The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 83 Kind Offer

Chapter 83 Kind Offer

A Level IX scientist has died here along with god know how many mutants but yet these officers think their offspring could gain experience?

Have they learned nothing from the fate of Castor Damon and others? Did they not noticed the damage created by the golden lightning in the wasteland?

Zed didn’t know whether to be angry or to be amused at the situation. In the end, the officers were thinking their stay in the city would be a joy ride.

"I hope your stay is pleasant," Zed told Loren as breakfast for her arrived.

The waiters brought the fruit juice for Felicity and Jessica while Zed was served with a cappuccino.

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"Thanks," Loren said before starting her breakfast.

[[Student Zed, you are urgently summoned in the principal’s cabin]] A notification panel suddenly appeared on the table.

Zed was startled by the notification.

"Why will I be summoned?" Zed muttered.

"The principal has changed a week ago but that wouldn’t explain the summon," Jessica said.

"New principal?" Zed asked.

"Yeah, his name is Owain. From what I know he is from another city," Jessica answered.

"I will have to answer the summon if he is new here," Zed took a sip off the cappuccino. He was rather laidback as he enjoyed the drink.


Principal’s cabin.

The cabin was large with the walls decorated with various art pieces. There were a sofa and a glass table at a corner for relaxation while at the center there was an office table.

Currently, Owain was sitting in a chair browsing some files. He was a middle-aged man with a beer belly and long black hair.

"It just doesn’t make any sense at all," Owain muttered as he browsed the report on a tablet. The tablet was showing an image of Zed along with his academic report and other details.


The female receptionist has sent him a message about Zed’s arrival.

"Send him in," Owain replied.

Zed entered the cabin in a light manner. He was rather unfazed for a man entering the principal’s cabin.

"Sir, you called me?" Zed asked in a neutral tone. He was neither arrogant nor servile in both his behavior and tone.

"Yes," Owain nodded his head and then signaled him to have a seat.

"May I know the reason?" Zed asked as he made himself comfortable in a chair opposite to Owain.

"Of course," Owain said with a smile,"I have called you to personally inform my decision so that there is no misunderstanding."

Zed didn’t speak as he waited for Owain to tell him about the decision.

"I am transferring you to Raffles Academy," Owain said,"It is for your good so I hope you will politely accept my decision."

"Haha," Zed started laughing.

"Did I said something funny?" Owain asked in a stern manner. He expected Zed to be shocked or even angrier but never thought to laugh.

"Yeah, your hypocrisy of my own good bring back memories of people who said the same thing," Zed said in an amused tone.

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"Hypocrisy?" Owain’s voice turned cold.

"Come on, drop the act," Zed continued in an amused tone, "You wish to transfer me in order to accommodate the transfer students."

The best academy in the city would obviously have a limited amount of students. It was both to maintain quality and also to show a standard of the institution.

The rich parents can be assured that the limited amount of students would assure the best exposure to their child, unlike the overcrowded public academies where the poor and middle-class families send their children.

The academy was already full with the required quota of students. So to accommodate the transfer students, the academy has to remove the existing students in one way or the other.

Zed was sure Owain has already removed some students seeing Loren and other transfer students. Of course, to do so he has to be extremely polite and aboveboard since almost everyone here has an influential background.

The only people who didn’t have powerful background were scholarship students like Jessica, but they were immune since the academy has to maintain its reputation of magnanimous to the lower class.

"I refuse your kind offer since I like the academy," Zed said seeing no response from Owain.

"It is an order and not an offer," Owain clarified. He was annoyed by the words Zed spoke before but he didn’t let it show.

"Last I checked the principal don’t have such authority," Zed said with a smile.

"I do have the authority," Owain brought a file from the drawer and gave it to Zed before continuing,"You don’t meet the standards of our academy so I am being kind enough already."

Zed opened the file to see the papers inside.

"You are top in academic and sports but that doesn’t matter since your admission is illegal in the first place," Owain said as Zed was reading the file, "A student wishing to join the academy has to have educated parents, with certain background clearance, even if the admission is through a scholarship much less for direct admission."

Zed closed the file and threw it on the table. He already realized the reasons Owain wanted to use to remove him from the academy.

Even top elementary schools have a requirement of parents being educated. So much less the best academy in the city.

Not only wealth but the background mattered in the admission to such institutes.

"I am aware your parents died when you were young," Owain’s voice contained a trace of pity,"Since they were from slums, I am sure they didn’t meet the qualifications of our academy. So you can understand..."

"I do understand," Zed has a mocking expression on his face,"But you are the one who is not understanding the trouble you are creating for yourself."

"Trouble for myself?" Owain started laughing. He has checked Zed’s background in the files so he was sure there was nothing for him to fear.

Zed was just a slum insect who got lucky and made a fortune. He has no background to speak of, so removing him has no drawback, unlike the others.

Sure he was rich but there was no lack of rich people in the city. Not to mention giving admission to the children of influential officers would help Owain later on.

"I do hope you can laugh in the future," Zed left the seat and said," There is something I wish to ask before I leave."

"What?" Owain said.

"Have you informed the academy’s governing council about this decision?" Zed has turned his face towards the door so Owain couldn’t see the smile on his face.

The day-to-day activities were handled by the principal but the allover management and policies were overlooked by the governing council.

"I don’t need to inform the council of such small things," Owain lightly said.

Zed walked towards the exit but then he suddenly stopped.

"There is something you wish to add?" Owain asked. He was sure Zed was going to beg forgiveness for his attitude earlier which brought a smile on his face. Owain couldn’t help but look forward to seeing the sorry expression on Zed’s face.

"You were so kind to personally inform me," Zed turned his face towards him,"So let me return the kindness by an advice."

"Advice?" Owain was confused. Shouldn’t Zed be begging for leniency?

"Yes," Zed’s voice was filled with sincerity as he stated his advice,"Better search for a new city and a new job."

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