The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 69 Kind Relative

Chapter 69 Kind Relative

"What happened between your mother and me is a secret," Kiba’s back towards the painting as he continued," You shouldn’t leak it to everyone by being so obvious."

"How dare you!" Olly’s eyes turned bloodshot after hearing Kiba’s words. His anger further increased when he saw the looks of amusement on the other’s faces.

"What do you mean by dare?" Kiba seemed confused as he continued, "Are you perhaps talking about my dare for ---?"

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Kiba didn’t complete his words but almost everyone understood what he meant. The veins on Olly’s forehead were on brink of exploding.

"Who the hell do you think you are to speak in such a way with Olly?" Rogan angrily asked. He tried his best to pacify Olly and prevent him from attacking Kiba.

Rogan and Olly were haughty but not fools. They knew the mess they would be in if they damaged any of the painting while dealing with Kiba. So they wanted to make Kiba apologize by flaunting their backgrounds. Alas, they didn’t know about Kiba...

"Who I am?" Kiba has a bashful smile on his face," Olly already told you who I am. I can’t speak more otherwise his mother will feel I am not good at keeping secrets."


Olly couldn’t believe how Kiba was toying with him just due to one word. Gritting his teeth, Olly summoned a chain made of blue light.

Without any warning, he lashed the chain towards Kiba. The chain compressed the air and resulted into a sonic explosion as it rushed at Kiba’s head. It was as if a combined power of an explosion and a chain were about to engulf Kiba.

The smile on Kiba’s face didn’t waver at all. He gently stretched out his hand to catch the chain.

"Courting death!" Olly laughed loudly seeing Kiba’s relaxed attitude in the face of his attack. But then his expression turned into horror as he saw Kiba grabbing the chain in his hand as if it was nothing.

The might of sonic explosion, on the other hand, died away by a simple motion of Kiba’s hand.

Olly’s expression turned ugly. He tried his best to tug away the energy chain but it proved futile as if it was being suppressed by a mountain.

"This is not the right wave to behave," Kiba has a dejected expression on his face as he said," Given my relationship with your mother, I shall teach you in her stead."

Kiba lightly pressed his fingers on the chain. It was as if his fingers were a hammer breaking a glass.


The chain links started exploding into small energy waves. The explosion did no harm to Kiba but Olly was different. His hands, which were holding the chain, exploded in blood and gore.

"Olly!" Rogan’s eyes were filled with anger after seeing his friend’s condition. The floor behind Rogan exploded, as he transformed into a beam of light and charged at Kiba. His speed was so fast that he appeared in front of Kiba in a second.

On his back, there were four spider-like legs which quickly aimed at Kiba’s chest.

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Rogan has a smirk on his face as he saw the spider legs were about to strike his chest but then his pupils contrasted.

"I don’t believe in violence so I will just dodge, "Kiba teleported away so the spider-legs were now striking towards the painting behind.

"Aahhhhh!" Rogan released a heart-wrenching scream. There was an invisible force field surrounding the painting and its offense ability activated just as the attack landed.

The force field released a red corroding poison on the spider legs. Just like how a fire burns away a piece of paper, the spider legs were similarly burned to ashes.

Rogan fell on the floor wriggling in pain. His back was filled with burn marks as the poison invaded inside.

Sarah and others were surprised but not shocked. They knew Kiba’s reputation as one of the strongest mutants in the city so it was nothing remarkable for him defeating two kids.

"It was plain bullying," Sarah thought in her heart. She believed those two would have thought a dozen times before attacking if they knew about Kiba. Alas, they didn’t for they were new in the city.


"Oops!" Kiba arrived in front of Rogan and said," Don’t you know all the paintings are protected by force field to prevent thievery?"


Rogan could barely mutter a curse. The poison was slowly corroding his organs...

"Sighs," Kiba gave a sigh as he said," She would feel so sad to learn that her son has a thief friend."

Kiba then walked towards Olly who lying on the floor in horror and disbelief. His face was filled with blood, tears, and sweat as he looked at his severed hands.

"Quick! Call a medical team!" Kiba loudly shouted towards the rushing guards,"My relative and his friend are gravely injured! If anything happens to them then I will have you all fired!"

"!#$%~" Olly really regretted calling Kiba a ’motherfucker’. He wished he could go back in time and stop his naive self from offending this monster.

A medical doctor soon arrived and gave Olly an injection filled with a red liquid. Soon, the bleeding stopped and the minor wounds were healed.

"For regenerating his hands, we will need to take him to cloning chamber," the medical doctor said," Itwill be quite costly."

Without any hesitation, Kiba took out a platinum card from his shirt. He gave it to the doctor and said,"Put all his expenses under me. I might not be related to him by blood but I can still be considered as a relative of sort."

The doctor was surprised by the card for it denoted he was a platinum customer. Someone the hotel regarded as important. The treatment for cloning was costly even for a platinum customer but yet this man showed no hesitation.

"Kid, you are lucky to have such a kind relative," the doctor said to Olly.


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