The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 81 Morgan

Chapter 81 Morgan

Erone’s voice was filled with sincerity as he bowed towards the poster of his god.

"O’ great savior of women, bless me so that I can bless the women on your behalf!"

Far away, Kiba’s face was twitching in embarrassment. He was speechless after seeing his poster but now Erone’s devotion left him red-faced.

"What do I do?" Kiba muttered.

[[You were supposed to punish him, right?]] Claudia reminded him of his previous words.

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"Cough...technically that kid isn’t at fault," Kiba reasoned.


The cellphone’s screen was now filled with a list of 100+ people.

[[What about these people who weren’t technically at fault but punished anyways for offending you?]] Claudia asked.

"Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try a new approach," Kiba tried to hide his embarrassment as he continued, "Besides I have been magnanimous with Daniel and Sarah so it will be unfair to punish that kid alone."

[[I am sure Daniel will beg to disagree.]]

Kiba didn’t say anything further as he teleported away.


Kiba was back in the lab to study the body reports of Agatha carefully. He has built the lab to study the effect of his cosmic power on himself but to no result. So he thought Agatha’s report can help him since she carried a small trace of cosmic power.

"It is useless," Kiba muttered after an hour or so of deliberation.

[[Just studying her report couldn’t help you]] Claudia said.

"I will never use her," Kiba knew what she was trying to imply.

The only way he could truly benefit is if he carried experiments and more depth research on Agatha. If it was someone else then Kiba would have no hesitation in conducting experiments but not Agatha.

[[I know.]] Claudia knew her master much better than anyone else.

"Sighs~ I have to start attending academy from tomorrow," Kiba said after a minute. From last one week, he has bunked his classes since he was busy with his ’responsibilities’.

[[You better have some excuse for Lady Felicity isn’t pleased with the excuses I gave her]] Claudia showed a log of the conversation with Felicity.

"I just hope she doesn’t take me to some trip," Kiba said as he checked the logs.

[[You can always resist if you don’t like her ideas.]]

"She is doing everything for my sake so how can I resist?" Kiba said with a sigh. Felicity’s ideas always give him a headache but he knew how much she cared for him.

In the academy, there were rumors about them being a couple but Claudia knew the truth. Neither of them has sexual or romantic desires towards each other. They were almost like siblings even without any blood ties.

Only Claudia knew why Kiba cared so much about Felicity even with all his strange dreams...


[[As expected a trouble has arrived]] Claudia said after reading a message sent to Kiba’s email.

"Hmm?" Kiba looked at the virtual screen. It showed a message from Close Horizon asking his urgent presence.

The email was the only way the most corporate could contact Kiba since he was prone to disappearance like a ghost. Even this wasn’t the sure way of establishing contact with him but it was better than having no means.

"Hardly a trouble," Kiba said after reading the entire message.

[[Are you going now? They can’t do anything to you even if you ignore the message for some days.]]

"I have some time to spare now," Kiba said as the rays of white light surrounded him.

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Medical Facility, Close Horizon.

Olly was sitting on a chair looking at his new arms. Thanks to cloning technology even severed arms can be regrown in most cases.

"The bill has been paid so you can take the patient away," the doctor said to a man standing next to Olly. The man has sharp eyes, short brown hairs, and a long nose.

"I can pay for my son so spare me the charity of that bastard," the man said while gritting his teeth. When he heard the details of how his son got his arms severed he felt his blood boiling. But when he heard the ’kind relative’ part he almost coughed up blood.

"If that is what you want then sure," the doctor said. He left the room so that the father-son duo could have a proper union.

"Why do you have to create trouble without knowing your opponent?" Without any warning, the man landed a slap on his son’s face.

"Dad!" Olly’s eyes were filled with tears. The slap didn’t contain much force so there was no injury but the humiliation was a different matter. He has already been disgraced by Kiba but now even his father was punishing him.

"How could you be so dumb?" The man cursed his son. He was sent here by the government to conduct a preliminary investigation of the incident in the wasteland.

The government knew such investigation might even take a year so they allowed him and his team to bring their families with them. After all, if the team weren’t in their best form due to separation then the investigation would be affected.

The man knew his main job was to offer support when the main team arrived. From what he knew, the main team was busy equipping themselves with technology that could save them if the golden lightning phenomenon occurred again. This was why the main team was delayed so the entire responsibility fell on him.

He was so busy with conducting the investigation that he hardly got any time to look after the activities of his son. The government has offered them the best facility out there so he thought the stay would be pleasant but now...

"I am sorry," Olly apologized. He never expected a simple insult to result in such drastic consequences.

"Use your brain from next time onwards," the man calmed himself and said,"But rest assured I will not forgive that Kiba guy."

"Oh really?" A voice came from the door.

Kiba and the manager of Close Horizon entered the room.

"Please meet Morgan Morley," The manager gave an introduction of the man to Kiba.

"Nice to meet you," Kiba said after which he gave the bouquet to Olly,"I am so glad to see you recovered."

Kiba carried a sincere smile on his face as he checked Olly’s hands.

"Stop the act," Morgan interjected.

"Act?" Kiba turned his face towards him and said, "I am genuinely worried about him."

"You severed his arms and yet you dare such such words?" Morgan angrily asked.

"I was teaching him a lesson for his own good," Kiba has a faint smile on his face as he continued," From now on he wouldn’t be a rash person relying on his father’s influence."

Morgan could feel the mockery inside Kiba’s words. He was basically chiding him for not imparting common sense to his son.

"You know who I am?" Morgan asked after some time.

"Of course," Kiba nodded his head,"Aren’t you the one responsible for carrying investigation on the incident in the wasteland?"

"Yet you dare to harm my son and now mock me?" Morgan looked at him with a scathing gaze.

"Should I be afraid just because your master is world government?" Kiba’s voice contained a trace of amusement as he continued,"Or perhaps I should dread for you are capable of framing me in the incident?"

Morgan didn’t let the insult get to him. He knew what Kiba was trying to tell him. In the present situation, Morgan can’t abuse his powers as a government officer.

The incident has gathered the attention of world government and mystic heritages. Many eyes were on the city looking at every action of Morgan. In other times he could frame Kiba in any case but not now. The chances of scrutiny were too high now.

*knock knock*

The door was opened after a few knocking. A girl in early twenties and a woman entered the room.

When Kiba saw the two ladies he almost whistled. The woman especially...

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