The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 70 Bold!

Chapter 70 Bold!

The medical team wanted to take Olly and Rogan for the treatment but Kiba stopped them temporarily. He pointed towards the painting in which the woman was standing naked under a waterfall.

"You said the woman is a slut for enjoying a bath in the open," Kiba then looked at Olly and said, "What you don’t understand is she is hiding from people like you under that waterfall."

Meghan, Sarah, and others were confused by Kiba’s words.

Sarah thought of his earlier words about how the painting depicted the woman washing away the ugliness of the world. Now he was further saying she was hiding from people like Olly.

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"What does he mean by those words?" Sarah wondered in her heart. She was someone who appreciated the art so she knew a painting is more than what the eyes could see.

"To lust after the opposite sex is natural," Kiba’s eyes were on the painting as he said, "But what is not natural is to hide the lust under the guise of morality and judgemental views."

Kiba looked around and said," The gazes of the men would be full of lust but yet they will pretend to be sages and mark the women as a slut for her beauty. The waterfall is one place where the woman is free of such hypocrites of the society."

"Unlike us men, the waterfall doesn’t judge her," Kiba looked towards the woman in the painting as he continued,"She is hiding from the society but yet she is free like never before."

Everyone has a look of pondering on their faces. Most of them knew that an art is not what one’s eyes see but what one’s heart perceive.

"The worst ugliness in the world is the ugly hearts of men," Kiba concluded. He then signaled the medical team to take away Olly and Rogan.

Sarah was shocked by the conclusion Kiba has reached. His words were outlandish but when she thought of the time the painting was created and the people of that era; she thought his words might be true.

Sarah couldn’t help but remember what great painter, Vincent van Gogh, once said: I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

"Only a dreamer could understand another dreamer," Sarah thought.


Close Horizon has its own private beach.

Meghan was sleeping on a chair in a red bikini. Kiba slowly rubbed lotion on her gorgeous body.

"Would you like to have a drink?" Kiba asked her.

"Sure," Meghan agreed.

Kiba walked towards the drink counter. Nearby Sarah and her friends were having a chat.

"Look at those six pack abs and powerful shoulders," A friend of Sarah pointed towards the shirtless Kiba.

"He is indeed blessed with an awe-inspiring body," Another woman nodded her head, "Looks, strength, and a bad-boy attitude. He has got everything a woman wants."

Sarah was rather amused by her friends’ reactions. She has known them for a while so she was aware that some of them have flings.

"What a woman truly wants is love," Sarah said with a smile. Affairs can be exciting but they are just short-lived fun.

"You are always so preachy," one of her friends said in an annoyed voice,"Life needs excitement once in a while otherwise it is no different than death."

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"I will get a drink while you discuss excitement," Sarah excused herself. She walked towards the drink counter.

"Two margaritas please," Kiba placed his order.

"One margarita," Sarah placed her order at the same time.

Kiba and Sarah looked at each other in surprise.

"Please serve her first," Kiba said.

"No. I can wait," Sarah declined the gesture and said, "Instead let me buy you a drink as a thank you for yesterday’s help."

"That was hardly any help but I can’t refuse if a gorgeous lady like you is buying me a drink," Kiba said with a smile.

"Are you always like this?" Sarah asked.

"Always?" Kiba seemed surprised.

"I have seen you on news many times," Sarah didn’t say she owned shares in SBC News nor that she was partly responsible for the ’breaking news’ regarding him.

"Ah!" Kiba has a look of understanding, "News isn’t always the truth. In today’s age, we have journalists selling their soul for money. So don’t believe everything you read or hear."

"Surely you must have a grudge against media for you to use such harsh words," Sarah wasn’t offended by his words.

"Grudge? Not really," Kiba has a smile on his face as he continued, "If anything I am grateful for news has brought some wonderful changes in my life."

"Wonderful changes?" Sarah curiously asked.

"That is a secret I can’t share," Kiba said.

"You are a strange man," Sarah thought of the events at the art exhibition before saying, "Earlier you were a man admiring art but now you are just like your reputation says."

"I guess you misunderstood me," Kiba said while taking the drinks from the counter.

"Misunderstood?" Sarah was surprised.

"Yes," Kiba nodded before continuing, "I am always like this. A simple man who appreciate and admire beauty regardless of its form."

"That’s some interesting philosophy," Sarah couldn’t control herself from smiling.

"That is not a philosophy but my nature," Kiba looked at her in the eyes and said, "To be honest I am currently admiring you."

"Oh really?" Sarah was amused.

"Yes. You have got a beautiful smile," Kiba’s eyes then moved on her bikini body as he continued, "And you have the most tempting tan lines I ever saw."

Sarah was caught off guard by his last remark. Before she could rebuke him, Kiba has already walked away.

"He sure is bold," Sarah thought with an amused expression. She took the margarita from the counter and joined her friends.

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