The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 73 Making Out With Sarah

Chapter 73 Making Out With Sarah

Natalie returned to the office. She looked at the virtual board where every detail about Sarah was recorded.

From her likes to dislikes, everything was mentioned. It was thanks to these small details that all the ’coincidental’ meetings between Kiba and Sarah were created.

"Graveyard setting!" Natalie read the recommendation she has written.

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She has chosen the setting based on the criteria Kiba has set. It was an idea he came years ago, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of some women.

Of course, the setting alone couldn’t result in success. But it could act as a perfect background for finishing touch! All it required was a perfect build-up!

"There is no one named Rose Windsor!" Natalie activated the camera feed from the graveyard. She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Kiba and Sarah hugging each other.

"All that money spent on the maintenance of the fake graveyard wasn’t wasted!" Natalie closed the camera feed and took a seat.

"He could achieve many things with that cunning mind of his! Alas, all he cares about is getting between women’s thighs!"


The graveyard has no one but two lonely people hugging each other. Two strangers brought close by the tragedies of life...

"We shouldn’t!" Sarah said as she felt his lips near hers.

She remembered how they met at the dining spot and the encounter at the beach. Deep down, she believed he was more than just a playboy. This was especially true after all the help he has given to her.

"Why not?" Kiba pressed his lips on her. Sarah didn’t resist for long and allowed their lips to lock into an intimate kiss...

Dazzling rays of white light enveloped them and they teleported in the platinum suite.

"Meghan might see us..." Sarah protested as Kiba zipped down her cocktail dress, leaving her in nothing but lingerie.

There was a nervousness in her voice for she has only been with Daniel for more than a decade. Now she was about to have sex with another man. She was afraid but also excited, something that startled her.

"She is in another room..." Kiba scanned her stunning figure.

"But there is a chance..." Sarah could barely speak as her lips were once again sealed by his. He devoured her lips before darting his tongue into her mouth. She felt a type of excitement she hasn’t felt in years. The excitement of a man lusting for her.

Slowly, as the kiss broke, he turned her around and made her stand in front of the mirror.

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"You are beautiful!" Kiba murmured as he brushed her hair. Sarah closed her eyes as his face nuzzled into her neck, caressing her with warm kisses. Her breathing slowed and a moan escaped her mouth as he moved to the skin under her ear, sucking it between his lips.

His fingers traced the length of her spine before curling down the cleft of her ass. Sarah felt a current throughout her spine as she felt his fingers and lips on her body.

Slowly, he slipped his fingers in her throng to tug it down. His other hand unclasped her bra.

He turned her around to plant his face between her soft breasts. Kiba pinched her nipples as he licked them.

Sarah released another moan as she felt two fingers invading her sacred lips below.

"Take me!" Sarah said, "I am on pills so don’t worry!"

Kiba smiled and he picked her in his arms while kissing her. He stepped towards the bed. She couldn’t help but wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Kiba felt her soft breasts on his chest and her tongue inside his mouth. He could no longer control himself as he tossed her onto the bed.

"Now that’s the behavior of a beast!" Sarah remarked Her eyes traced down his gorgeous six-packs and stunning chest. She gulped down in surprise after seeing his large hard-on.

Kiba kneeled down in front of the couch to plant his face between her thighs. His lips moved from her slender thighs to her sweet hole.

Sarah wrapped her legs around his neck as his tongue entered inside her. Slowly she released pure juices on Kiba’s face...

"I need to return the favor," Sarah pushed him on the bed. She ran her fingers down his abs to arrive at his cock.

Sarah stroked him with her hands while her tongue licked his top. Slowly her tongue licked down the entire shaft.

Kiba gripped her head to slide his cock in her welcoming mouth. She felt him growing harder and larger inside her mouth.

A few minutes later~

"I want you inside me," Sarah opened her legs to welcome him inside her. He rubbed the tip of his cock on her entrance before slipping into her.

"Ah!" Sarah felt some pain but quickly it turned into pleasure. She felt him touching depths she has never known existed.

He kissed her neck and ears with his thrust. Her hips moved in the same rhythm to compliment him. The power of thrusts increased as he felt her body jerk and shudder in the climax.

She was more sensitive than ever but she welcomed his thrusts more enthusiastically.

The night was still young...

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