The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 89 Rear Door

Chapter 89 Rear Door

A few minutes later, Suzane dressed up in a blue cocktail dress showing ample of her cleavage. She didn’t let her frustration show as she joined Morgan for a night out.

Far away, Kiba was standing on a terrace looking at the activities of Suzane. He felt she was a poor woman in need of a helping hand.

"I will have to help her soon!" Kiba resolutely muttered in his heart.

Whenever the ’happiness’ of a beautiful woman was concerned, he was always ready to help. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he was a true believer in the concept of altruism.

"For now I have to help some other woman in need," Kiba thought as he felt his raging hardon inside the pants.


Sarah has returned to her house along with her husband after he recovered from his internal injuries caused by Agatha. Daniel was advised for a bed rest but otherwise, he was fine.

The doctors assured Sarah that her husband will not have a stroke again. Not unless he suffers something terrible like the time he got his previous stroke.

To make sure her husband has a proper rest, she has sent away the kids to her sister’s house. She wanted to spend the time with her husband and make up for the mistake she has made.

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Sarah came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her breasts. She applied perfume on her body and then arrived in front of the bed where a red lingerie set was placed along with a short skirt.

Today she planned to show her husband a good time so she has brought the dresses to compliment herself.

"I hope he will enjoy them," Sarah muttered as she stared at them. She removed her towel and took the bra in her hand.

"I rather prefer you nude," A voice came from behind," Nothing can compliment your gorgeous body."

Sarah was startled by the familiar voice. She turned her body around and saw rays of white light converging into Kiba.

"What are you doing here?" Sarah apprehensively asked. She hurriedly took the towel back from the bed to wrap it around her body.

"Now that’s not a proper behavior," Kiba waved his hand in a grasping motion and the next moment the towel turned into dust, "There should be no hindrance between a man and a woman."

"No!" Sarah covered her privates by her hands, "Please get out of here!"

"Don’t say those hurtful words," Kiba looked at her with unconcealed desire, "I came all the way here to contribute to the sweetness you are missing."

"Sweetness I am missing?" Sarah’s eyes involuntarily moved on his jeans which were on verge of tearing apart. She blushed and gulped a mouthful of saliva remembering what he felt inside her.

"I never go back on my promise so here I am," Kiba said as he took a step towards her,"Let out bodies share the sweetness."

"Kiba, stop! I will never repeat my past actions," Sarah tried to step back but behind her was the bed, "Daniel is in the next room!"

"Then we should be discreet," Kiba’s right hand made a grasping motion towards her.

A gale of wind pushed Sarah ahead, and the next moment, she found herself in his arms. Her naked breasts were pressing on his chest and she could feel his raging hardon touching her stomach through his pants.

"No!" Before she could protest further, his two fingers were inside her pussy. Her mouth was wide open in shock but then she trembled as his other hand moved over the cracks of her ass.

"Your ass is so soft and firm," Kiba muttered as he lowered his head to kiss her on lips. Sarah tried to back away but how could she when his hands were holding her weak spots?

She felt a tingle of current around her body as their lips meet each other. She has had multiple kisses with him before but this time it was different.

Her husband was next door recovering! This time she was cheating on him, unlike the last time! There was no justification!

When she thought of this, she tried to push him back but he showed no sign of leaving. She released a low moan as his tongue invaded her mouth. All these time his hands didn’t forget to give the caressing her ass and pussy deserved.

She couldn’t help but allow herself to give in. Their tongues wrestled as they kissed more deeply than before.

"Ah!" Sarah lightly trembled as their mouths parted. She felt another tingling sensation as Kiba’s lips kissed her on the neck.

Kiba was intoxicated by her perfume that smelled like roses. He gave her a low bite on her neck which made her release another moan.

Her breathing was becoming shorter as Kiba’s hands continued to tease her clit and ass. She cursed him inside for attacking all her week spots at once.

He removed his soaked fingers from her pussy lips and then licked the juices from them.

"You are sweet like honey," Kiba placed the wet fingers on her lips and she opened her mouth to taste her own juice.

"Sweet indeed," Sarah remarked. She couldn’t believe she was saying such things with her husband in the next room.

She felt guilty but then her vision arrived on his pants. His hard-on was waiting for her and she kneeled down on the floor.

Sarah felt a shiver as she placed his hands on the pant. She could feel him harder than ever before which shocked her.

He was the most well-endowed man she ever knew, but now he felt larger than ever as caressed the outline of his cock through the pants.

"He must be turned down by the situation," Sarah thought as she unbuttoned his jeans to remove it, "Not like I can blame him when I am turned on by the situation as well."

Without wasting any time, she wrapped her hands around his thick cock. She gave him a few strokes which made him harder.

She then proceeded to sensuously kiss over his entire shaft in a teasing manner. She felt he should give him a lesson of his own medicine, so she lightly licked over his shaft as she stroked him faster.

"Oh Sarah, don’t torture me," Kiba grunted.

Sarah let out a devilish smile as she licked away from the back of his dick on the top. She slowly opened her waiting mouth to take him inside.

Kiba felt like heaven as his cock entered her warm mouth. Soon he felt his cock striking the back of her throat.

He couldn’t help but grab the back of her head to take control of the situation. Sarah was surprised at the next moment, Kiba started fucking her mouth like it was her pussy. He stroked in and out rapidly sliding inside her mouth.

She felt she was going to gag as a moment later, he stroked deeply to the end of her throat. He continued to push inside her mouth and she started feeling tears in her eyes.

