The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 77 Tying Up The Loose Ends

Chapter 77 Tying Up The Loose Ends

"Still I hope you don’t turn to the dark side ever again," Agatha ran her fingers on his face,"I like the skirt chaser Kiba more than the cold-hearted Kiba I saw at Sarah’s house."

Kiba brushed her hairs from her face and then gave her a light kiss. He didn’t say any word regarding the dark side for he couldn’t bring himself to lie to her.

In his life, he has killed far more people then he could care to count. Just some 10-11 days ago he killed Lisa and her team at the wasteland. Then there were the slum overlords and their subordinates whom he slaughtered in cold blood even though there was no grudge involved. (Chapter 33).

As far as he was concerned, he has embraced the so-called dark side years ago. But he couldn’t tell this to Agatha. He wanted her to be in the sweet dream without having to worry about reality.

Kiba also couldn’t bring himself to hate or reprimand her for stopping him at Sarah’s house. He knew her actions were motivated due to the feelings between them.

She believed he would be haunted by his actions later on which was why she intervened. How can he bring himself to hate her then?

Similarly, she didn’t kill Daniel because she wanted to believe, if the roles were reversed then they would spare Kiba.

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Deep down one wants to believe in the concept of karma. Believe that kindness given today would be reciprocated tomorrow.

Agatha’s thinking was naive but Kiba could understand her. He didn’t wish to admit that her actions have touched his heart once again.

"You must be tired so have some rest," Kiba left the bed and covered Agatha with a blanket.

"I will," Agatha nodded her head,"Actually I am having an appointment with a gynecologist tomorrow so could you accompany me?"

"Whenever you need me I will be there," Kiba thought something so he quickly added,"If you don’t mind can you visit my lab after your appointment?"

"You have a lab?" Agatha was surprised.

"I do have some expertise in genetics," Kiba tried to sound humble, "So I established a small lab."

"If you say so I don’t mind visiting your lab," Agatha has some reservations but she agreed due to her trust in him.

"See you tomorrow then," Kiba said as rays of white light surrounded him.


City Heart Hospital.

Daniel was lying in a VIP ward. His mouth was covered with an oxygen mask while his hands were covered with various tubes connected to healing serum.

He was transported to the hospital to give him an emergency treatment. Agatha might have spared him but he sustained heavy internal wounds nevertheless.

Daniel didn’t dare think of revenge or even complaining to authorities. He has witnessed the strength of both Kiba and Agatha so there was no question of revenge. As for complaining, how can he carry out such an act without letting the world know he was cuckolded?

"You seem to be doing fine," A familiar voice waked Daniel from his thoughts.


Daniel’s eyes turned wide. His face was soaked with sweat seeing Kiba standing with a bouquet.

"I don’t have much experience with hospital visits so please accept this bouquet," Kiba placed the bouquet on a table nearby.

"W-what are you doing here?" Daniel asked with fear evident in his voice. He pressed the emergency switch in his hands but there was no sound from it.

"Obviously I am here to check on your health" Kiba read the medical report on a screen nearby,"Your arteries are seriously damaged but otherwise you are fine."

Kiba then walked towards the oxygen cylinder.

"Ple-please don’t," Daniel muttered. His voice was muffled due to the oxygen mask but Kiba could hear him properly.

"What do you mean?" Kiba looked at him in surprise,"I am just checking if the equipment is fine or not."

Daniel refused to believe Kiba was so kind-hearted.

"What’s with that look?" Kiba placed his hand on the oxygen mask,"I might not like Agatha’s decision but I would honor it nevertheless.

The tension Daniel was facing reduced. He knew Kiba truly cared about Agatha so he was safe.

"But you can be assured there would be no next time," Kiba has a devilish grin on his face as he continued,"If I find you or Sarah having slightest nefarious thoughts against us; I will burn your entire family to death."

Daniel felt a chill down his spine. His entire body went numb from just imagining what Kiba was capable of. He swore to never offend this demon again.

"Anyways, you are truly lucky that you only tried to capture Agatha instead of trying to kill her," Kiba’s expression turned nonchalant,"If you had shown even faint killing intent against me or her then I would have killed you right there. Not even Agatha’s pleading could have saved you."

Daniel’s breathing turned hectic. He felt more fear now seeing how Kiba talked of killing with a nonchalant expression.

How can one be so nonchalant about such a topic? Even Daniel only said he would kill Kiba in anger but never truly planned to do. There was a risk of being caught, and such risk was high when there are business rivals who would do anything to see their opponent fail.

