The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 88 Help Her!

Chapter 88 Help Her!

Owain was sure everything was a nightmare. There is no way a slum insect can be responsible for the present situation.

Is it even possible for a slum insect to influence someone like the chairman of governing council?

Owain became more and more confident in his thoughts.


A heavy kick on his stomach brought him back to his senses. The dose of pain made him doubt his thoughts

"You are fired," Floyd coldly said,"All your decisions are to be reverted back and you will sign the orders."


Owain felt like a bucket of cold water has dropped on him. If he reverted his decisions then he will earn the wrath of officials to whose children he has given admission.

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He could understand if the decision against zed was changed but now all decisions? This will result in serious damage to him especially now that he was fired. After all, how can the influential officials handle the slight of their children’s admission being canceled?

"Don’t even think you can leave the premises without carrying out my orders," Floyd continued,"You will be signing a nondisclosure agreement with the academy before you leave. Of course, you can complain about me to authorities if you wish."

Owain gritted his teeth. How can he not know that the powerful always escape the clutches of laws?

"Zed! Everything is his fault!" Owain’s heart was full of resentment.



Zed returned to Dream Rise House after his trip from thrill park. Felicity has made sure to give him multiple rides of Hell Coaster before letting him go.

[[Sir, how was your day?]] Claudia asked as zed washed his face on a washbasin.

"You already know the answer," Zed replied with a sigh. A droid nearby gave him a towel to wipe out his face.

After freshening up, he directly went to the bedroom and lied down on his bed.

[[Lady Felicity had fun so, in turn, this should make you glad given your relationship with her. Thus I assume you had a great day.]] Claudia said.

"....." Zed didn’t know whether Claudia was joking with him or being serious. He didn’t say anything and instead just closed his eyes.

[[There are two bad news.]] Claudia mentioned after a minute. A virtual screen appeared above the bed.

Zed didn’t open his eyes as he said, "No good news to leave a sweet aftertaste?"

[[I am afraid not]] Claudia said.

"Just tell me what they are," The virtual screen showed the details on the two news but he was in no mood to read.

[[Carole has sent you a message on postponing the date for an indefinite time.]]

"What?!" Zed opened his eyes wide in surprise. For him, it was truly a bad news. In his Kiba form, he has spent many efforts to make Carole agree.

Carole was impressed by his style so she herself chose the time and location for their date. There were around 15 days remaining before they meet but now she was postponing it?

"Did she specified her reasons?" Zed was sure she wasn’t the type to go back on her words. If she didn’t wish to go out with him, then she would have declined in the first place.

[[Her message said she will be occupied with tasks at white angel corporation. She didn’t give the details.]]

"Ah!" Zed actually understood now. He knew Hank was planning to launch an attack on Sky Fiend Group so the entire corporation should be busy with preparations.

The confrontation will require a lot of time and resources along with other arrangements

As a high ranking office bearer, Carole would have many tasks to handle. He understood why she didn’t specify the details in her message since he had a fallout with Hank weeks ago.

[[Sir, will you like for me to warn her about the dangers of Sky Fiend Group?]] Claudia asked. She was aware why he refused to agree with Hank’s proposal of teaming up to attack Sky Fiend Group.

"No need since was there when I refused Hank’s proposal " Zed shook his head, "She should already have an idea about the dangers involved but yet she is going along with Hank. This clears her stand."

There are always risks when the stakes are high. Carole would obviously know such a basic fact.

She has made her choice and he didn’t wish to interfere. If she died, then she can only blame herself. While he truly wishes to spend time with her, he wouldn’t go out to help her at his own cost.

He doesn’t mind doing charity when he is in good mood and has nothing to lose but otherwise, he wasn’t the type to help others for free.

[[I understand.]]

"Second bad news?" Zed closed his eyes again.

[[The main investigation team will be arriving in three weeks.]]

"We already expected them to arrive sooner or later so what is bad in it?" Zed asked.

[[An encrypted message from Morgan’s communication states that they are going to be prepared.]]

"Prepared for what exactly?" Zed asked.

[[ Prepared to survive the destruction from the golden lightning phenomenon.]]

The world government knew anyone affected by the shock waves from golden lightning will turn into nothingness. Death was a guaranteed outcome so no high ranking investigator would truly wish to help in the investigation.

To counter this, the government has been preparing equipment which can help the investigation team survive.

"That is an unpleasant news," Zed said with a frown," I guess this explains why the main investigation team is delayed for another three weeks."

The allure of Cosmic Spark was almost impossible to resist. The lust for power was a trait among all races.

Every creature desire more power than the other for it means a higher standing in society along with the gain in lifespan.

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From his experience with Castor Damon, he already knew the extent which people can go for this power.

