The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 74 Congratulations!

Chapter 74 Congratulations!

"Ugh!" Daniel felt a severe headache when he opened his eyes. He found himself on the bed inside the suite.

"What happened?" He couldn’t remember the details.

"Thank you for your patronage to Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. Since you have requested for video on demand, please enjoy," A faint sound came from the screen.

Daniel turned around and saw the television was on.

"Don’t stop!"

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"I am yours today!"

Daniel’s eyes turned bloodshot as he saw the images on the screen.

"No! Impossible!" Daniel gritted his teeth so loudly that they almost broke. The veins on his face were on verge of breaking out.

"That’s my spot! Yes! Kiss me!" Sarah’s voice came out from the tv screen nonstop.

"I will kill you both!" Daniel rushed towards the screen and crashed it with his hands. A holographic projector in the room activated to show the continuation of scenes before.

"How can this happen?" Daniel found he was angry but also somewhat excited. He felt his cock turning hard at the images of his wife being ravaged.

"No! I can’t enjoy being a cuckold as that bastard said!" Daniel gripped his head in disbelief.


Sarah was standing naked under the shower. She was a beautiful woman with raven hairs and almond-like eyes. Having a height of 5’9’’, her long and slender legs were no less sexy than a supermodel. Her perky tits were all natural, just like her tight ass, and both were covered in some super sexy tan lines.

The pink nipples on her breasts were like nectar waiting to be sucked. No man, or even woman for the matter, can control themselves after looking at the criminally perfect ass.

"What have I done?" Sarah thought as the hot water cascaded over her body. She felt a wave of goosebumps around for she felt she was being caressed by Kiba.

She rubbed her lips down below remembering of what he felt like deep inside her. She thought of his stunning chest, sculpted back and rugged arms. Just thinking of him ignited a spark of lust inside her.

"No! That was a mistake!" Sarah tried to clear her thoughts as the water fell on her face.

"How could I let myself waiver? My husband was wrong but I can’t be the same," Sarah decided to leave the hotel suite after the shower.


The door of the bathroom was slowly opened by Kiba.

"What are you doing here?" Sarah covered her private parts by her arms.

"The shower in the other rooms is not working so..." Kiba threw away the white robe.

Just looking at his naked body made her feel drenched below. Almost as a reflex, her fingers gently caressed their way down and began to softly stroke the love hole.

"I should help you," Kiba crouched below and planted his face between her thighs.

"No!" Sarah tried to resist as his tongue licked over her clit. She let out a moan as she felt his hands groping her ass.

"We shouldn’t!" Sarah caught his hairs as she felt his tongue deep inside her. She was wet and Kiba could feel her sweet juices on his mouth.

"You two seems to be having all the fun," a sweet voice came from the shower entrance.

"Meghan?!" Sarah screamed in shock. Kiba didn’t stop, and instead, his tongue licked her with more intensity.

"Seems like I should help you," Meghan removed her nightgown and displayed her bust figure. She moved her blonde hairs behind and arrived next to Sarah.

"I am not---" Sarah wanted to say she was not in women but Meghan didn’t give her a chance as she sealed her lips with hers.

Meghan gripped Sarah’s throat by her hand to open her mouth and quickly she shoved her tongue inside her mouth. Sarah couldn’t even back away as she felt Kiba pressing her tightly from below.

He slowly stood up while kissing from her belly to finally her breasts. He gave her nipples a light pinching before he sucked on them.

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Meghan’s tongue parted from Sarah’s mouth and moved below to join Kiba in caressing her breasts.

Sarah felt her body tremble as she felt two tongues over her tits. Meghan’s tongue moved towards Kiba’s and soon they were kissing. Sarah felt her boobs fondled by their hands as they enjoyed each other’s mouth.

"We can’t let her feel lonely," Meghan said with a smirk. Kiba understood her clue as he took Sarah’s chin in his hands. He started to kiss Sarah with his tongue swiveling in her mouth.

"Please don’t! I just want to bathe!" Sarah said after Kiba parted his lips with hers.

"Meghan, we need to clean her," Kiba handed her the body wash. Meghan took some on her palms and rubbed them for the foam to form.

Like a perfect seductress, she moped down from Sarah’s neck to her shoulders. Kiba joined in as he rubbed the foam over Sarah’s breasts.

Meghan started the shower again and let the water slide over them. They rubbed Sarah body all over in gentle caring as the water washed away her.

"Oh god!" Sarah screamed as her senses were invaded by pleasure. She could no longer think straight after all the fondling.

"Her breasts need some extra cleaning," Meghan cupped one of Sarah’s breasts and squeezed her nipple between two fingers. Then she licked over the nipple like a cream. Kiba joined on the other breast while he shoved his fingers inside Sarah’s womanhood.

"Ahhhh! You two are too much!" Sarah felt ripples of ecstasy racing around her body from the caressing. Her body started trembling and twitching as she reached her orgasm.

Kiba removed his fingers from hers and moved them towards Meghan’s mouth.

"Sweet," Meghan remarked after sucking on his fingers.

"Meghan, you are a devil," Sarah couldn’t believe she let herself caressed by a woman

"I exist for the pleasure of our king," Meghan kneeled down in front of Kiba and asked Sarah to do the same.

"I can’t believe I am doing this," Sarah knelt before Kiba and eyed the cock in front of her. She first licked over the tip and followed by licking the entire shaft. Meghan, on the other hand, licked over his balls and slowly took them in her mouth.

"I want to deepthroat you," Kiba grabbed Sara by her hairs. Her lips parted in readiness as he shoved inside her mouth.

Sarah’s face turned red as Kiba’s dick slid over the end of her throat. She could feel his taste at the end of her throat.

Meghan pushed Sarah from behind to allow her to take his dick as much as she could. She moved her fingers inside Sarah’s pussy and felt the extreme wetness.

"She is more than ready," Meghan licked over her fingers.

"Then let her wash from the inside," Kiba lifted Sarah in his arms and pressed his raging hard-on against the entrance of her pussy. Slowly he entered inside her...

"Fuck yes!" Sarah felt the pleasure she has never known. Her male lover rammed inside her while the female counterpart licked her.

Kiba also felt in ultimate bliss as his dick ravaged inside her. The moist and warm feeling inside made him harder than ever.

"Kiss me!" Sarah begged as the thrusting of her lover increased. Kiba did as she asked and soon their bodies were one from top to bottom.

He began to thrust faster and fiercely as he felt her lips below tightening. Meghan also increased the speed of licking as she felt Sarah reaching close to orgasm.

"Yesss!" Sarah moaned loudly as the feeling of extreme pleasure hit her once again. Her body slightly shivered after the ecstasy filled all her senses. She looked at her lover and kissed him more passionately than ever.

"Release it inside me!" Sarah pressed her arms tightly around his neck as she felt him reaching his limit. Soon he released inside her very depths...

"I don’t think I can walk," Sarah said while Kiba pressed his face on her breasts. The entire night has exhausted them like never before.

"You two have forgotten me," Meghan stood up from the floor and arrived in front of them.

"Pleasure can definitely kill!" Sarah thought as she joined Kiba in returning the favor...


In another platinum suite~

Daniel saw everything live on the holographic projection. He could no longer control himself from...

"Congratulations dear customer! You are now a good husband!"

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