The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 86 Going Easy

Chapter 86 Going Easy

Blackberry Resort was a high-class resort in the central district of Delta City. Floyd Preston was a bald man lying on a lounger outside the pool.

As the chairman of Royal Heart Academy’s governing council, he enjoyed a very high status in the city.

To become the chairman of such an institution meant he was wealthy and well connected in the first place. Now being the chairman meant his influence has surpassed most people in the city.

Even the rich and powerful of the city has to be polite towards him in order to make sure their children aren’t rejected by the academy. After all, the greatest weakness of any parent is their child.

One might not have a child today but what about tomorrow? What about the children of relatives or one’s own grandchildren in the future?

A parent always wishes for his children to have the best of everything especially when it concerned education. Education was the foundation of the future which resulted in parents spending money like water.

This everlasting weakness gave education institute an unimaginable amount of influence and wealth. Not to mention the institute groomed the future echelons of the city. Thus it can be imagined the authority Floyd enjoyed in the city.

Today was his 60th birthday and to celebrate he has arrived at the resort.

Currently, he was enjoying the sight of two women ’playing’ on another lounger. They were the women he hired for pleasuring himself and he enjoyed seeing them ’play’ with each other.

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A gorgeous blonde was lying naked on the lounger with her legs wide open. A brunette has planted her face inside those lovely thighs.

The blonde was twisting her left nipple as the brunette licked over her thighs like a passionate lover.

"Eat her," Floyd commanded from the lounger.

The brunette did as commanded as her tongue licked open the pink pussy lips of blonde. She slowly shoved her tongue inside after opening the lips.

"Make her wet for me," Floyd excitedly commanded.

*beep* [[Urgent Message]]*beep*

"What?!" Floyd was startled. He was sure he has put his cell phone on airplane mode so how could it activate suddenly?

Floyd grudgingly picked the cell phone to make it silent, instead of reading the message, but then he glanced at the name of the sender.


Floyd lost all the color from his face. Controlling his emotions, he clicked a panel to open the message.

"Thank you for removing me from the academy. I will always remember this favor. -Zed"

The message was short and simple without any negativity but for Floyd, it was a nightmare.


He fell from the lounger with his eyes wide open. His entire body was sweating so heavily as if he was going to have a stroke now.

The brunette and blonde stopped playing after hearing the thumping sound. They turned back and were shocked to see Floyd on the floor.

They thought the stimuli of their ’play’ was too much for an old man which resulted in his condition. This especially seemed true seeing the sweat on his face.

Both of them dashed towards Floyd to provide him support for they were afraid he will die.

"I didn’t remove him!" Floyd loudly shouted. His breathing was rapid as he read the message again to make sure his eyes weren’t tricking him.

The two women stopped some distance away from Floyd after seeing his reaction.

He is fine so why is he sweating over a message? Isn’t he a big shot in the city?

"Damn!" The phone fell from Floyd’s hands. His body was trembling in fear as certain memories from three years ago resurfaced.

He almost got a heart attack when he remembered what happened to some of his fellow governing council members.

"No! I have to make sure that kid doesn’t blame me! Otherwise that man!" Floyd rose from the floor. Without giving any attention to his ’birthday gifts’, he dashed towards the exit in a towel.

"Rich people are strange," the brunette muttered.

"Yeah," the blonde agreed.


Thrill Park.

Zed gulped down an entire bottle of water.

"Phew~" He sighed in some relief a moment later.

"It was fun," Felicity said as she placed a hand on his shoulder,"I am glad you brought us here."

Zed wanted to cry but has no tears. He was actually regretting his decision of agreeing with her. She has taken him to a free fall roller coaster ride along with the skydiving just like the previous time.

"I hope this will stop her from whatever she has planned for me," Zed prayed inside.

At times like this, he wished Felicity knew his secret. Then he wouldn’t fear her helpful plans in his Kiba form. Alas, he couldn’t reveal the secret due to the safety concerns of both.

The risk involved was far too high in his secret. Eva knew his secret but she was meticulous and smart. This was why he didn’t mind Eva knowing his dual identities.

On the other hand, Felicity and Agatha were different. They were trustworthy but lacked mastery in the art of deception, unlike Eva.

"What are you thinking?" Felicity asked as they took a seat on a park bench.

"Nothing much," Zed gazed around the thrill park before continuing," I just remembered the first time you brought me here years ago. It was fun now that I think about it."

"Of course," Felicity agreed,"My ideas are always great. You just lack the wisdom to appreciate them."

