The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 75 Pleading

Chapter 75 Pleading

Sarah, Meghan, and Kiba were sleeping naked on the bed. It was around 10 am when Sarah opened her eyes.

She checked her cell phone and discovered more than 100 missed calls. Even without opening the logs she knew the identity of the caller.

"Daniel," Sarah muttered the name in both anger and guilt. She loved him from her heart but yet she succumbed to the temptation.

"Good morning," A faint voice came from behind. Sarah felt a finger sliding from her neck to her ass.

Sarah turned her body around and saw Kiba smiling towards her.

"We did the unforgivable," Sarah said in a low voice.

"Unforgivable?" Kiba stretched out his hands and said,"Our bodies are our own. So what is wrong in making love?"

"I am married," Sarah said as she put a robe over her body," but yet I felt the pleasure I have never experienced from a man who is not my husband."

Kiba looked her in the eyes for some time before saying,"Your husband is a lucky man to have such a loving wife."

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"I cheated on him," She knew her husband cheated on her first but yet she felt guilt.

"Talk to your husband then," Kiba arrived next to her and put his hands over her shoulder,"A frank conversation is the only way to continue your marriage."

Sarah looked at him in surprise for she didn’t think he would be this understanding.

"Thank you," Sarah said.

Ten minutes later, Sarah left the platinum suite.


Kiba freshened up and put on his clothes.

"You are leaving?" Meghan has just woken up.

"I have to settle a few things but I am glad you are awake," Kiba took out a business card from his wallet and gave it to her.

Meghan felt her eyes turning wide open after reading the name on the card.

"Allison Powell?! The film director!?" Meghan screamed in disbelief.

"Yes, Allison is an acquaintance of mine," Kiba looked at her and said,"She should be able to help you in getting a good role for your debut."

Every model would desire a transition to films for it means an increase in both exposure and money. The same also applied to Meghan.

"Thank you!" Meghan said as she gave him a hug.

Kiba pretty much knew she wanted his help in staying away from creepy old men in the fashion industry. She has given him a good time so he gave her what she wanted as well as desired.

"If you ever need my help then message me on the number I gave you," Kiba said.

"Is this farewell then?" Meghan asked. She has enjoyed the time she has spent with him as well.

"You never know," Kiba said with a smile,"Perhaps we might meet in future after you become a big actress."

"I will like that," Meghan gave him a light kiss on his lips.


Sarah opened the door of her house slowly. Just as she entered the drawing room her nose was assaulted by the strong smell of alcohol.

"Daniel?" Sarah couldn’t believe how bad the condition of her husband was. He was sitting drunk with his eyes completely bloodshot.

"You had a fun night, right?" Daniel asked in a voice filled with anger and disgust.

"You know?" Sarah was startled.

"Of course," Daniel gripped the glass in his hand so loudly that it shattered to pieces"I am a good husband so how can I not know when my wife is satisfied?"

"What are you talking about?" Sarah couldn’t understand a single word of her husband,"And why are you acting like a victim after the things you have done?"

"Things I have done? Haha!" Daniel’s eyes were filled with tears as he continued,"I never cheated on you! Not once!"

"So getting a handjob from a prostitute isn’t cheating?" Sarah wanted to talk with reason but now she was also incensed, "You continue to stay with that slut even after I caught you."

She felt her blood boiling when she thought of the events.

"Cheating? Caught?" Daniel devoured a mouthful of alcohol from the bottle before continuing,"Everything was a trap set by that bastard!"

"What are you talking about?" Sarah was having a bad premonition.


White rays of light started converging next to Sarah.

"Basically he is complaining for not getting any pussy," Kiba moved his hand around her waist and said,"This is why he is angry on you for having all the fun."

Kiba’s sudden entry and his words were like a sound of thunderclap inside Sarah’s head. Her eyes turned wide as she thought of what the words implied.

She found the whole world spinning as she thought of the recent events.

"It can’t be..." Sarah was struck on the floor in disbelief.

Daniel was horrified after seeing Kiba teleporting inside. He was intoxicated but his thought process was active.

"How can he teleport here so easily..." Daniel thought of the enhanced security arrangements he has made to avoid any intrusion. He has spent a fortune to surround an electromagnetic field to disrupt teleportation but now...

"Congratulations once again for becoming a good husband," Kiba said in a polite tone. His left hand was still on Sarah’s waist like a gentleman providing a lady support.

"You son of a bitch!" Daniel transformed into a giant lizard. He dashed towards Kiba with his claws aimed at his throat.

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"Please no violence," Kiba waved his hand in a light manner,"I had promised my lover to only resort to love and peace."


"Arghhhhh!" Daniel’s expression was of extreme horror as he found his claw busted apart. The floor was filled with blood and gore.

"Daniel!" Sarah regained her senses and dashed towards her husband.

