The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 87 Nightmare

Chapter 87 Nightmare

The doctors and the guards did nothing but stare at Owain who was lying on the floor on his stomach. His arms and legs were broken with blood leaking from everywhere. The floor was full of spider-like cracks and broken tiles along with teeth of Owain.

Floyd did nothing but coldly looked at the body of Owain. He has read the internal records from academy’s server and knew Owain was responsible for removing Zed from the academy.

Floyd wanted nothing more than killing Owain for involving him in this mess but for now, he patiently waited for him to awaken.

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Ten minutes later, Owain regained consciousness with a deep grunt.

"Urgh!" Owain felt severe pain throughout his body. His jaw especially hurt the most since his face was banged directly on the floor.

With many efforts, he opened his eyes but all he could see was darkness mixed with red. It took him minutes to realize his vision was impaired by the blood and sweat.

He released a loud scream when he felt he couldn’t move his arms at all.

"Help me!" Owain loudly begged. He was wriggling on the floor trying to rise up but with no success at all.

Neither the guards nor the doctors moved to help. The only thing they did was to wonder why he was punished in such a horrifying way.

"Anyone...please!" Owain rose his head from the floor with grave efforts. He couldn’t see clearly but he could make out there were people in front of him.

"Shut up," Floyd’s cold voice ringed inside the chamber,"Have some decency to accept your punishment without complaining like a pig."

Punishment?! For what crime?!

"I have done nothing to deserve this!" Owain muttered while still wriggling on the floor.

"Still got the nerves to lie?" Floyd took a water bottle from a small freezer in the chamber. He then crouched in front of Owain to pour the cold water on his face.

"Arghhhhh!" Owain screamed as the cold water burned on his wounds. The bright side was that the water cleared his eyes but the pain was terrible nevertheless.

"You abused your authority and yet you say you did nothing?" Floyd asked in a cold voice.

"What abuse?!" Owain angrily barked. He has joined the academy just a week ago so what terrible crime could he have committed in such a short span?

Owain swore he will get even with Floyd after he recovered. He was not the type to take the thrashing like a dead pig.

"You want to take revenge?" Floyd asked with a twisted smile on his face.

"N-no!" Owain didn’t even get time to say more as his face once again crashed on the floor. What little teeth he has left also broke this time.

"You removed the students to accommodate transfer students and yet you think I am in wrong?" Floyd asked before stomping his foot on Owain’s arms.

"ARGH!" Owain couldn’t understand what was wrong in his actions. Sure he got favors from the government officials but it was nothing new. Such activities were rather too common in most institutes.

After all, in any organization, it was necessary for the office bearers to have sufficient endeavors for contributing their best.

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Not to mention the benefits gained from such activities were shared among the management. In other words, the governing council would gain as well instead of him alone.

The money earned in the fundraiser was an example of this. These fundraisers consisted of donations from rich parents who are far too eager to see their child in the institute. On the paper, the money was reserved for building new facilities or develop existing ones but in truth, the money was for the management.

It was the right of the principal to manage such activities as long as everyone at the top gets a fair share of it. So what wrong has he done this time?!

Floyd caught Owain by his hairs and then threw him on a sofa nearby.

"Don’t make him lose consciousness now," Floyd coldly ordered the doctors. His mood was already ruined when he got the message a few hours ago.

Today he was to ’celebrate’ his birthday at the resort but everything was ruined by this bastard. The ’gifts’ he has purchased for himself were still in the resort.

"Yes," The doctors hurriedly gave emergency treatment to Owain. They healed him enough to make sure he retained his consciousness for a long time.

"What wrong have I done in removing students?!" Owain asked as he saw Floyd walking towards him.

His injuries were slightly healed but the pain he now was far more terrible. Earlier his senses were knocked out but now the treatment has opened his senses.

"You removed Zed, and yet you ask what wrong you have done?" Floyd said in a cold voice.

"Zed?!" Owain felt like his heart was pierced with a knife. His body froze in disbelief and fright as Floyd’s words set in his mind.

"You made me and others a target of ’that man’ by removing Zed. Yet you have done no wrong?" Floyd slowly asked as he took another step towards Owain.

"That kid has such a frightening background?!" Owain felt as if his entire blood had been sucked out of his body. He lost his balance from the sofa and fell on the floor with a thud sound.

His face lost what color it had as he remembered the words Zed has spoken hours ago.

"You are not understanding the trouble you are creating for yourself," Zed’s words refloated inside his mind.

Back then he has thought that Zed was just being arrogant. He has checked Zed’s background and was sure the kid was nothing but a lucky slum insect who made a fortune through luck.

Owain has even laughed on Zed for being so cocky in front of him. Zed, on the other hand, has then told him that he hoped Owain can continue to laugh in the future.

Owain couldn’t laugh now. His entire face was ruined as if a train has stepped on it. The other parts of his bodies were in no less pain due to the broken bones and internal injuries.

Owain glanced at Floyd who was slowly walking towards him. He then thought of Zed’s final words before he left: "Better search for a new city and a new job."

Owain now knew the words were more than just empty advice. But he couldn’t believe the turn of events.

Today he was planning to celebrate given the favors he has earned but now his life has turned into a joke. The decision which was supposed to elevate him to success has instead brought him to depths of hell.

He refused to believe this was reality.

"Yes! This has to be a nightmare! There is no way a slum insect can turn my life upside down!"

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