The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 72 Rose Windsor

Chapter 72 Rose Windsor

"Thank you," Sarah felt heartfelt gratitude for the great advice.

"Well, you can buy me a dinner next time we meet as a payment," Kiba said with a smile.

"I will," Sarah stood up from the ground and dusted her clothes. Soon she left the beach...


Around 8 pm. Close Horizon.

Sarah has enquired about her husband’s whereabouts from his secretary. From what she knows, he was having a meeting inside a platinum suite booked under them.

Not all corporate meetings happen inside the office. Some needs the company of alcohol and an ambient environment. This was why Sarah and Daniel have reserved a suite for an entire year unfazed by the heavy cost.

"Just like Kiba said I have to give Daniel a chance. He might want to evade the talk but I can take a step ahead," Sarah thought as she walked towards the suite. In her hands, there was a bouquet of flowers.

She opened her eyes under the retina scanner and quickly the door was opened. The suite spanned four rooms and the one she has entered was the drawing room. Sarah was pleased when she heard the noise from the adjacent room. She could now give her husband a surprise...

"You are so big," a woman’s muffled voice entered Sarah’s ears. Sarah didn’t dare believe what the voice implied.

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Her eyes were filled with disbelief when she saw the scene inside the room: Her husband was sitting on a couch while a woman, on her knees, stroked his penis with her hands. It seemed as if they have just started for Daniel was still wearing the clothes except for his pant being unhooked.


The bouquet fell on the floor.

Daniel and the woman were shocked by the sound and quickly, they turned their heads.

"You hired as well?" The woman got over her shock as she said," I will charge extra for a threesome."

"Darling?" Daniel was horrified. He quickly scrambled his pant and said,"This is not what it looks like."

Sarah’s face was filled with shock, sadness, and anger. She felt suffocating after hearing her husband’s words.

"Darling?" The woman’s eyes were wide open in shock,"Are you his wife? We were just having a meeting."

Sarah couldn’t believe the lame excuses given by the woman and Daniel. Just a minute ago the woman said she will charge extra but now...

"Sarah, please listen to me," Daniel wanted to explain himself but Sarah quickly left the suite.

"Damn!" He couldn’t believe the sudden turn of events.

A few hours ago, his secretary has informed him that someone was blackmailing them by using the secret recording between him and Sylvian. The blackmailer demanded Daniel’s urgent presence at Close Horizon. If not the recording would be leaked.

Afraid of the consequences, Daniel has to leave in the middle of his conversation with Sarah. When he arrived at Close Horizon, he found this woman waiting for him.

The woman then spent hours on gibberish topics and didn’t allow Daniel to leave by warning him of consequences.

Just five minutes ago, she suddenly opened his pant without any warning. He tried to resist but the woman reminded him of the recording. Just as the woman has stroked his cock once, Sarah has barged in.

"Everything is because of you!" Daniel’s body started transforming into a gigantic lizard.

"Do you have the guts to attack me?" The woman was unfazed as she moved to the sink and washed her hands.

Daniel has already gone crazy. He no longer cared about consequences as he snapped his tail towards her.

The woman’s expression was still nonchalant.


The tail stopped just as it was about to strike the woman’s face. An orange force field has formed around the woman.

Daniel was horrified as he saw dozens of small orange orbs surrounding him. Without any warning, the orbs rushed at him.


Daniel fell on the floor with a bang sound.

"How can this be?" Daniel was sure he could handle such attack but now there was no strength inside him. Then he thought how the woman has ordered drinks for both of them.

Before he could utter another word, he lost his consciousness.

"You better pay me twice for stroking the cock of a lizard," the woman faintly muttered.

"Sana, you are overcharging," a feminine voice came from an adjoining room.

"Natalie, you needed me so I have the right to charge you," Sana said.

"Sigh. Ok," Natalie agreed. She walked towards the body of Daniel and injected him with a black liquid.

"I am leaving," Sana took her leave after Natalie’s consent.


Natalie phoned a contact named - Alyssia.

[[Have you taken care of things?]] Claudia’s voice came from the phone. Alyssia was an alias used by her when she dealt with matters related to ’Kiba’.

"Yes," Natalie dragged Daniel’s body to the bed and said, "Can I ask why he changed the plan?"

Natalie has worked with Kiba from two years, and in all this time he has never used today’s trick before.

She has rarely seen Kiba warning his targets in advance that he would cuckold them. While warning a man in advance has its advantage, it also has its own drawbacks. It makes establishing contact hard in many cases.

Besides, when Kiba first started his job as wife hunter, he couldn’t use ’courtesy call’ method. Back then he would court the woman in old fashion.

In fact, he actually enjoyed the old methods where the husband remains ignorant.

In the end, whether it a man or a female, every living being has six desires and seven emotions. One can entice the opposite sex if one truly knows what satisfies him or her. Everything is just a matter of time.

