The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 80 Devotee!

Chapter 80 Devotee!

Humans couldn’t stand the presence of ants and insects in their homes, and similarly, Agatha felt the urge to get rid of humans in the surrounding for they were ants as far as her power was concerned.

In the end, every lifeform is an ant from the perspective of a comparatively superior being. There was no concept of good or evil involved. It was just plain instincts to not care about the life of a weaker form of life.

The urge he felt was countless times stronger then Agatha for his entire ’Kiba’ form was created by Cosmic Spark. Every single cell in his body was powered by the cosmic force, unlike Agatha who only inherited a single cosmic particle.

Her source of power was both Divine Particles and the cosmic particle so the urge for getting rid of ’annoying pests’ was comparatively weaker. The other factor which worked for her was that she only felt this urge when she used her powers.

He, on the other hand, was someone whose entire Kiba form ran by the cosmic force so whether he uses his powers or not didn’t matter. As long as he was in ’Kiba’ form, he has to constantly fight his instincts.

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Of course, the more power he uses, the harder it becomes to suppress his feelings just like the time in the wasteland.

Kiba looked around in the lab and then finally at Agatha. She was somewhat relieved to share her secret with someone she could trust.

"You have to use your powers," Kiba caressed her face and said, "I know how bad that feeling is but you have to learn to adapt otherwise what will you do when you are in danger?"

Agatha was startled by his words. She knew what he said was true but she found it hard to use her power with all the urge she has.

"The best way to control that urge is to do what you truly love," Kiba brushed off her black hairs as he continued,"If you are happy then the burden you will feel from your powers will be lowered."

Agatha looked at him in surprise. He sounded as if he had experience in dealing with the same feeling.

"If your life is crammed up with unhappiness then you can never truly fight your instincts," Kiba’s expression turned graved as he continued,"Also, don’t think not using your powers is the best way to suppress that urge. The less power you use the harder it would become to control yourself as you age. So use your powers while also indulging yourself in what gives you joy."

Agatha didn’t dare believe what his words implied. Could he truly have similar power as mine?

"Do you have that power as well?" Agatha couldn’t help but ask.

"You could say so," Kiba’s voice was filled with sadness,"I trust you but I can’t share the details with you. Forgive me."

The truth was that their powers were different. What she inherited was just a cosmic particle, unlike Kiba who possessed Cosmic Spark.

It has to be known that Castor Damon and the world government believed Cosmic Spark was the power source of the world from where the meteorites originated. So how can the powers of Agatha and Kiba be considered the same?

Kiba couldn’t bring himself to lie to her so he replied ambiguously. What he said was an incomplete truth.

"It is fine," Agatha replied with a smile, "I hope there would come a day when you can share everything with me."

"Yeah, I will like that," Kiba smiled as well.


A few hours later.

Kiba was standing on balustrade upon a terrace in a middle-class community.

"Time to deal with the last loose end," Kiba thought. He has already punished Sarah and Agatha but one man still remained unpunished!

Erone! The young guard!

Claudia has given him the address of Erone days ago but he was busy with other matters so the punishment was delayed.

[[Are you truly going to punish him?]] Claudia’s voice came from the watch.

"Of course," Kiba nodded his head.

[[Is that so?]] Claudia sounded somewhat amused.

Kiba was confused by her remark but he didn’t think much of it. He turned his face towards the building opposite of him. His vision wasn’t obstructed by the walls and soon he could see the inside of the apartment which belonged to Erone.

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"He truly made a fortune for himself from that news," Kiba remarked as he saw the well-off apartment in a middle-class community. The apartment was filled with the latest gadgets whether it was the virtual gaming console or the security apparatus.

Suddenly Kiba’s eyes turned wide with disbelief as his vision passed on the bedroom wall. He was so startled that he fell from the balustrade.


Kiba regained his control after falling ten meters. He flew back to the terrace and then rubbed his eyes as if to make sure there was nothing wrong with them.

"Am I dreaming?" Kiba muttered to himself as his vision once again focused on the bedroom’s interior walls.

[[No.]] Claudia remarked matter of factly.

"Then what the hell is that?" Kiba asked in disbelief.

The interior walls of the bedroom were covered with posters of more than fifty women. The women were in the various style of clothing: bikini, party dress, and even business suits.

That didn’t startle Kiba. What truly made him lost his balance was a poster in the middle of a wall.

The poster depicted a throne upon which a man was sitting. The man has golden hairs and his eye pupils were a mix of blue and gold.

Yes! The subject of this poster was none other than Kiba!

It was as if Kiba was an emperor while the women in the posters were his harem. This especially seemed true after Kiba remembered the identities of the women!

They were the women with whom he has either one night stand or an affair! Of course, there were hundreds of women with whom he had a relationship but the women in the posters were the ones confirmed by the gossip portals.

"Ho-how can this be?" Kiba muttered to himself.

[[I seem to recall you were going to punish someone]] Claudia said ignoring Kiba’s words of surprise.

"You knew?" Kiba remembered how she sounded amused a few minutes ago.

[[Of course. He is your fan so it is nothing surprising.]] Claudia answered.

"Fan?" Kiba’s face was twitching. He has heard fans of sportsmen, models, and actors but never of someone from his profession!

[[Open your phone to see how hardcore fan he is.]] Claudia was enjoying the state of her master.

Kiba opened his cell phone to see a video from the security logs of White Angel Corporation. Claudia has also provided subtitles of the conversation based on the lip movement.

The video showed Jack losing consciousness after taking a slap from Kiba. Thanks to the fast aid, Jack regained his consciousness in no time.

He then asked a young guard around on ’what happened’ as he wasn’t sure how he was defeated. The guard was none other than Erone who seemed excited as he recalled the valor of Kiba.

When Kiba heard the entire conversation between Erone and Jack, he was left speechless. He would have doubted the content of the video if it was not given to him by Claudia.

"Is this for real?" Kiba didn’t know how to react. It was the first time in his life that he has faced such a situation.

A few minutes later, Kiba saw Erone happily opening the door of the apartment. When he entered the bedroom, his expression turned of a follower.

With deep reverence, he bowed towards the poster of Kiba.

"Lord Kiba, today I was able to conquer my friend’s girlfriend!" Erone was like a devotee giving a confession to his god, "Just weeks ago I was a man who has never tasted the holy juice! But now I have tasted a dozen variety all thanks to your blessings!"

Far away Kiba’s cheeks turned red after hearing the confession of his loyal devotee.

"O’ great lord, there is this woman I like but alas she is married!" Erone knocked on the floor before continuing, "O’ great wife hunter, impart me your ticks so that I can help that poor woman!"

Kiba was thick-skinned but today he was embarrassed like never before. His face was soaked with sweat with every passing second.

"O’ great savior of women, bless me so that I can bless the women on your behalf!"

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