trust and goodwill among the audience.

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Of course, clothes or colors can’t bring goodwill or faith in their own but they do have the finishing touch.

The woman made an extra panel named ’Recommendation’. She added: ’Suggesting Graveyard setting.’

The woman stretched her hands apart as she thought of additional recommendations.

"You seem tired," A male voice came from the entrance of the office room

The woman looked at the door and said, "Kiba, you can enter but only if you are going to talk about promotion."

"Have you forgotten we are a non-profit organization?" Kiba didn’t seem surprised by the woman’s demands as he continued,"You yourself said so in the business cards we distributed."

The woman seemed offended at the mention of the business card. Suppressing her annoyance she took her seat back and said,"I was crazy to agree on that crystal card idea."

Kiba didn’t wait for her permission as he took a seat opposite to hers.

"I might complain of work harassment if you don’t increase my pay," the woman clicked on a panel on her table to order two coffee.

"You are the most paid CEO in our profession. Aren’t you satisfied with that?" Kiba asked.

The woman has black lines on her forehead at the mention of CEO and profession.

"Can you imagine the reactions I get when I say I am the CEO of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd?" the woman continued while rubbing her forehead, "They think I am running some high-class brothel service. I don’t think I will ever find a lover if I continue working here."

If Ryan was here then he could easily identify this ash-blonde haired woman! She was the woman in the holographic projection asking him to ’Contact Us’ for pleasuring his wife!

"The world is full of ignorants who can never understand the importance of work we do," Kiba tried to pacify her.

There was a knock on the door before the woman could respond.

"Enter," the woman said.

"Natalie, I have brought the coffee," a girl in her early twenties entered the room and placed two glasses of coffee.

"New employee?" Kiba asked the girl.

"Yes, sir," the girl nodded her head.

"Chole, leave us," Natalie said in a commanding voice.

Chloe quickly left.

"You scared the poor girl," Kiba said with a sigh.

"Don’t you dare think what you are thinking. She is my cousin," Natalie said in a warning tone.

"What am I thinking?" Kiba seemed confused as he continued, "If your cousin can work here then surely you don’t think we are running a brothel or any place where harassment can take place."

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Natalie ignored his words. She took a sip off coffee and then made a grasping motion towards the virtual board. The virtual board came in front of Kiba.

"Graveyard setting again?" Kiba felt a headache.

"Yeah," Natalie also felt a similar headache as she continued,"I have to say your brain runs well in such stuff. The graveyard setting has rarely disappointed us."

"I should fire you for being incompetent," Kiba continued in a complaining tone,"You are only following my ideas and not finding anything new."

"Who the hell then did collect all this information?" Natalie pointed out the details on the board,"Not everything can be achieved by computers."

As the digital medium rose so did the concerns of privacy. Many technologies have risen to combat spying by AIs, satellites and such. Claudia has taken in the help of White Pleasuring Service for the ’judgment’ she made regarding the category classification.

Even Claudia was not omnipotent because she was mainly created by Kiba for managing the lab, villa and personal life instead of spying. There were even more advanced systems where Claudia didn’t dare to hack afraid she will be reverse traced.

"Ok you win," Kiba said.

"Sarah definitely knows your womanizing habits. Plus her marriage is very strong so this leaves you with very few choices," Natalie’s expression turned serious as she continued, "Our first priority should be to create the sparks and turn them into a fire."

"I only have ten days so we need to hurry up," Kiba said.

"What? Ten days!?" Natalie was shocked. Gritting her teeth she said,"Sarah belongs to third category! We need a month if we follow our top arrangements!"

"I wish I had time but I already gave my words to someone so we have to hurry," Kiba continued without waiting for her reply, "I am sure Daniel would be trying to find information regarding me. Use this to your advantage."

"But..." Natalie stopped for she could see Kiba truly wanted to finish everything in ten days.

Kiba started studying Sarah’s schedule and habits carefully.

"I forgot to tell you but we have got a customer," Natalie clicked a panel on the table and a holographic image of a man and a woman appeared in front of Kiba.

"Ryan and Vienna?" Kiba was surprised.

"Yeap," Natalie didn’t seem surprised by Kiba knowing their identities. From the conversation she had with Ryan, she was sure Vienna was someone Kiba selected through ’Lucky Draw’ policy of the company.

"That was a bit unexpected," Kiba didn’t know his muscular teacher loved being a cuckold so much.

"He is requesting for a blindfold session and he wishes to be there when you pleasure Vienna," Natalie explained the requests she got.

"Maybe someday later but now," Kiba looked at Natalie in the eyes as he continued, "I wish to pleasure my CEO first. She has been working far too hard and deserves some relaxation."

"Well well," Natalie seemed to expect this. She left her chair and arrived in front of Kiba. She rubbed her hand on his pant and felt his cock turning hard.

"Seems like I will have all the evidence for filing harassment."

Thirty minutes later~

Both of them were lying down on a couch.

"Sarah is going to Close Horizon this evening," Natalie stood up from the couch as she looked for her clothes,"I have made the arrangements for introducing you two. Just make sure you bring a date with you."

"I know," Kiba nodded his head.

"Do you have any particular woman in mind?" Natalie asked as she hooked her bra.

"Yes. Meghan," Kiba said.

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