"God," Sarah let out a breath of relief as Kiba let go of her head just as she was about to faint.

"You don’t like teased," Sarah looked up at him in his eyes as she rose from her knees. The next moment, she moved her arms around his neck to pull his head for a kiss.

For a minute they were lost in the mouths of each other and their kiss broke when she felt his hard on getting impatient.

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"Greedy as always," Sarah said in a teasing smile feeling as she stroked his throbbing cock.

"No time for more foreplay," Kiba pushed her on the bed.

Sarah opened her knees in anticipation as Kiba slid over his cock over her pussy. He slowly stroked it on her clit before pushing inside her in one stroke.

"Ahhhhh!" Sarah released a loud moaning as she felt him stretching her inside. His warm cock was pushing inside her limits like never before.

"Your husband is next door," Kiba reminded her as he stroked in and out of her slowly.

Sarah bit her lips to suppress her moans but the power of his thrusts increased. She found it harder to control her moans as Kiba started fondling her tits while his cock rammed in her.

"Oh god!" Sarah wrapped her legs around him as he thrust inside her.

"Honey, is everything fine?" A voice came from outside.

Sarah’s eyes were wide in shock after hearing her husband’s voice from behind the door. She didn’t even get time to reply as Kiba increased the pace of thrust further.

"Stop....oh fuck," Sarah cried as the orgasm hit her body. She was soaked in sweat and her body was trembling as the orgasm took over her.

Kiba lowered his head on her breasts as he increased his pace inside her.

"Honey?" Daniel’s voice came again,"Are you fine?"

He wasn’t able to hear her cry as Kiba has laid out a sound barrier at the last moment but Daniel was getting impatient.

Sarah pushed Kiba from her. She knew he has yet to cum but she has to answer to her husband otherwise she would be in deep trouble.

Sarah covered herself with another towel and rushed to the door. She opened the door enough so that her husband could only see her face.

"Love, I was getting ready," Sarah muttered. She hoped the red flush on her face wouldn’t make her husband suspicious.

"I heard you screaming a minute ago," Daniel said. He wouldn’t think she would cheat on him again.

"I hit my leg," Sarah said,"I am fine now. Go and have a rest as I dress up to surprise you."

"Surprise?" Daniel’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but smirk thinking of the night he would have.

"Ahh!" Sarah suddenly gasped.

"What happened?" Daniel asked. He was only able to see her face and nothing else since the door was only partly open.

"N-nothing dear," Sarah barely muttered as she felt Kiba’s cock inside her pussy. He was stroking inside her but she couldn’t even tell him to stop afraid her husband will get suspicious.

"Why are you sweating?" Daniel noticed a deep redness on her cheeks along with sweat.

Sarah felt him ramming inside her and she cursed herself for getting turned on by the situation. Kiba thrust five times before he pulled out.

"Why?" Sarah muttered.

"What why?" Daniel asked.

"I mean I am fine," Sarah shuddered as she felt Kiba’s fingers inside her pussy. He wet his fingers from her juice and then his fingers moved on her ass.

Sarah didn’t dare believe her guess. The next moment she felt a wet finger lubricating her anal opening.

"Are you really fine?" Daniel wanted to enter inside the room but he thought he shouldn’t, especially seeing she was planning a ’surprise’ for him.

"Of course," Sarah trembled as she felt his cock up her ass cheeks.

She has never gone for anal, but now a man who wasn’t her husband was going to take her anal virginity. In normal times she would never allow even Kiba but now...

She gripped the door tightly trying her best to not scream as Kiba spread her ass cheeks wide. She clenched her body muscles in order to stop his invasion but it proved futile.

Daniel was confused by the expressions of Sarah. Her eyes were closed and face was red.

Sarah felt the tip of Kiba’s cock entering her tight ass. She felt pain but also another sensation she has never felt before.

"Ohhhh fuck," Sarah’s eyes were filled with tears as more of Kiba’s dick barged inside her. She felt she was going to black out as stars and fireworks exploding in her eyes.

Finally, his entire shaft entered inside her and she shuddered. The burning sensation has made her eyes wide open.

"Honey?!" Daniel was afraid something bad was happening to her.

Sarah tried her best to fight the pain as she moved her head towards Daniel to kiss him. She was afraid she will scream loudly if her mouth wasn’t occupied.

Daniel was surprised but he kissed her back. He felt her tongue going wild and he couldn’t help but look forward to the exciting night.

Kiba took full advantage of the situation as he grabbed her hips tightly and rammed his cock deep.

"Ahhhh!" Sarah felt a sensation of both pain and pleasure inside her. She was kissing Daniel as Kiba stroked in from behind.

Each thrust felt like a trip to heaven. She was turned-on but also afraid as Kiba continued to tear her ass apart.

Sarah’s eyes closed tightly as an intense orgasm blinded her senses. She kissed her husband more fiercely while her ass contracted around Kiba’s cock.

"I am cumming as well," Kiba said to himself. The sensation of her tight ass has brought him to climax.

Sarah’s body shook as she felt Kiba’s dick erupting inside her. She broke her kiss from Daniel trying to grasp for breath.


"Honey, I can’t wait for tonight," Daniel excitedly said as he gave her a peck on her cheek.

Sarah tried her best to give a smile as her husband turned around and left for the other room.

She sighed in relief seeing her husband has gone. The trembling she was desperately controlling after the orgasm gripped her body.

"Ooooh god," She felt violet tremors inside her as Kiba’s cum trickled out of her ass. Exhausted she fell on the floor.

"I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk today much less surprise Daniel."

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