So Natalie was already shocked when she learned Kiba has warned Daniel in advance. Now, suddenly he even manipulated the events to make Sarah believe Daniel was cheating on her. As far as she knew it was not the part of the original plan.

"Earlier it seemed he want to torture Daniel but now it is like he wants to break Sarah as well," Natalie said after hearing no response from Claudia,"Why he would do such a thing? It is not his style."

[[They have harmed someone he cares about.]] Claudia said. She knew her master better than anyone else so she was aware of what he planned to do.


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Sarah was standing in front of the elevator. She glanced back but there was no sign of her husband.

"Some meeting it is," Sarah entered the elevator and wiped her tears, "I have to be strong."

The elevator quickly reached the ground floor.

"Lovely lady?" Kiba muttered in surprise after the elevator opened up.

"Kiba?" Sarah was surprised as well to see Kiba along with Meghan.

"Are you perhaps here to buy me dinner?" Kiba asked with a smile, "You must be! You knew I stay here so I take it as a yes!"

"No...I" Sarah was barely controlling her emotions.

"Now don’t refuse. Meghan and I will love your company," Kiba said. Meghan nodded her head as well.

Sarah tried to resist but Kiba and Meghan were adamant. She didn’t want to show her weak side to anyone so she finally agreed.


"Are you perhaps displeased by the dishes?" Kiba asked after seeing Sarah not taking a single bite.

"I am not hungry," Sarah was having a hard time hiding her emotions. She has suffered so much so how could she be in the mood to eat?

"A drink perhaps?" Meghan asked in Kiba’s stead.

"No, I am fine. You two lovebirds enjoy," Sarah said.

A few minutes later, they finished the dinner.

"Meghan, you must be tired so have some rest," Kiba gave her a kiss to bid her farewell.


Sarah was surprised to see Kiba accompanying her to parking.

"Is there something haunting you?" Kiba asked in a serious tone.

"What do you mean?" Sarah tried to sound ignorant.

"You are not behaving like your previous self," Kiba said with a sigh, "Did your conversation with husband went bad?"

Sarah could no longer control herself. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Kiba gently wiped her tears and said," Nothing in the world can justify for a lady to cry. "

Sarah opened her heart and explained how things turned out after the events at the beach.

"How could he do this? We have a family!" Sarah loudly asked. Other people in the parking looked towards them after hearing her voice.

"Let me accompany you home," Kiba opened the door of his car.

"N-no!" Sarah refused.

"I insist. You are not in a condition to drive," Kiba was adamant. Sarah finally agreed...


"I am sorry it is my fault," Kiba apologized with his attention was on the road ahead.

"Your advice was not wrong," Sarah has regained the composure,"I was a good wife and a good mother but..."

She talked about the sacrifices she has done for being a good wife. For Daniel and family, she sacrificed her career. She mentioned how even in the worst of times she never left Daniel.

"I was a pillar whenever he needed support," Sarah bitterly said.

"You remind me of someone who sacrificed everything for her family," Kiba’s voice was full of reminiscence.

Sarah was startled by his tone.

"Who?" Sarah asked somewhat curious.

"Will you like to meet her?" Kiba asked.

"Sure," Sarah nodded her head.


After twenty minutes, Sarah and Kiba were standing outside an abandoned building in a middle-class community. Sarah was somewhat afraid after finding herself in such a desolate area.

"Let’s enter," Kiba’s voice was filled with melancholy. He clicked a switch inside to lighten the area.

They walked for a minute and arrived at a garden. Sarah was startled to realize that the garden has been modified to suit as a graveyard.

A graveyard consisting of only one grave...

There were engravings on both tombstone and ledger. Sarah was shocked when she read the words on the tombstone: "In loving memory of Rose Windsor - The greatest mother a son can have. 1967-2019."

She turned her head at Kiba in disbelief. Kiba’s eyes were red and full of sadness as he looked at the grave.

"This is your mother’s grave..." Sarah slowly said. As far as she knew, no one in the city knew about his origin or family. It was like he entered city three and a half years ago out of nowhere.

But all the time the grave of his mother lied in this part of the city? It was 2024 but his mother died in 2019?

Sarah saw the grave was well maintained and there were even flowers. Looking at the condition of the surrounding and Kiba’s reaction, she was sure that he was very close to his mother.

"His mother must really mean him a lot," Sarah felt a type of loneliness she has never felt from anyone in this life. She felt sympathy she has not felt in a long time.

Sarah took his hand in hers and said, "I am sure your mother must be proud of you."

Kiba’s face was filled with such sadness that it can evoke pity from even the cruelest of man. Sarah couldn’t help but hug him.

She felt her suffering was nothing compared to a man who was all alone in this world.

"I failed her..." Kiba broke down as he muttered," She sacrificed everything for me and my father but...I failed her."

"No, you didn’t," Sarah wiped the tears from his eyes.

She felt they were fellow sufferers in this tragedy known as life...

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