But Kiba mentioned killing as if it was nothing.

"I am sure many people in the underworld are cursing you for your luck," Kiba took an apple from a fruit basket,"But then again you didn’t carry true murderous intent because you knew the consequences it would have on your life."


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"The greater the height of power the greater is the fear of losing it," Kiba took a bite from the apple and said,"Life would have been so much better if the idiots I killed so far has this fear."


The door of the ward slowly opened.

"Kiba?!" Sarah muttered in disbelief after entering the ward.

"The lovely lady is here," Kiba’s voice was polite,"I was just thanking your husband."

"Thanking?" Sarah tried her best to not let the fear show on her face.

"Yes," Kiba nodded his head," Daniel has volunteered to make sure that no media house give Agatha negative publicity when the truth is revealed."

Sarah and Daniel were shocked by the words. Sarah could judge from her husband’s reaction that he has never volunteered but of course, she wouldn’t dare to say it.

She complained of hardship in her heart. Making sure other media houses to not report the news would cost SBC News a lot.

"You still have four days before the deadline end so relax," Kiba said with a smile.

Sarah could only curse inwardly. She never thought a single wrong decision would cost her both emotionally and financially.

"I almost forgot!" Kiba arrived in front of Sarah and gave her a crystal card,"You would need it."

"?" Sarah tapped on the card, and the next moment text appeared on its surface: ’Kiba - President of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.’

Sarah looked at the words in shock. She suppressed her surprise and activated a holographic projection on the card.

"Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd is a non-profit organization founded on the belief that the pleasures of your wife is the ultimate joy for any husband. To help a husband achieve this goal, our company provide the best service the industry ----"

Before the ash-blonde woman in the projection could finish her words, Kiba tapped on the screen to end the projection.

"That recording is for the husband," Kiba swiped over a few panels on the crystal card,"This one is for a new wife. Now this one is for a fiancee. Ah! Here is the one for a patron wife like you."

"We are thrilled to offer our service to a gorgeous lady like you," the ash blonde woman in the projection has a sincere smile on her face,"If you are seeing this then I am sure you know about our wonderful service."

Sarah has black lines over her face. She could guess what the recording was about.

Daniel was able to hear the recording as well. He felt his blood boiling remembering this familiar voice in the projection.

"Even the best marriage turns stale with time," the blonde woman said in a convincing tone," but now you are one of the lucky few who could save your marriage from becoming stale and boring!"

The projection was now complemented by statistics.

"The study shows a marriage is always strong when there is a third person involved! Competition from the third person always keep your spouse on toes," the blonde woman pointed towards the stats,"The survey conducted by our experts also prove that only when the wife is happy can the marriage last!"

Daniel gritted his teeth when he heard the word ’happy. He has a strong dislike for that word.

"What better way to make you happy than by giving you the pleasure you deserve!" the blonde woman has a look of reverence as she continued,"You can now have all the pleasure you have missed during the course of your marriage!"

Daniel was having a hard time breathing properly. If not for the oxygen mask he would have suffocated.

"You are craving for more after the demo experience!" the blonde in the projection has a knowing smile on her face, "But worry not! You can apply for premium membership for free!"

Sarah really wished to destroy the crystal card in front of her.

"You crave for more but your guilt towards your husband stops you!" the blonde woman has a sweet smile on her face as she continued, "Worry not! Your husband is happy to see you happy!"

Sarah was startled by the words.

"You are probably thinking we are lying in order to complete our non-profiteering venture," the blonde woman has a rare look of seriousness on her face,"Our company is based on your trust, unlike our fraud competitors! Don’t believe us? See for yourself!"

The blonde woman disappeared and now the projection showed a recording from a hotel suite.

Daniel’s body started trembling. He could guess the contents of the recording.

"No!" Daniel screamed.

The projection showed Daniel pleasuring himself at the video of Sarah and Kiba making love.

"It can’t be..." Sarah was terrified by the video. She looked at her husband in disbelief.

The recording ended and the blonde woman reappeared in the projection.

"When a wife marries her husband, she swears to make him happy!" the blonde woman was like a wedding priest reminding about the promises, "Now you know where the true happiness of your husband lies!"

Daniel started coughing up blood in anger. The internal injuries he has barely recovered once again resurfaced.

Sarah, on the other hand, was so shocked by the holographic projection that she didn’t even notice the state of her husband.

"Don’t wait any longer!" the blonde woman excitedly continued, "Become a good wife today!"


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