The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 85 Icy Shade of Blue

Chapter 85 Icy Shade of Blue

"There was something totally wrong with the future I saw," Rhea adjusted her silver hairs as she contemplated," I thought that gray existence attacking me from future is the strange part but I was wrong!"

"The shock from the attack gave me no time to contemplate at the truly terrifying parts!" Rhea wiped the sweat from her forehead," When I entered the final part of future, I saw and sensed the grayness in the city. I felt uneasy but it wasn’t horrifying enough to make me feel fear. Then I saw that man walking. There was unease again but not enough to make me feel fear. But then suddenly I started feeling fear like never before from that man. It was spontaneous and happened in a fraction after seeing that man. This is the most horrifying part in the future I saw!"

Rhea tried to remember the details of the vision as she contemplated further, "Something happened in a fraction of mini seconds which made me felt fear. I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was made me feel that the gray man has the ability to wipe out the entire world. Now that I think of it...I sensed a faint trace of.....!!!!"

Rhea’s body started shaking as she thought of what she has sensed. She was someone whose bloodline originated from Lords Of Time so she was sure her senses couldn’t be wrong.

"No! There is something even more terrifying matter as far I am concerned!" Rhea shook her head," How could I forget what that gray existence told me before I was engulfed by the gray vortex?"

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The words he said were still fresh in her mind: "Bitch, you want to die?"

Rhea’s scalp turned numb as she thought of this.

"I am alive! This is the strangest part!" Rhea was sure the gray existence in the final vision was capable of killing her but, yet she was alive. His voice was filled with killing intent but yet he didn’t truly kill her.

"The gray matter is corroding me but it has never truly tried to kill me," Rhea’s back was drenched with cold sweat as she reached a conclusion," It is like the future I saw was a part of a trap!"

Rhea didn’t dare believe her guesses. She realized the attack from future wasn’t as horrifying as the other things.

She cleared her mind and focused on Poseidon who was looking at her with concern.

"Holy Seer, I am answering your summons," Poseidon gave her a polite bow.

"I called you for this," Rhea waved her hand and a small white crystal appeared in the air. The white crystal flew in Poseidon’s hand.

"This is..." Poseidon looked carefully at the crystal.

"I have tried to inscribe the images of the existence we couldn’t afford to offend," Rhea said, "Alas, the gray matter would corrode my organs whenever I try to inscribe the images of that existence. The pain is so strong that I couldn’t even think much less inscribe."

"Then this crystal?" Poseidon asked. He now understood why she was struggling with the gray matter just minutes ago. She must have paid a heavy price trying to inscribe the images.

"I was able to inscribe one image from the first future but afterward the attack of gray matter turned far too stronger for me to inscribe the other images," Rhea said, "The crystal contains that one image."

"I understand," Poseidon thanked her again," Could you explain to me about that existence?"

"I can’t," Rhea shook her head before saying, "If I try, then the gray matter would attack me again with a far greater intensity. I have suppressed the gray matter temporarily but I am sure it would become active once again if I try to share the details."

"There is no need then," Poseidon felt chills just thinking of the words Rhea has spoken. It was as if the gray matter has its own free will.

"You can leave," Rhea said as she closed her eyes. She wished to recover enough before the gray matter attacks her again.

Poseidon gave her a bow before turning around to leave.

"One more thing," Rhea suddenly opened her eyes. She chose her next words carefully afraid she will activate the gray matter.

"Yes?" Poseidon looked back.

"Just remember to never underestimate someone due to their weak outer appearance," Rhea said thinking of the multiple forms of that existence.

Poseidon’s eyes turned wide with realization. ’Someone’ was definitely referring to that mysterious existence.

"Thank you for the guidance," Poseidon said before leaving the temple.


The throne room of Atlantis.

Poseidon sat down on the golden throne. Inside the room, there were the important officials of Atlantis.

Mermaid, siren, sea serpent, Leviathan and sea monk were among the officials who were kneeling in front of the throne.

Poseidon’s wife, Anthea, was standing below the dais looking at her husband.

"Rise," Poseidon commanded.

"Thank you, your majesty," The officers said as they stood up.

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"I have summoned you all to share an important information," Poseidon’s voice was heavy as he brought the white crystal.

He tapped the crystal and soon everyone in the throne room saw a life-like image of a handsome man sitting in a restaurant. The man has black hairs and the eye iris was blue like the sky.

Anthea looked at the image carefully. From what she could judge, the man seemed to be a human in his early twenties.

"Who is he?" Anthea asked the question which everyone in the room wanted to ask but didn’t dare.

"I don’t know," Poseidon answered.

Don’t know?!

Everyone looked at Poseidon in disbelief.

"Don’t look at me like that," Poseidon coldly said, "I only know he is someone from a human city known as Delta City. This image was given by Holy Seer."

"Holy Seer?!" Anthea and others sucked in a breath of cold air. Poseidon was their king but Rhea was their god!

The awe for a king can never compare to the devotion for the god.

"Holy Seer has warned us to never offend this man," Poseidon’s eyes traced everyone, "Our sea race rarely participate in the matters of humans, so the chances of offending this man are low but it is better to be safe than sorry."

"Holy Seer has warned?!" Anthea couldn’t believe the words.

The man seemed to be in the twenties but yet Holy Seer gave him such importance? She didn’t dare believe this youth has the power to make Atlantis dread him.

Poseidon then passed Holy Seer’s message of not underestimating this kid due to his weak outer appearance.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. It was clear that there was more to this youth than what he let the world know.

"Should we spread the information in Atlantis?" A mermaid asked.

"No, some of our race members have been corrupted by humans," Poseidon said, "If everyone knows this information then the humans will learn it as well. So keep this information among yourself.

"Just make sure our race members never enter Delta City or the surrounding area. You are allowed to use force to ensure this order is strictly followed."

"We understand," The officers nodded their head.

They realized that Poseidon would be glad if humans offended this existence and harm themselves in the process.

If the information was spread then the chances of such confrontation would reduce which wasn’t beneficial to Atlantis. Sure Atlantis was in a treaty with humans but at the end, they were of different races.

Almost everyone in the top echelons knew that a day will come when the delicate balance of the power would break. From that day, the global struggle for supremacy would turn into a full-fledged war.

Poseidon wanted humans to destroy their own foundation by their own hands before that day arrives. This was the reason why he never helped the World Government in matters related to ’Revolutionaries’.

After all, both the government and revolutionaries were made of humans.

As long as the struggle between different factions of humans continued, it will be beneficial to Atlantis.

"You can leave," Poseidon dismissed the officers.

Anthea was still looking at the image of the man.

"What is the matter?" Poseidon asked in a lazy tone.

"That man seems familiar," Rhea said.

"You have seen him before?" Poseidon was shocked.

He was sure she has never visited Delta City or the surrounding area so where has she seen him?

"No," Anthea disagreed for it was the first time she has seen the picture of this man," It is just that some of the facial features seem familiar to someone I once met."

"Hmm?" Poseidon was intrigued.

"I am sure I have seen those eyes before...The ones I remember were an icy shade of blue."

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