The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 84 Suppressing Gray Matter

Chapter 84 Suppressing Gray Matter

"Better search for a new city and a new job," Zed said after which he left the cabin.

Owain was startled by Zed’s words. But then he thought Zed was just being arrogant in order to remove his anger.

"Dumb kid," Owain mused. He signed the papers to remove Zed from the school in order to accommodate transfer students...

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Zed was out in the corridor walking towards the exit. He dialed Claudia on his cell phone.

[[What is it you wish to do with the principal?]] Claudia asked. Years ago, she and Kiba have hacked the servers of Royal Heart Academy so she knows pretty much everything in the academy.

"I haven’t decided yet," Zed thought for a moment before continuing,"but then again I did advise him to look for a new job."


Very few people knew how Zed got admission to the academy without meeting the background requirements. Of course, there were rumors of him bribing the previous principal and so on. But these rumors were as true his rags to riches story.

"Good," Zed said.

[[Lady Felicity is waiting outside.]] Claudia reminded him.

"Oh damn," Zed increased his pacing.

"Why did the principal called you?" Felicity asked outside the academic section of the academy. She was along with Jessica and Loren.

"To remove me from the academy," Zed answered her casually, "Or to be more precise, to transfer me to a new academy."

As long as it didn’t concern his other identity, Zed would try to be honest with Felicity.

"What?!" Jessica was shocked.

"That bastard sure has got nerves," Felicity’s voice was filled with coldness,"Let me teach that son of a bitch a lesson he would never forget."

She opened her cell phone to contact her father. Zed placed his hand on her wrist to stop her from dialing the number.

"I have already handled the situation, "Zed pacified her, "Things would be settled in a day or two so you don’t have to take any action. Trust me he will regret his decision."

"Ok," Felicity nodded her head. She was sure he will ask if he needed her help, just like she would if she needed his. Between them, there was no awkwardness in taking each other’s help.

"Will you like to go outside?" Zed could see the slight frown on Felicity’s face which indicated she was in no mood for classes.

"Yes," Felicity agreed,"Let us go to a thrill park."

"Sure," Zed didn’t protest though he knew he will be regretting his decision soon.

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Jessica and Loren were feeling out of place hearing the conversation between Zed and Felicity.

"Want to join us?" Felicity asked Jessica and Loren. She was on good terms with both of them which is why she asked.

"I have a lot to catch up so I can’t," Loren politely refused.

She has joined the academy only a week ago so she couldn’t afford to miss the classes. Loren did like Felicity after acquainting her for a week but she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of joining her with Zed. After all, today was the first time she met Zed.

"I need to study," Jessica also excused herself. She could judge from Zed’s voice that the invitation was only for Felicity. Not to mention she was afraid Felicity will take her for a crazy ride like the last time.

Felicity didn’t ask further as she left with Zed.

"They are truly close," Loren remarked to Jessica.

"Yeah," Jessica agreed as they walked towards the class,"But then again they are siblings so it is nothing surprising."

"Siblings?" Loren was surprised.

Felicity’s father, Patrick Weisz, is a senator so he and his family have given a reception to the government officers out of courtesy. This was how Loren became acquainted with Felicity since she was present in the formal reception along with her family.

As far as Loren knew, Felicity only has an elder brother. But now Zed was her sibling as well?

"They are not blood-related," Jessica clarified.

"Oh," Loren was confused,"Then how can they be as close as siblings?"

"I don’t know," Jessica said.


Meanwhile at Atlantis. Poseidon entered the core section of the crystal temple.

Rhea was sitting naked on the blue crystal throne like always. The crystals in the throne have fused with her skin which resulted in a glow of blue on her snow white skin.

But Poseidon was horrified at the sight he saw since her body was in a strange condition. Rhea was trembling as traces of gray matter appeared on her neck.

The blood-red crystals in the wall flashed to provide her with their energy but it did no good to reduce the attack of gray matter.

"Holy Seer hasn’t recovered yet?!" Poseidon muttered in disbelief. It has been more than ten days from the time she looked in the future but yet her condition was the same.

"Urgh!" Rhea coughed up a mouthful of blood as she suppressed the gray matter with all her might. She sighed in a breath of relief knowing the gray matter was sealed temporarily.

More energy from the blood-red crystals transferred to her. She has gained enough strength to clear her thoughts.

"There was something totally wrong with the future I saw," Rhea adjusted her silver hairs as she contemplated," I thought that gray existence attacking me from future is the strange part but I was wrong!"

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