Kiba took a seat on a sofa nearby. The table in front of him was filled with various brands of whiskey and cigars.

"You have got some good taste," Kiba made a drink for himself ignoring the look of shock on the couple’s face.

"I am fine," Daniel said as his claw regenerated back.

"I am sorry," Sarah wiped the sweat from her husband’s face.

"No, the fault is mine. I should have told you everything when he called me days ago," Daniel explained to her the conversation he had with Kiba days ago.

Sarah was terrified by the details.

"See how good my service is?" Kiba took a sip from the glass before continuing,"You two were arguing before but now you have turned into a close couple. Having a third person in a relationship is always beneficial."

"You ruined us just because of that news?" Sarah gritted her teeth in anger and annoyance.

"Ruined? That’s a heavy word. " Kiba lighted a cigar before him and said, "I made you two closer than ever so you should thank me. Besides what we had was consensual."

Sarah and Daniel’s faces were unsightly.

"Even if not for the news, I would have tried to court a lovely lady like you given your beauty," Kiba has a smile in his face as he continued, "But my methods would have been different. You two wouldn’t be in your current situation if that happened"


"Now let me come to the next part of ’just because’," Kiba’s eyes turned cold as he gazed at them, "You are saying like the news had no negative consequences."

"Why should it affect you? You are a womanizer!" Sarah knew his history with women. She never thought he would take the news so seriously that he will want to ruin them.

He was fucking Meghan after the news came out so how could any negativity affect him?! Everyone in the city knew his history!

"It affected me more then I could ever imagine," Kiba smoked in a puff of cigar before continuing, "You used me to harm someone I care about."

"Could it be...?" Sarah thought of Agatha.

"You pretty much know how judgemental our society is but yet you didn’t care in airing the news," Kiba said in a cold voice.

"You are crazy! People see news about affairs every day! There was no harm in it!" Sarah couldn’t understand what was so bad in the news.

Sure it resulted in some bad publicity but that could do no harm. Besides Agatha and Kiba had an affair so they have no right to complain.

"Is that so?" Kiba opened his cell phone and swiped a panel on the screen towards tv,"Then this should do no harm as well. So can I publish it?"

The tv showed a news clip:" Breaking News! Socialite Sarah, the wife of SBC News’ owner Daniel, had an affair with Kiba! As per sources Kiba and Sarah bonded in a 5-star hotel!"

There were images of Sarah and Kiba having a conversation on a beach.

"No!" Sarah and Daniel screamed in unison.

"It is yet to be published so save the reactions for later," Kiba closed his cell phone and then asked,"Surely this little piece of news could do no harm."

Sarah’s face turned white. She could imagine herself becoming a subject of gossip all around.

Everyone including people she never knows would call her a whore. She could think how jarring remarks will come, not only at her but her children as well.

Daniel was horrified as well. He could imagine people sympathizing in open while laughing at him from behind.

Scandals and affairs are common so they don’t have that much negative effect when discussed in close circles. On the other hand, if a scandal is turned into a news item then it is a totally different matter. It is like becoming a prime focus of everyone in society.

Sarah and Daniel dreaded the consequences they would face if the news was out.

"Why such reactions?" Kiba feigned a questioning expression as he continued,"I could let your channel run this exclusive news if you want."

"Please no!" Sarah begged. She knew it better than anyone how people enjoyed gossips about rich and famous people.

"Why not? Imagine the TRP ratings and the money you will earn from the sponsors!"Kiba kindly pointed out all the advantages of such news for their channel," SBC News could rule the media space in the city for a long while."

Every word hurt Daniel and Sarah in their hearts.

"Just the previous news brought you so much praise. Imagine the effect this time! You two would roll in money!" Kiba patiently explained," Most importantly you wouldn’t have to retract the news, unlike previous time! You would even have exclusive interviews of all the involved parties!"

"Don’t ruin our life, please. I am begging you," Sarah’s eyes were filled with tears. She didn’t wish to become a hot topic in society.

"I don’t understand your behavior," Kiba crouched in front of her and said, "Didn’t you say the news is harmless? Heck, you are even benefitting from it, unlike Agatha."

Sarah’s expression turned ugly.

"Please...I have two children," She pleaded in a sincere voice.

Daniel also begged for he knew Kiba also has a recording of the conversation between him and Slyvian. He never thought a single news could turn his life into hell.

Kiba was unwavered by their claims. He opened his cell phone and said, "I just have to click a panel and you two will become eternally famous."

"I am sorry for what I have done... please don’t punish me in this way," Sarah caught his legs as she pleaded.

Kiba’s finger arrived on the ’send’ panel for he wasn’t affected by their begging. But then suddenly a sigh resounded inside the room.

"That’s enough for a punishment," A feminine voice said with a sigh, "Don’t ruin their lives further."

Kiba was startled by the familiar voice. He turned his face back and saw a woman behind.

"Agatha?! How..."

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