The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 78 Four Sections

Chapter 78 Four Sections

"Don’t wait any longer!" the blonde woman excitedly continued, "Become a good wife today!"

Sarah was struck on the floor speechless. She didn’t even know how to react knowing her husband enjoyed being a cuckold.

Then there was the blonde in the projection brainwashing her to become a good wife. She even felt convinced for continuing her affair with Kiba, but then she heard her husband coughing loudly.

The heart rate monitor also started beeping loudly. Panicked, she quickly rushed to her husband.

"Daniel!" Sarah was extremely worried. Daniel’s mouth was filled with blood and there were blood stains on the oxygen mask.

The next moment, the doctors dashed in to check Daniel’s condition.

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"He is in the middle of a stroke!" The head doctor shouted in disbelief. He knew the arteries of the patient were seriously damaged but he was sure there should be no risk of stroke.

Has the care they give him failed?

"Quick! Start the operation!" Another doctor reminded the head doctor.

"Ah yes!" The doctors hurriedly started the treatment with Sarah and Kiba asked to wait outside.

Sarah angrily eyed Kiba. She was sure Daniel would have been fine if Kiba hasn’t revealed the embarrassing secret.

"Anger doesn’t suit your pretty face," Kiba looked at her in the eyes,"I only want to see the joy on your face."

"You..." Sarah was infuriated but she didn’t dare say more.

"Let us forget the bad past now that we have resolved our issues," Kiba took her chin his hand, "I don’t want any more bitterness between us."

Sarah was about to protest but then she found his lips on hers. She was caught off guard by his sudden onslaught, and by the time she got her senses back, he backed away.

"Let there be only be sweetness on our lips," Kiba was covered with rays of white light,"Daniel will never learn about the sweetness we shall share so don’t worry."

Sarah’s cheeks were red in anger and embarrassment. She felt anger at herself as well for she liked Kiba’s guts to say such a thing openly.

"I will never cheat on Daniel again!" Sarah assured herself but only she knows how firm her conviction was...


The next day.

Section I of the underground lab at Dream Rise House.


White rays of light started converging into Agatha and Kiba.

[[Lady Agatha, welcome to the lab]] Claudia’s voice ringed inside the lab

"Claudia, right?" Agatha asked after opening her eyes. The apartment Kiba has given her was also managed by Claudia so she knew her.

[[Yes. I hope your appointment with gynecologist went fine.]] Claudia said.

"Thanks. It went good," Agatha said as she looked around the lab.

There were cryo chambers, stasis pods, specimen containers, examination tables, etc with each unit having its separate control console.

Agatha was sure it wasn’t a mere lab crammed with up-to-date apparatus nor it was a medical facility with the latest machinery.

Just based on the equipment, she was sure the lab has the capacity to conduct even advanced genetic engineering experiments.

Then she looked around the white metalized wall, floor and ceiling. She wasn’t able to identify the metal used, but she was sure the lab could survive even a nuclear disaster based on the design.

"Are you a survivalist?" Agatha couldn’t help but ask. She knew there were many secret societies founded on the concept of survivalism.

The members of these societies feared a large-scale disruption in the world and hence would prepare themselves in advance. There were even mystic organizations supporting these societies in secret for their own agenda.

"I guess you could say so," Kiba was rather embarrassed by her evaluation.

He was not truly a survivalist any longer but it was different four years ago when he has just fused with Cosmic Spark.

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Back then he was someone who has survived the dangers of slum and the mining expedition. Those life and death experience taught him to never take his safety for granted.

So he spent almost a year to create things which would help him in the future. This included Claudia and the underground sections.

He mainly built this genetic lab to study the effects of Cosmic Spark on his body. Alas, he failed badly.

His body scans and blood samples would only show that he was a mutant with the ability of teleportation and enhanced strength. The other abilities were hidden from the scanners just like the existence of Cosmic Spark inside his chest.

He has even tried to experiment with his blood but in the end, the test results were no different from a normal mutant.

But such a cautious and scholarly attitude was a thing of the past. The passing of time and the effect of a lavish lifestyle has influenced him more then he could ever imagine.

"I know you earn a good amount from the odd jobs you take, but never thought to this extent," Agatha said.

She was sure some of the apparatus here could surpass the ones with White Angel Corporation. This just showed how rich he was.

"You don’t need to earn money to establish a lab," Kiba said with a smirk,"You just need to be good at borrowing stuff."

"You stole the items?!" Agatha looked at him in disbelief.

"Nope! Some of them I purchased but most of them have been borrowed!" Kiba explained, "Men borrow from nature and I borrowed from the fellow men. This isn’t considered as stealing at all!"

"Is that so?" Agatha was amused by his words.

"Yes. And you have only seen one section," Kiba pointed to the end of the corridor where a door was located, "There are other sections."

"Other?" Agatha was aghast, "Just how much you ’borrowed’ to create the other sections?"

"You can judge that for yourself," Kiba and Agatha arrived in front of the door.

After confirmation from Claudia, the door opened to reveal Section II.

This section was dedicated to the creation of droids, drones, weapons, etc. The droids used in the villa were purchased from normal shops for avoiding suspicions, but the ones responsible for the main security were created here.

"This is where Claudia constructed the bracelet I gave you," Kiba pointed towards a metallic desk where two robotic arms were working, "She is currently trying to create more defensive items for you."

"More?" Agatha was surprised.

"The bracelet can only protect you from physical or energy attacks," Kiba explained,"Claudia and I don’t have much expertise in designing defensive items for other forms of attack, so it might take a year before the preparations are complete."

Then they walked towards Section III which occupied the most space compared to the previous sections. Agatha has her mouth opened wide after entering inside.

There was a dark black aircraft hovering at the center of the section. It resembled an ordinary private jet in appearance but otherwise, it wasn’t ordinary at all.

The aircraft offered a speed of up to 3500 km/h along with enhanced security features such as anti-missile system and a force field protection.

"I knew men are interested in women and vehicles," Agatha composed herself and said,"But I thought you are only interested in women."

Kiba’s face twitched. Most of the stuff he owned was to satisfy his vanity instead of serving any real need.

"You must be really good in borrowing stuff," Agatha remarked after checking the stats of the aircraft.

She wondered about the identities of the poor souls who went bankrupt after ’lending’ Kiba all the required items.

Kiba gave a light cough and said, "Let us return to Section I."

"Return?" Agatha was confused for she saw at the end of the corridor, there was another door with an ’IV’ sign, "You are not going to show me that section?"

"That’s a restricted area," Kiba’s expression turned grave, "Even I don’t dare go there without proper arrangements."

Agatha was startled by the heaviness in his words. She looked at the door to section IV more carefully.

Just the door seemed thrice thicker than the doors of previous sections. Then there was a red force field around the door to further enhance the security.

"What is there?" Agatha couldn’t help but ask.

"I can’t answer," Kiba said as he thought of an event which changed his entire life, "I trust you but there are things better unknown."

Agatha has never seen him this serious from all the years she has known him. Not even when they discussed their unborn child.

"I understand," Agatha nodded her head in understanding. She was curious but she also knew sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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