"Seeing the benefits the government has provided to Morgan and others, it was clear they are ready to spend resources like water," Zed’s eyes were radiating a devilish glint as he continued, "and now it becomes more evident with these preparations for the main team. I might have to resort to slaughter."

[[All preparations are complete in case we face the worst case scenario.]] Claudia said.

"I truly hope we don’t have to rely on those preparations," Zed said with a sigh.

In recent years, he has become addicted to the rich and luxurious lifestyle. He wasn’t ready to lose the life has made for himself here.

[[Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. This used to be your motto when you created me years ago.]]

"Yeah," Zed nodded his head," but I have changed for better or worse. I am no longer the kid who has just escaped the slums and the meteorite."

Claudia has seen her master changing from a survivalist to a playboy. The skills which made him survive in the slum have rusted all thanks to the change in lifestyle.

Claudia could understand the psychology behind this development. In the slum, he used to fight for survival constantly, but now with the unimaginable powers, he has enough confidence to survive anything.

unlike before, he now lived in total comfort. There was no more everyday struggle for food or shelter.

his life was filled with everything he ’wanted’ and even with what he ’needed’. This was enough to change him.

[[I wish your change is for good]] Claudia said.

"...." Zed didn’t say anything in response. A moment later, he started transforming into his other form.

[[You are leaving?]] Claudia asked in surprise. She was sure he was exhausted after the events at thrill park but seeing him transforming, she knew he planned to go out.

"There are some tasks I have to complete before things turn bad," Kiba said as rays of white light surrounded him.


Central District, Delta city. The district was exclusively reserved for the rich and powerful of the city. It has resorts, clubs, spas, apartments and everything else the rich required.


Kiba teleported on the terrace of a twenty storied building. His eyes were on his cellphone upon which an address was displayed.

After reading the coordinate properly, he turned his face to the opposite thirty storied building. His vision entered the nineteenth floor comprising of four apartments.

"That should be it!" Kiba said as his vision passed inside a bedroom.

A gorgeous woman was lying on the bed in nothing but a black thong and a matching bra. She has long black curly hair that hung halfway down her bra strip, eyes dark like the night sky.

The woman was none other than Suzane! The wife of Morgan and the mother of Olly and Loren!

"is she?" Kiba wondered back on the terrace.

He felt it would be morally wrong if he didn’t appreciate her body, so as a duty-bound hero, his vision was on her again.

On the bed, Suzane pushed her body in the air as her hands reached her back to unhook the bra. Her breasts were beautifully sculpted globes crowned by ruby nipples.

She cupped her breasts and pushed them together and then let go again causing them to bounce. A tinge of current passed through as she imagined a man playing with her breasts.

She bit her lips in excitement at the thoughts of it. The next moment, she pinched and squeezed her nipples so hard that she let out a moan.

"Suck my nipples!" Suzane muttered to her imaginary lover. She pushed her left breast towards her face to greet her hungry mouth. Her breasts swayed enticingly as she fondled and sucked on them.

On the terrace far away, Kiba was mesmerized by the sight. His vision passed down from her firm breasts to her enchanting belly and then the mound below.

Suzane slipped a hand down her belly and onto the black thong. she slowly peeled away the thong down her legs and as she did, Kiba could see dark hair and a hint of bright pink flesh behind her fleshy folds.

Suzane was lying back against pillows with her legs spread and her mouth slightly open. Her fingers spread her pussy lips and held them open while the other hand rubbed her clit.

She put one of her fingers into her pussy lips and started moving it in and out gently. Her pussy was now shining with a mesmerizing wetness.

Slowly, she increased her pace and followed it by inserting another finger inside her.

"Oooo god....yes!" She whimpered loudly as she felt herself close to release. The firey threads of orgasm were about to ignite in her pussy.


"Mom!" A loud voice suddenly entered the room along with the sound of knocking.

"Ah!" Suzane was like a cat whose tail was stepped on by someone. She panicked and hurriedly rose from the bed.

"Olly, what happened?" Suzane asked in a huffy voice.

She stepped into the throng and pulled it to her waist. The juices from inside her stained the thong but she got no time to think over it as the sound of knocking increased.

"Mom! Dad is here!" Olly’s answer came from outside the door," you two are invited to a dinner so he has arrived to bring you along."

"OK!" Suzanne replied,"Just give me a minute."

She felt frustrated at the timing for she was so close to the much-needed relief. The lack of marital bliss in her life has made her so sensitive that she could have orgasmed with little playing, but now even that was impossible.

"Sure," Olly said.

"Dumb idiot!" Far away, Kiba’s eyes were red with anger.

How could that idiot Olly knock at such a wrong time? And couldn’t that idiotic husband have arrived at a later time for taking her for dinner?

"How can they be so insensitive?" Kiba was incensed.

She might be a mother and a wife but she was also a woman. No one has the right to deny her the pleasure she deserved! Not even her family!

"I have to help her soon!"

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