"...." Zed wished he hasn’t brought the topic.

"Remember how you were crying back when I brought you here?" Felicity asked. She has taken him to Hell Coaster - an exclusive ride for mutants.

"I wasn’t crying," Zed said in a stern manner,"Besides could you really blame me even if I cried for taking me to such a ride?"

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"Sighs~ What will I do of you?" Felicity shook her head in disappointment. Only she knew how difficult it has been to take care of Zed.

She truly wished for ’Kiba’ to fulfill his promise of teaching ’Zed’ about the importance of excitement in life. At least, she could save herself from so many troubles.

"...I should be the one to complain," Zed thought.


"Hm?" Felicity took out her cell phone.

"Who is it?" Zed asked.

"Mom," Felicity replied before taking the call.

"I am fine," Felicity spoke on phone," I wasn’t in the mood for class so we came here. No. It was Zed who brought me to park and not the other way."

"....." Zed placed his ears next to hers to listen to what her mother was speaking.

"Don’t lie," Felicity’s mother said,"You have always bullied poor Zed in following your bids."

Zed nodded his head. He couldn’t help but say,"You are right!"

Felicity looked at him with her dark eyes.

"Zed, is that you?" Felicity’s mother asked on phone.

"Yes," Zed braved his heart and ignored the gaze of Felicity.

"Come to our house on Sunday for dinner," Felicity’s mother said.

"I will," Zed thanked her. She has invited him for dinner many times before and he has always like her hospitality.

Felicity took the phone back and said,"Mom, I will talk to you later."

"...We are getting late so let us go," Zed said. Actually, it was only 1 pm but he was having a bad feeling so he wanted to get out now.

"Don’t change the topic," Felicity looked at him, "have I ever forced you to do my biddings?"

"Always," Zed thought in his heart he didn’t dare say it out loud. Instead, he replied,"Of course not."

"Yet you lied to mom," Felicity opened her phone app to book tickets to Hell Coaster,"So I might as well force you now to go to the new version of Hell Coaster."



The Principal’s Cabin, Royal Heart Academy.

Owain was sitting on the chair in total comfort. There was a big smile on his face as he thought about the favors he has earned from the officials of the government and other organizations for giving admissions to their children.

"It has been only a week but I have gained so much," Owain thought about his elevation as the principal of the academy. He was someone from the neighboring city who was invited here after the term of previous principal ended.

Owain clicked a panel on the tablet to open Zed’s files.

"I should add a black mark on his degree," Owain thought with a smirk,"It will teach him a lesson for not respecting his seniors."

A black mark from the academy would make sure that a student never gets admission in a top institution. Earlier Owain wouldn’t have done but now he has earned many favors in the city so he wished to teach the impudent kid a lesson.


The door of the cabin was blasted open.

Owain was startled. He quickly dodged the few shards of metals from the blasted door.

"Who have got guts to attack my academy?" Owain angrily barked.

"Your academy?" An angry voice came out as the smoke cleared,"Son of a bitch, not even I own this institute but you got nerves to call it your own?"

Owain was shocked when he saw the owner of the voice.

Floyd Preston?! The chairman?!

"S-sir, what are you doing?" Owain was having a bad feeling seeing the anger on Floyd’s face.

"You are asking me?" The next moment Floyd was in front of Owain. Without any warning, he grabbed Owain’s hairs and threw him on the floor.

"Ah!" Owain’s face landed on the floor with a heavy force. He didn’t even get time to stand as he found multiple kicks on his back.

Owain gritted his teeth as a red light surrounded his body. He was ready to counterattack but then a kick landed on his head.

"cough," Owain lost his concentration and the red light disappeared.

"You got nerves to fight back?!" Floyd was incensed. He launched one kick after the another on the head of Owain.

A few minutes later, Floyd’s anger calmed down. He took a deep breath and sat on a sofa in the corner.

At the entrance of the cabin, there were guards and droids but they didn’t enter inside since the attacker was the chairman of the academy’s governing council.

"S-sir, can we treat him?" A doctor asked.

"No need," Floyd snapped at the doctor,"I went easy on him so why should you treat him?"

The doctor and others glanced at Owain who was lying on the floor. His entire body was soaked in blood.

They couldn’t see his face but from the broken teeth nearby they knew Owain’s face was in terrible condition.

Just from a glance, it was possible to see there were multiple bones fractured along with internal injuries. It was even possible there was severe injuries on the head but yet he doesn’t need treatment?

This is going easy?!

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