The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 68 First Impression

Chapter 68 First Impression

A black hovercraft stopped in the parking space of Hotel Close Horizon. It was the most luxurious and costliest hotel in the entire city. The hotel has sinfully sumptuous suites and jaw-dropping interiors of gold leaf and crystal. It has 400 rooms and suites with the exclusive suites spanning two floors with state-of-the-art everything and an incredible view of the sea.

Then there are a dozen dining spots, more than 20 bars, 6 lavish spas and so on. All over it was a hotel with unimaginable vanity for those who could afford it.

A fair-skinned woman in a black cocktail dress came out of the hovercraft. She was blessed with long legs, striking face, and truly lust-inducing cleavage. Her almond-like eyes and the raven hairs added extra charm to her gorgeous body.

She was none other than Sarah - the better half of Daniel.

Today, Sarah was not exactly in a pleasant mood. She was quite worried about her husband’s bad temper lately.

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He would get angry at small things and would even remove his frustration on her and the kids. When she asked him reasons he would have an ugly expression like she has touched his sore spot.

Things turned uglier a few hours ago when she tried to invite him for a romantic dinner date. Instead of appreciating the offer, he screamed at her for wearing ’slutty’ clothes and so on.

"Just what is going on?" Sarah thought in her heart. She thought things should get even brighter in their lives with the recent success in TRP ratings and the deal with Sylvan but now...

Sarah walked towards her regular dining spot where she would hang out with her friends. Suddenly she felt her body losing balance.

"Ah no!" Sarah screamed as her body was to strike the floor but then suddenly she found a hand on her waist. The hand gave her the necessary support to save herself from an embarrassing moment.

"Are you all right?" The owner of the hand asked.

"Yes, thank you," Sarah turned her face towards the speaker of the voice and she was stuck on the spot.


She obviously knew him well given her profession and the recent handling of the breaking news. Sarah didn’t let surprise show on her face and she politely once again thanked him.

"It is fine," Kiba waved off his hand and then said, "Please excuse me."

Kiba sat on a chair near to the place where Sarah was about to fall. Sarah noticed how he resumed conversation with a blonde.

She cleared her thoughts and walked towards her regular table. Her friends were late so she casually ordered a few things.

Bored and having nothing better than to do, her eyes moved towards the table where Kiba and the blonde were sitting. Curious about the blonde the womanizer was dating, she secretly captured the image of blonde on her cell phone.

In no time she was able to acquire the identity of blonde: Meghan Adley.

"A fashion model working for Kestone Fashion Company," Sarah read the information on her phone. She eyed Kiba and thought he has a rather attractive build. Plus he seemed like a gentleman from how he helped her before.

"No wonder women fall prey for him," Sarah thought with an amused expression. She cleared her thoughts as her group of friends joined her.

"Sorry but we were stuck in an unusual traffic," Her friends apologized for the delay and in no time they were discussing the latest gossips.


Meghan was pleasantly surprised today when she got Kiba’s call for a dinner. Six days ago, she has given him her business card but he established no contact which left her a bit disappointed.

"You are looking more gorgeous today," Kiba complimented her politely.

"Thanks," Meghan knew his reputation but she didn’t mind.

She was indeed charmed by his looks but she agreed on a date in order to take advantage of his influence. Meghan has seen how even her boss swallowed the insults with no complaints so surely he was very powerful. She believed she could save herself from the old codgers if she has his protection.

Both of them talked about everything and nothing as they enjoyed the fine dishes: roasted lobster, artichoke soup, caramelized quail, seared duck foie gras, sweetbread, etc.

The dessert arrived and each of them took small bites of everything.

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Meghan was surprised when she saw Kiba was gazing at her in the middle of eating ice cream cherry.

"What are you thinking about?" Meghan curiously asked. She could see he was in some deep thinking as he looked at her.

"Just wondering what taste better," Kiba’s gaze moved on her breasts before continuing,"This cherry or the two cherries there."

Meghan felt her cheeks turning red.

"You will have to judge that yourself," Meghan said with a vixen-like smile.

Five minutes later, he was tasting the best cherries in the world...


Next day.

Close Horizon was hosting an art exhibition focusing on the paintings created by renowned painter Anakletos.

Kiba and Meghan joined the rich of Delta City in appreciating the art. Sarah and her group of friends were marveling at a painting of a woman on a throne.

"She has got nice boobs," a haughty man loudly remarked. He appeared to be in the early twenties and was looking at the woman in painting as if she was a porn actress.

"Olly, you are right about that," A tall man named Rogan remarked, "She should be the queen of boobs."

Olly and Rogan laughed loudly on their own jokes.

Kiba and others were surprised by the loud remarks. Not everyone can appreciate the art but at least no one will dare to make such slander remarks openly.

"Olly is the son of the chief officer investigating the incident in the wasteland," Sarah murmured to her friends.

Kiba remembered the details Claudia has given him. From what he know the team currently investigating wasn’t the main team.

He then looked at the painting without caring about the remarks of those two. The others, on the other hand, looked at those two as if they were idiots for making such lewd comments.

"Meghan, let’s look at the next painting," Kiba has his plans for furthering contact with Sarah but they were for later. For now, he just wishes to enjoy the art.

"Sure," Meghan joined in Kiba admiring another painting. Coincidentally Sarah and her group along with Olly and Rogan walked towards the same painting.

The painting depicted a woman under a waterfall. Kiba was a man who appreciates the beauty when he sees one and same was now.

"A woman washing away the ugliness of the world," Kiba truly marveled at the painter’s ability to pass such a message through a painting.

"Ugliness?" Meghan was surprised. She just saw a woman taking a bath.

"The paintings are always subtle," Kiba said.

"Are you dumb?" Olly suddenly interjected in the conversation between Meghan and Kiba.

"Hmm?" Kiba turned his face around towards Olly.

"What ugliness of the world?" Olly looked at him like with disdain as he continued,"The painting is about a slut enjoying bathing in open."

Kiba gave a deep sigh. If possible he didn’t really want to create troubles as he has a plan to follow but it seemed the world wouldn’t let him have his way.

"I wish your mother has washed you away when you were in her womb, and I would have saved myself from an idiot ruining my mood," Kiba made a remark and then once again started focusing on the painting.

"Motherfucker, what did you said?!" Olly was incensed. How could he not realize what Kiba meant by washing away?

"Now now," Kiba has a sincere smile on his face as he said,"What happened between your mother and me is a secret. You shouldn’t leak it to everyone by being so obvious."

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