The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 82 Transfer Studen

Chapter 82 Transfer Studen

Kiba looked at the woman and the girl with wide eyes. The woman was in a blue dress which showcased her cleavage. She has long black curly hair that hung halfway down her back, eyes dark like the night sky. Her fair complexion suited her gorgeous face which was more than enough to entice any man.

The girl was no less gorgeous with her facial features resembling the woman. The resemblance left no doubt about the relationship between the girl and the woman.

"Mom," Olly called out to the woman.

"Mom?" Kiba was startled. The woman looked far too beautiful to be the mother of Olly or wife of Morgan.

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"How are you?" The woman arrived in front of her child. She ignored the existence of Morgan and Kiba.

The girl, on the other hand, remained behind with a nonchalant expression.

"I am fine," Olly has tears in his eyes after hugging his mother.

"Don’t cry," Morgan coldly ordered.

"Stop being so harsh on him," the woman interjected with a frown on her face.

"Suzane, don’t spoil him," Morgan wasn’t pleased with his wife’s attitude.

"He is a child," Suzane pacified her son. Suddenly she felt goosebumps on her body so she turned her face around and saw Kiba who was gazing at her like a wolf eyeing a sheep.

She didn’t know why but she felt naked under his gaze. It was like his eyes could ignore the existence of her dress and look at her intimate parts.

A current passed through her as Kiba’s eyes moved down towards her body. She could see the lust inside his eyes clearly.

Suzane was angry but she didn’t berate him due to the presence of her family. Thankfully no one noticed what passed between her and Kiba.

"I apologize for harming Olly," Kiba suddenly bowed towards Suzane and in a polite tone said," but please understand I have the best intentions. He addressed me as a relative so I only did what my role demanded."

"Relative?" Suzane was surprised by his words.

"You can ask Olly if you don’t believe me," Kiba pointed towards Olly.

Olly’s entire face was filled with sweat. Only he knows what type of ’relative’ he called Kiba.


He truly wished he could bury his face inside the ground. How was he supposed to tell his mother and the rest of family about Kiba’s role as a ’motherfucker’?

"Anyways, I understand I might have gone overboard so as an compensation I paid for his treatment," Kiba saved Olly from explanation by continuing further,"Truly speaking it was him who attacked me first but yet I tried to be as magnanimous as possible. So I hope there is no bad blood between us."

Kiba rubbed his hand over Olly like a kind relative and then took his leave. Morgan and the others were left speechless by Kiba’s words and attitude. When they regained their composure Kiba has already left the room.

"He is a strange man," the girl remarked. She was still standing near the door as if she didn’t care about Olly at all.

"Loren, aren’t you going to check on your brother?" Morgan asked.

"Is there any need for me to check on him?" Loren ignored the stern gaze of her father and said,"Olly got what he deserved anyway."


Next day at Royal Heart Academy.

Zed entered the canteen absentmindedly thinking of the adventures in his Kiba form.

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"So are you all right?" Felicity’s voice waked Kiba from his thoughts. He noticed Felicity and Jessica sitting around a table at the corner of the canteen.

"I am fine," Zed answered after taking a seat. He was having a feeling Felicity has something planned for him but he tried to be optimistic.

"Then why were you absent for last week?" Felicity’s dark eyes were on Zed’s face to catch any signs of lying.

"Claudia’s hardware needed an upgrade plus I have to settle some bills," Zed has learned the art of lying with a straight face so he wasn’t afraid of being caught. Sure lying was a forte of his Kiba form but his Zed from was no less weak in that department.

"Are you lying?" Felicity still didn’t trust him.

"Let us order breakfast," Zed changed the topic.

He clicked a panel on the table to bring out the menu in a virtual screen. The three quickly chose the items they wanted to eat.

Minutes later, the waiters brought pancakes, waffles. bacon, sausage, bread, cheese, butter, olives, and eggs.

The appetite of mutants was far greater than humans due to the energy requirements so the breakfast was finished in no time. Zed clicked the virtual screen again to order coffee and juices when suddenly a girl requested if she could take a seat since the canteen was full.

"Hm?" Zed was startled for this girl was none other than Olly’s sister.

"Loren, please have a seat," Jessica answered Loren’s request.

"Thanks," Loren helped herself in the seat,"There were no familiar faces but thankfully you two were here."

"Zed, she is Loren," Jessica introduced Loren to Zed.

"Nice to meet you," Zed greeted her. Loren returned the greeting with equal politeness.

"I have been hearing about you a lot ever since I joined the academy," Loren clicked a panel on the screen to summon a menu to order her breakfast.

"Is that so?" Zed was surprised as he continued,"You are new here?"

"She is a transfer student who joined during your absence," Jessica explained on Loren’s behalf.

"Transfer?" Zed asked.

"My father’s job required him in the city for a long time so..." Loren gave a short explanation.

"There are dozens of other transfer students all thanks to that fool who created a scene in the wasteland," Felicity suddenly spoke in a cold voice.

Zed gave a light cough. He knew she was angry as she has to welcome many of the government guests due to her being a daughter of a senator.

Zed understood that many investigators have arrived in the city with their families so it wasn’t surprising for the sudden transfer students in the academy.

"The government is sure giving a lot of benefits," Zed thought. The fees of Royal Heart Academy was far too high but yet now dozens of students have joined.

"Many non-government organizations’ officers have arrived here as well along with their families," Felicity spoke a minute later,"Those officers’ children will be joining the academy as well."

"Oh?" Zed knew there were organizations with strong influence but didn’t think they will send officers along with entire family just like world government.

"Father said that the officers from both government and non-government organizations think it will be a good way for their offspring to gain experience from this chaotic situation," Felicity explained.

"Gain experience?" Zed coldly snorted inside.

A Level IX scientist has died here along with god know how many people but yet these officers think their offspring could gain experience?

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